For all the propaganda you guys claim to not fall for, you still REALLY suck at not falling for Russian propaganda...

For all the propaganda you guys claim to not fall for, you still REALLY suck at not falling for Russian propaganda. You realize their whole tactics MO is to flood the space with many lies, you're not actually supposed to fall for them though.

Yes, CNN does bullshit propaganda, but that doesn't excuse you for eating up the Kremlin's. Don't be hypocrites.

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Most of us are aware of Russian web brigades, there just isn't anything we can do about it.

Im sure you believe the bullshit ABC and NBC spew out too

Personally it's more that I don't care what Russia does to some country in the EU.

yeah russian shills are way way better at their job than CTR.

CTR doesn't even make it past the chain link fence, and Russian shills make it right in.

You do realize that this is total nonsense? Russia (as in, the government) didn't supply the vast majority of those tanks and armored vehicles.

When the Soviet Union fell much of the army equipment went into private ownership. You could literally buy a tank for next to nothing. A lot of people did. The media whipped up nationalism about the Ukraine issue in Russia, so a lot of PRIVATE CITIZENS went and gave their tanks, armor, weapons that they bought back in the day to the new armies/militias in Donbass. This is the core reason they have so much crap. And I really mean crap. Super old tanks n sheeit, none of the new stuff the actual Russian army is using today.

The lack of understing on this issue is the product of the stupid Soviet era "the Politbyro must be behind everything!" narrative. At least then pretty much everything was publicly owned so there was some reason to assume so. Today the situation is very different, but the thinking of these "think tanks" like the (((Atlantic Council))) etc has not evolved at all so they do not understand what is happening with Russia. The population is about 99999999% more nationalistic than the government, and the current government is about 9999999% more nationalistic than the (((Yeltzmann))) ones of the 90s, but still not very much at all compared to the average Ivan.

Ukraine is a terrorist and should be destroyed. I don't even propaganda, faggots. I say it clearly.

terrorist state*



>yeah russian shills are way way better at their job than CTR.
They managed to make it through almost our entire election cycle before anyone in Sup Forums caught onto them using CTR as a veil to shill for Trump.

> 1 post by this ID

Sup Forums should really check out the philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin and his weird site he set up that looks like Russian Infowars.

I see a lot of parallels between his ideas and things posted on Sup Forums and I don't think it's coincidence. The dude's writing is very much traditionalism influenced by Evola, as well as elements of Russian nationalism and expansion.

Bring it GRU.

Mention Dugin and the fact that his entire agenda is coming into reality, even the escalation of race relations and defaming of liberalism in the west, and you'll see a bunch of Ruski shills come in and claim that Dugin never had any influences and that he was and is irrelevant and just a meme, anons ofc buys into that.

Thank you for this knowledge, wise mongol

Isn't Dugin a pseudo fascist/ultra nationalist?

In the BrockZone...
Shitpost shills you...

It's already starting

>Ukraine war starts
>Sup Forums suddenly starts saying "rightful clay" or "Ukraine, no such thing".
>Sup Forums suddenly starts hating on the Baltics calling them the butthurt belt, meme pictures included
>Sup Forums starts hating on Poland

Before Russia started fucking with Ukraine started NO ONE gave a fuck or let alone spoke about eastern Europe, i think the only common thing was, "Is Estonia a Scandinavian country?" and memes about Finland being Mongolian

now we regularly have

>Pro Putin threads
>Based Slavs
>Orthodox threads
>Why are you not married to a Russian
>Why are western women trash
>Anti Ukraine threads, anti Baltic threads and anti EU threads
>That fucking Bogdanoff meme which is currently huge on Russian boards

The fact Bog threads picked up shows you how fucking stupid Sup Forums is...

And that is what they want. Failed, unstable and anti-russian state on our borders.
Good thinking

I'm just asking his political positions.

This desu.
People should be more skeptical of everything.

>Failed, unstable and anti-russian state on our borders

Thats clearly what it is now. If there will not be state they will fight each other and storm europe as refuges. Win-win for us.

interesting. is there any proof that this is a bad thing though?

I notice a lot of Russian/Polack/Ukrainain posters on here daily shilling for Trump. I wouldn't be surprised if 30-40% of the people posting in trump generals are russian proxy posters. we know russia really wanted a trump administration. We don't know/can't know the extent to which they influenced the election and are influencing Sup Forums. the agenda seems to be pretty clear though. a return to nationalism and simplification of interventionist policies that we haven't seen since pre-WW2

what is their endgame? do they understand they are playing with fire? what if /theirguy/ turns out to be /ourguy/ and their plan on destabilizing the US backfires on them?

Dugin is a former communist, his agenda is bringing back Russia to the glory of the Soviet Union, not by invading with force and overtaking, but using subversion within the former SU states to drive them away from the west and closer to Russia.

He does this by using his funders to infiltrate various political parties across the world. For example, he funded the radical left party Syriza in Greece, preeching what they wanted to hear, while at the same time selling conservatism/white nationalism to the alt-right in the States. He's a snake, whatever political agenda he can use to push his goal of a new Societ Union, he will use and infiltrate. The people who unironically think Putin stands for nationalism/conservatism has fallen for Dugin's trick. All Duginists can be found on leftypol, there's even talks of his group supporting Antifa in U.S to defame liberalism, ultimately destroying it, which is a main goal of his.

>If there will not be state they will fight each other and storm europe as refuges
And a good spawn point for would be terrorsits. And also it would be wonderful hub for human trafficking and tech and weapon transffers, just like fucking Kosovo.
Are you so sure, that this shit would not be spilling on our territory, not to mention unrecognized republics. It's like we don't have traitors and just bandits of various kind.

>pol actually have some political influence and is not the safe zone for larpers, edgelords and all kinda freaks

yeah, sure...

If they get caught Putin will just clean house

>People will show up dead
>The shill factory will move from St Petersburg to Belarus or something like that

And they will continue to deny everything

>he thinks we don't realize it

Putinbots are good conversation and assimilate well, we've known the entire time.

Not just pol

Ukraine is rushing to what you've described right now on their own. We should:

- prepair
- try to control the process to lessen harm for us solely, vector of moving is quite clear.

Did you ever hear about this?

Funny how Russia is all about freedom in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine but not Siberia...

fresh propaganda

The best russian propaganda is western sjw agenda. Trump's victory fed me red pill on liberals.

>Funny how Russia is all about freedom in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine but not Siberia...
I don't understand geopolitics the post.
They don't care about freedom anywhere unless it furthers Russian interests

Still you assume that /pol do have some influence/value for politicians. It is not facebook/youtube/twitter/msm stop talking bs.

I'm aware that there are govt paid trolls in Russia, but wtf have they lost on fucking Sup Forums?

Lmao you fucking idiot there is no russian paid posters. There is no Trump shills. You are a autistic lefty who is mad pol is the way you like it.

Proofs that Russia has tons in Ukraine? Also pls remove your proxy, Mr. cuckhole shill.

I was being obtuse.

I am also genuinely curious is Slavanons ever heard about this

>62 millions russians


Ukraine belongs to Poland and Russia. its not that we fell for there propaganda its that we don't care.

Well done

Its more to sway the minds of young white americans/westerners

>That stupid fucking Bogpill meme is proof that idiots can and will eat up anything if its forced down their throats enough

this. i really dont give a shit what russia does. they're white christians and probably our best european ally besides britain and maybe france

Yeah, pretty much, and their interventions always seem to take place immediately after US/NATO intrusions into the Russian sphere of influence.

I certainly don't approve of Russian militarism, but I can't deny that they're being provoked.

(((Feliks Rivkin)))

I clearly tell you right here: this guy should be put in jail. Moreover, Russia should destroy countries if it is needed for its national security. We should put separatists in jail if it is need for the purpose of national security. Unlike your pathetic kind, I don't care about opinion of any /pol-ack.

>doesn't understand that the forced meme, itself, is the ironic meme

user, you have much to learn about memetics.

Fucking hell. Every single thread I have to come in and post proofs that I said in that very thread that I'm a Ukraine Russian living in the states. Fucking check the archive.
Fucking cuckhole niggers still trying to frame me as a proxyshill. And it's even always the same aussie shit poster flag. I bet you're the same one I keep calling out.

Do you feel the same way about China? They have a lot of things to hang over your head and you have quite a large number of their ethnicity living within your borders...

There's always risks, Dugins end game is weaking U.S from within, killing liberalism, seperating EU from US and bring EU in a neutral position with Germany as the leader, he even plotted to push UK away from EU and closer to US, way before brexit happened, ending Atlantanism. He most certainly funded pro-brexit groups with his oligarchy funders. Now he is openly supporting and funding the Alt-right, and they unironically believe Russia is a strong nationalistic/conservative nation because of him, hence all the pro-russia/Putin talks here on Sup Forums. But truth is all Duganists are /leftypol/, subversion has always been a key role in leftism, Dugin was a red communist afterall.

His ultimate goal is to bring back Russia as a superpower, and will infiltrate any parties that will shape his geopolitics accordingly across the west.

Yes but the meme was only being posted on VK first before moving to Sup Forums

>blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
that's you OP. We are the propaganda

I get that you have one source and therefore think everyone else does too. We know what Russia ia doing and generally approve of it, as a result of having multiple sources, including several that generally hate Russia.

>minds of young white americans/westerners

Its Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars etc etc who influence minds of young americans in a way even thousands of russian paid bloggers are not able to.

You r dumb seriously.

>Aussie flag is standard proxy Dima

Yes, because the origin of the meme is the bogs themselves to generate attention in global circles.

We co-opted it sardonically, because they're lulzy.

No ofc not. China is our ally. They are much more vulnerable then us actually. And we have great trading.

Totally right, the russians are fucking pros, that soviet propoganda is stronk

Does it make you feel like less of a cucked jew to shitpost against the interests of the white half of your country, Petro?

It actually is once again, since the leaf proxies got burnt.

No, most of us here support a white Europe, we just don't want a Russia dominated Europe.

>For obvious fucking reasons

Or im just lying

who knows

No one falls for propaganda, you just pick which one you like.

Its called confirmation bias.

>most of us here support a white Europe
Is that what (((Poroshenko))) tells you?

While im telling lies

We work in Manchester, only use aussie flags to see if other posters pick up on it.

You might notice we dont always post during Australian hours

and no one believes your preface of "being a Russian in America"

A чтo тyт нe пoвepить? Двoйнoe гpaждaнcтвo pyлит

JTRIG, why do you go onto an underground Tibetan crocheting support group and tell lies?


Not true. Plenty of people think that western liberal media is objective

Russia has literally no problems with China in comparison to the EU/U.S.. They have settled all the border disputes that soured their relations in earlier decades, and aren't trying to "revolution-counterrevolution" the Central Asian states against each other (unlike what the U.S. is doing against both of them).

The "le chink mass migration to Siberia" meme is also totally unfounded. There is literally zero evidence for it and the border appears to be tighter than ever, but all the western leaning '''thinkers''' are trying to push that narrative in Russia. It's true that many ruskies in the Far-East of the country look asiatic though, but they aren't chinese and don't consider themselves as such, although it can be argued that that's where they originated from at some point in history.

That's not true at all. Most people in the western orbit claim that NYTimes/CNN and the like do not push political/social agendas because they claim to have the highest "journalistic standards" and "pursue objectivity". (it's totally insane to claim that, but yet they do...)

indeed, it's infuriating

>there is no russian paid posters
They are, but i doubt these are so powerful, and have posts here on Sup Forums.

I have always wondered this. I've been here since /new/ and it was never crazy shilling for Russians like this before. Even occasionally you see posts like "press F to pay respects for random dead Russian separatist that nobody cares about"

his is Bernie Sanders exploding on a liberal girl for
daring to question the apartheid state of Israel

How does Bernie Sanders with dual Israeli/US citizenship support a wall for Isreal but not the US?

Sup Forums is simply the ultimate cuck target for them, after they managed to force their narritive it basically becomes self running since the useful idiots keeps parroting their stuff even when people try to redpill them.

kys ivan, chinks need to die