>Make career as a racist scandinavia against muslims and hispanics
>Take DNA test
>Only 20% scandinavian
>10% spanish
>Spain is the origin of spics AND has been under muslim rule FOR 800 YEARS

Are "white" people in the american continent just a bunch of mutts LARPing so they can call themselves Danish-German-Icelandic-Americans but they are actually niggers?

yes,just yes.

Also this is her without fake blond bleach. Looks like a goddamn romanian

>Lorena Sur
Good one...but fact that you had to learn spanish is and then forced to post that on a English only rice-nigger anime board is top kek 10/10 funny.
>yfw, germany is culturally dead

digits check out.
She was actually much hotter as a brunette.

Yes but then she cannot pretend to be scandinavian


Lauren is legally male in Canada.

This completely depends my friend. Here in North Dakota and much of the rural Midwest you will find people are pretty much pure.

I guess we do have a small amount of poles, so I guess that is about as bad as the race mixing goes.


Why would anyone want to be scandinavian ?always makes me think


Feels good to be white desu.

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Barely looks like her...

>I want Spanish people to not be white so much to make a desperate point I have to literally post convoluted arguments that the genetic makeup of a over 1000 year old white nation changed at a 100% rate because of Muslims.


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781 years

I'm not Spanish at all m8 just pointing out the sadness of Ops argument.

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> spain is the origin of spics
I kek'd

>Are "white" people in the american continent just a bunch of mutts LARPing so they can call themselves Danish-German-Icelandic-Americans but they are actually niggers?
Yes they are and so are we to a lesser extent, we wuz evropean.
But really we are

>daily reminder that in Spain originated the most based and patrician movement known as national-syndicalism

But of course high schoolers prefer to obsess over the autistic delirium that's called "national-socialism"

>Spain [...] has been under muslim rule FOR 800 YEARS
You either can't into English or somehow missed the news about the Reconquista.

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>Are "white" people in the american continent just a bunch of mutts LARPing so they can call themselves Danish-German-Icelandic-Americans but they are actually niggers?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Definitely yes

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100% true

Burgerland isn't white. But at least mudslimes only make up 1% of our population.

America Is full of Poles, Italians (white niggers), and Irish (dear god stop sounding so stupid.)

There are less Germans than I thought there would be, based Southern Ontario is full of ZGermans

Yes. Why do you think they ruin all other countries and go full thirst over destroying European lineages just like their pet monkeys?

We couldn't even manage to get a single blonde-haired blue-eyed person for the Sup Forums meetup.

>Implying that spics or niggers are any better
Try real muslim masterrace tatars.

All "white", "black", "asian", and all the other "races" are just a bunch of LARPers, pretending they belong to a team and are pissed at everyone who refuses to play their insipid game.

Fuck off back to the caliphate.
Parts of Spain were under muslim rule 800 years doesnt mean there was massive interbreeding. Local peoples were allowed to keep their religion and culture.

And btw this happened because of Visigoth niggers fucking up the kingdom.

Also every fucking moor looking or acting like a moor was sent back into Africa back in 1492.
Most modern Spanish are of Castillian origin and have christian names.

Never understood what was so great about her. She's not even that attractive. She's 21 years old yet she looks like she's in her late 20s/ early 30s.


>under muslim rule FOR 800 YEARS

Who was El Cid you stupid raghead?

Spics and niggers are a million times better than mudslimes. At least 90% of the time spics and niggers kill each other. They don't go around mass-raping and killing white women.

would berry tho

>"Genetic tests show that with the exception of the Basques the population of the Iberian Peninsular have more genes in common Sephardic Jews and North Africans than populations north of the Pyrenees."

>21 years old
>looks 35

I call fake, there's a girl in the picture.

them legs.


It truly is the ultimate Jewish ploy. Manipulate dumb whites into giving you money and attention. Then direct their energies to combating a non existing enemy while criminal Jewish bankers escape their attention.

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That would be our queen, Brittany Venti.

She's 22.

100% bavarian phenotype


>there are no brunette Scandinavians
Leave the basement, Bruno, and stop basing your politics on your fetishes.

France is now Andalusia 2.0 and they didn't even need an army to conquer your country.


Like the Germans really. Germany threatens and sanctioning Russia. But since the war their all at least half Russian.

you're a brazilian

>be 1492
>lasts kebabs are removed
>joos are removed
>only whites remaining
>murica is rediscovered, conquered and civilized


Andalusia 2.0 lmao
New-Algeria* check yo facts

Why does everyone hate her? I don't get it. Sup Forums seems to hate anyone that becomes famous even if they hold a lot of the same views.

>They don't go around mass-raping and killing white women.

>American posters are all 50 shades of nigger

I did NOT need to learn this

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>Mexican loves black people

All the Mexicans I've met are racist as hell towards black people. I worked for a catering business and the Mexicans thought it was hilarious to draw those old blackface cartoons that make blacks look like monkeys.

Women should have no say in political stuff, she will just parrot what the most dominant group does. A women will never truly be interested in politics that's why she needs to stop trying to be the face of conservatives.

>Spain is the origin of spics
wrong, niggerman

What did they mean by this?

>anyone that isn't 100% Scandinavian is a nigger

Hope for your ass that they don't get united against white people

I'm Austrian, Czech-German, Hungarian-German, Danish, Italian, Scottish, Swedish and Welsh. I'm only one generation removed from people who spoke fluent Magyar, and two generations removed from pure Danes.

I look very south German. And I don't think Hungarian admixture is something to be ashamed of - they have the biggest penises in Europe, and have contributed to culture and science.

I wish I was a pure Nordic, though.

She's a kike lover

there are people here who wouldn't black, or want lauren to be blacked

Don't forget a picture of yourself Tyrone.

Are white people in the European continent a bunch of retarded socialist cucks who allow themselves to be raped by Muslims?

>I look very south German.

You havent seen a south german in your life you fat fuck

Funniest thing about niggers called Tyrone is that the name Tyrone is Irish

impossible, everyone here wants Lauren to star in a BLACKED video

It doesn't take a lot of prodding to get a black person to start saying racist stuff against Mexicans or vice versa. Ask a black person if they'd ever have sex with a Mexican and see the response you get.

I'm sure by "south German" he means Swarthy with black hair and brown eyes.

She has a sister, you know?

> pure nordic
> implying

They are the niggers of europe so it checks out.

Her name is Incontinentia...

This is a really awful post.

She's an Iberian Celt.



White Americans make up the American race. We don't claim to be 100% pure Aryan snowniggers. We are American. 300 years worth of racial identity.

My ancestors left Austria-Hungary in the late 19th century. They were pure Germans, whose children married pure Danes and Italian-Welsh mixes.

Since they were pure, and I have pictures of them, and I have the same face as my great-grandfather, I can confidently say I have seen a south German and know what a narrow section of them look like.

Only Spain and Russia in Europe really understand what it means to be a border country, defending the continent and, as a result, being a mix of civilisations... which happened to be superior to the rest. For example, durign Muslim rule, Spain was way ahead of Europe.
The Northern people... well, they all happen to be descendant of brother and sisters shagging to death over centuries...


A lot of African Americans have Irish heritage. Like Shaqille O'Neil. The blacks and Irish were both discriminated against and lived together and ghettos so they mixed.

It's true. Northern Europeans genetically are only a subset of Southern Europeans.

Incontinentia Buttocks?

But if the test said 20% spanish, it means 20% original spanish. If there was moor blood in there it'd be specified, no? You can't say the spanish blood in the test refers to muslims' because of what you think spanish people genetically are.

>Spain is the origin of spics

But modern day spics are mongrelized with negroes and native americans. They have nothing to do with Spanish

>Was under muslim rule

Implying if you change religion because you are forced to do you change race