Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

She is ugly tomboy, you like her because you're closet gay.

She's hot and has some valid points..

she needs to get the dick deported in her pussy to start bleeding red white and blue and leave the commie red flag



Take a pic of her in 10 years, she won't be perfect then and her ideas will suddenly sound much stupider.

yeah, read nietsje and i know what's up now


Make a white hand one. Use Whitezilla he's got a huge dick and he's white. Use his hand for a white hand.

Tomboys have redeeming qualities, this is just a boy. Maybe if I was bi-curious I'd give this one a go.

I thought the second girl was cuter

literally hispanic facial features. Pick a side of the wall and stay on it, you Taco Bell enthusiast.


>le funny 9gag humour

Yeah no...
Stop being such a virgin.

I would keep her in my house as my Estella housemaid for life desu.


No Sup Forums likes her cause they are falling into that cliche of "I can change them"

I told you to fucking stop.



who gives a fuck about her ideas.

>implying she already didn't burn coal while she was in HS in Langley, BC

what is the final solution to the Lauren question?

>praises nietzsche
>while being the apex untermensch and following a movement

>not wanting a sexually submissive qt tomboy/butch gf
>not wanting to dress her up and take embarrasing pics of her wearing dresses and make up
Fags the lot of you.

This one doesn't bother me. There is something wrong about that girl and I find her extremely off putting.

>implying all the women I posted don't burn coal
wew lad


nothing better than seeing a blonde white woman betraying her race and mixing with a black man

your people are done.

How much fucking gum is she chewing? That looks like a golf ball sized wad, at least.

>Calling a fucking short haired marxist freak perfect.

She's the kind of whore you rape and cut her throat straight after. Not marriage material.

couldn't agree more

virgins kill yourselves. she doesn't even look white. she is literally a nigger.

shes eating cookies

Pozzed up drugged out 12 year old boys are Sup Forums's definition of perfect now?

she's not, you're just very very thirsty

What video is this from?

Little jew dick can't satisfy jewish women, they need the BBC

You got your own racemixing problem rabbi, with Arabs flooding Israel and what's mixing with Jews in the US

yes :)

Gtfo with that ugly chicken neck piece of shit.

Mentally ill people can't be perfect by definition.

You know nothing about perfect.


This. You virgins are just desperate. She looks like a little Slavic boy.



Because you have very low standards?

this. she's clearly not even white.

seeing her eating some shit cookie like that makes me perceive her more as an animal rather than a human being.

also, the InfoWars dude really stood his ground. knowing exactly what he was in for and he probably didn't have it so tough since he confronts normies and degenerates like that all the time.


I think i might have a case of the semi-gays, Sup Forums. I absolutely adore short haired tomboy types.

Because ugly autists become infatuated with anybody who is even slightly attractive.



The balt is right,stop being faggots,she looks like a little boy.

Literally perfect facial structure. But she's antifa so she gets the oven

symmetrical face and feminine features

tomboys are cute girls who like boy stuff
this is an ugly abomination


That smug grin is a symptom of an utter untolerable bitch syndrome.

I am fucking triggered

Because you can't see her beef curtains yet.

Watching the video, she's either got Tourette's or is on meth or something.

Still can't get over the skills of whoever made this!

What is it with Sup Forums and short haired chicks?

Any pics of her feet?

basically just find a picture that could fit in their and some cum png, some layer masking

give it two years, and she'll be struggling to find a suitable vein to stick the needle in

If Sup Forums was a question..

Latent homosexuality.

>Why is she so perfect?

Shes not. date or marry her if she will allow that and then you'll see how perfect she is.

beta males need to stop thinking with their virgin dicks


Because she only eats hard food, that's why she has such developed jaw muscles

It's the r9k autists who normally post about this bullshit either way but were converted through redpills. They can't help shitposting, at their core they are still r9k autists forever searching for a quirky qt3.14

There is literally not another race on this planet that is as cucked as the Jew.

Jews have nothing to moonlight on besides genocide. Jews were founded by genocide. Jews rely on genocide for their wealth and power even today. Jews claim to be victims of genocide, after genociding half of the middle east for centuries. Nazis stole your gold so you made up a story of more people that even lived in the area being killed in sowing rooms and medical bays while you were being treated FOR FREE for typhoid. Your allies bombed you but because you knew the war was won, you blamed your captors. After all, you wanted the gold back.

Did you ever get the gold back? NO? Get fucking cucked.

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. Your god no longer speaks with you because you're such failures. Your god has abandoned you and only shows through small miracles today. Isn't that right? But what happens when we find out those miracles are fake like your god? Cucked again.

And then we have your women. Your JEWISH QUEENS. You breed them. You need them. But they're so much more powerful than you Jewish men! They don't settle, so most of you die sad and alone! This is what you get for spoiling the women of your country. You get women that can never be content. You get women that won't settle. You get women that rule over you entirely. You get feminism.

And that is why you wish to spread it. Not to show your power but so others can know your pain.

You are the biggest cucks of them all, Jew. And that is how you stake your claim. On your supposed victimhood. What an absolute failure your race has turned out to be. It would take a god to make up for it.

She's not
Do not post this shit ever again

Delete this

fpbp shes ugly as fuck

Ugly brainwashed slut. Too bad her parents took a shitload of debt to turn her into that.

Fuckin shame.


When the first post is unironically the best post.

Waifu retweeted me

She isn't. Are you so horny that your standards are that fucking low?

Looks like a junkie with hepatitis

She isn't. She chews with her mouth open and has a dopey pixie haircut.

My girl likes being choked




>See flag

Everything checks out



she does not seem all to happy with Sup Forumsacks nazi-photoshopping her image ;

i wish i had a gf

She's a keeper.

I unironically think Antifafu is a 10/10 sexy. I think her face is perfect, and her body eyes, and skin color are perfect. I also like short hair on girls


shes 18 btw

I also think she is quite beautiful. What is her name so I can take her life and skin?



Perfect? That bitch better start chewing with her mouth closed.