Be whyte

>be whyte
>go outside
>get skin cancer

>be black
>get sickle cell

skin cancer from normal sun exposure is a jewish meme. only tanning booths or multiple repeated sunburns do that shit.

'Muricain education
You still don't know what sickle cell is.

Niggers get vitamin deficiencies when they come to the northern hemisphere! Maybe they are not designed to be in europe?

Really fires up my neruons.

I know this is bait, but it makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously white people did evolve without needing sunscreen, as white skin is perfectly appropriate for northern latitudes. Also we have an inbuilt evolutionary defence called "tanning".

Black people are the ones droves to malaria, aids, and starvation.

If you need a >70 IQ to coexist with civilized humans, you were never meant to exist outside of Africa.

How the fuck do you have a Quebec flag

Pretty sure blacks actually have higher rates of skin cancer. And prostate cancer. And heart disease. And schizophrenia. And homosexuality.


so that's why blacks are such shitty workers inside

can't do factory work, can't do office work, anything inside blacks just suck shit

>white people weren't meant to live on this pla-

>be black
>need gibs to survive

How the fuck did niggers even manage to survive up until this point? Even family pets when left to their own devices can manage to survive on their own holy shit

Whites shouldn't live near the equator
Just like niggers and other brown people shouldn't live here up north. They will get jaunice and a serious vitamin D deficiency

How will the white race ever recover..

I'm thinking of hanging myself lads, anytime one of my relatives go outside they melt

How the fuck did he pass the Darién gap?

I thought we just had light skin to make better use of the limited light exposure you get at higher latitudes because of longer winters.

We wuz Martians n sheid tho

Well in the United States north, such as michigan and new york, the conditions are similar if not more extreme than Europe.

North Dakota is actually very bad.

We'll stay up north thanks.

Fuck off back to your deserts

They are not wrong though.

White people are meant to conquer the Universe.

If you can't eat without food stamps, you were never designed to live on this planet.

>Still mad he can't poo in loo


He can just walk through the beach you know

>be indian
>have shit genetics
>be more prone to diabetes, heart disease and respritory issues
>never poo in loo

Is this a new meme ? "white people can't go outside" ?

>If you need medication and treatments for sickle cell anemia, you weren't designed to live on this planet

BLACKS ARE SO STRONG!.. Am I cool yet OP?..

>sail across oceans
>build castles
>split atom
>go to moon


Sickle Cell has a neat little perk. makes you immune to Malaria

And yet somehow we've managed to thrive.

While on the other hand...

Then we'll just colonize the stars like we did with you, pajeetbro


White people don't need sunscreen. OG meme.

>be nigger
>go into the snowy mountains
>freeze and starve from inability to farm

niggers think they're so cool because we wuz sun. if only their ancestors had survived through a 4 month growing season in below freezing temperatures.


>Be black, "fuck da sun niga"
>be white, absorb sunlight and turn it into glorious Vitamin D

Yea sure. we aren't designed for here. Sure.


White people here, all the fucking time I am seeing BTC (Big Turk Cock) with our German women with sunscreen, holding their fucking hands together.
I have thought of buying a year-long sunscreen supply, but what is the point of buying so much sunscreen if you won't even go outside that much.

I have a 4 incher and am afraid af to go order sunscreen, because then I would have to make eye contact with the deliverer.

I tried asking my crush last month on WhatsApp and she told me that I am an "ugly ass German".
I don't think she was worth it anyway.

I hate being born with a small penis.
I hate being insecure.
I hate being white.


thats because white are ET descendants who'm niggers worshipped as gods

>blacks can't swim
>earth 71% water


>be niggers
>thinks we egyptians n shiet
>actually not, live in fucking jungles
>not even smart enough to figure out clothes
Nice try pajeet.

That's probably photoshopped, the Hindi reads "Eating(or Dropping food?) on carpet prohibited"

>be black
>starving to death
>children are starving to death
>our people are dropping like flies to disease
>finding clean drinking water is a struggle
>white people visit you in their miraculous machines, bringing food, medicine, clean drinking water, and education to your people
>"whitey isn't equipped to live on this planet, they die to sun n shiet lmao"

Also kind of sad to see these successful Turkish businessmen and doctors :/
I've thought we whites were superior intellect wise, since we lacked in other areas (such as attraction and build).

Any other Germans here jealous af?

If you need to wear a coat when it is 60°F (15°C for you centigrade fags) you were never designed to live on this planet.

It still kills them. It just prevents then from dying from malaria which makes them more likely to survive long enough to rape a baby into some negress. They will still be dead by 30.

>be nigger
>earth enters ice age

And diabeetus, if I'm remembering my A-level Biology correctly.

Then it gives you a stroke.

We were aliens and excrement

I don't need sunscreen to go outside most of the time. In fact, it's around the same amount of heat that niggers wear sunscreen along with whites. Niggers don't think before they post.

Build like a Nordmann, dick and intellect big as fuck here. You're alone.

I dunno. Seems like my pale skin ancestors did just fine for millenia before sunscreen became a thing.

sorry I have been comparing dick sizes with other white bois, please stop pretending.

You do realize that these are not girls thoughts on them, they're gay men trying to get more men to go gay

Puerto rican here

People in puerto rico suffer greatly fromskin vancer

They assume that eventhough they dont get sun burned like whites they canjust chill allday in the sun

Dark skin doesnt block uv

>be black

>delusional white talk

Expected nothing less by a fellow white boi

Mother Europa will drive out the shitskin hordes

>be black
>go outside
>still black

>human beings were designed

IDers fuck off

>be black

Sup Forums BTFO

>be nigger
>already outside because you don't know how to build houses

>be black
>get fat
>get uterine fibroids
>get asthma
>get diabetes
>get high blood pressure
>die from hear attacks and strokes at the age of 50
>get depressed and schizophrenic in cold regions
>skin looks like shit
>high maintenance hair
>dry lips

someone post that "the real people of color" graphic

darkies btfo

the irony is that blacks only see the sun in the prison yard for an hour a day.


So redheads are subhuman. Makes sense.