I am literally shaking

Which one of you neo-Nazis did this!

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>1) how did you get into my room

Fake and gay

ugh. stupid racists making good jewish people feel unwelcomed. If I was him I'd move to Israel and never come back. Can't put up with this nazi garbage

>why do journa-
it pays

just like on my american film reels!

I don't know. That swastika is only facing the wrong way. It's four legs all point in the same direction. The may be authentic.

>Yes, it's a Nazi swastika


The crossed-out science is a nice touch

Who just has science rules written on a whiteboard?

Hey Rabbi, what'cha doing?


Lotta holes in the grammer here to have science crossed out and NAZIs subed in. The phrase would be:

Science Rules


Science Rule

Also the science is not lined up the Rule, NAZIs is which indicates that was written first.

I dunno, maybe my thoughts have holes in them.. I think maybe I'm missing some stuff here, but that's my first feeling.

Those are some pretty valid questions

Hey, rabbi-

So let me get this straight:
Some guy went to the trouble of breaking and entering just so he could draw a backwards swastika on a whiteboard?

I like how it's all in the same handwriting. Why do Jews do this shit? I thought they were supposed to be smart.

Me: Oh hey what are you doing in here?
>Me: Nothing much just drawing something
Me: Oh ok have fun...
>Me: Hahaha stupid Jew
Me: OMG Swastikas

Oldest Jew trick in the Old Book of Jewish Tricks.


>backward swastika
really makes you think huh

This is Trump's America.

Where evil feels empowered and good citizens cower in fear. Where nazis laugh with glee and b'nai birth barely had enough new members to sustain their chapters.

This. Will. CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

You nazi white scum are on fucking notice. We know who you are and soon we will take direct action.

>not the same thing

>this affects me personally
Oh fuck off. This faggot isn't some 90 year old "holocaust survivor". He was never even born until several generations after the WWII, let alone personally experienced it. The fucking crocodile tears about muh nazis is getting disgusting

>very vocal about my Judaism

that isn't the correct direction
If it was a nazi they were fucking retarded and not committed. More than likely it's what this thread has been saying.



>Some edgelord doodles an erasable swastika
>It makes a fucking article on the local news' website



>it's a Nazi swastika
No it's not.


he did it himself

Let's find this guy's handwriting somewhere and see if he wrote it himself.

don't worry about it goy

best indicator that it is a false flag

>The letters are the same
>the backwards swastika was drawn first
you can tell by the grammar. It is "Nazis rule" if it had truly said science it would have said "Rules" not "Rule"




This image was on his facebook...

if he wrote it, look at the N on this image, and the OP's image.

How do they always fuck it up? These Jews fake hate crimes are so low energy

>that swastika

>How do they always fuck it up?

Because even when they want to smear the other side, they cannot for a single second drop the "haha they are all retarded and so dumb xDD" thing and just draw the swastika normally
Instead they have to pretend that a Neo Nazi wouldn't be able to draw the most relevant icon of their movement and thus give themselves away every time

I called it

That's a unique N, same person wrote it

Holy fuck, the "N" is identical. I mean, not that we didn't already know it was probably fake, but proofs is always good. Nice catch user.


Now what? Do we put him on blast on twitter or facebook or something?


They want to portrait that nazis are retarded, like this Jew who drew that swastika and said that some nazi drew it

Somebody with no knowledge of Hitlers brave sacrifice and who's never seen a swastika before drew this.

Avi Shaver... oh what a surprise

>pic related

Expose him, make an info graphic and meme him into an hero.

>dry-erase marker
What did they mean by this?

It's a side effect of their cultural/genetic neurosis. They perceive strong physical pain/aversion to symbols that remind them of the goyim. It's why the ancient Israelites were so big on destroying graven images of other tribes' gods, why Jewish immigrants to the US refused to mark forms with a cross, and why Israelis use pic related rather than plus signs in their math classes.

Yes, both.

>how did you get into my room
because it was you
>how would you know this affects me personally?
because it was you
playing the victim when you aren't one, attention, sympathy


I want to see a pic of him wearing that sweater. that would be fucking gold.

>and why Israelis use pic related rather than plus signs in their math classes.
you have to be shitting me


It's almost like we know nothing of the real Jew

His entire FB is a trainwreck.

>refugees welcome
>i support trans rights
>supporting marxism
And every other pic is SOMETHING about his Jewish community group or whatever.

>Shaver said that he is very open about his Jewish identity
understatement of 2017

>Unicode has this symbol at position U+FB29 ﬩ HEBREW LETTER ALTERNATIVE PLUS SIGN.

Hey! Whatcha doin Rabbi?

>>Unicode has this symbol at position U+FB29 ﬩ HEBREW LETTER ALTERNATIVE PLUS SIGN.

Maybe they aren't actually evil. Maybe they are just the biggest fucking autists in this planet.

Great, another hoax. Why do they keep doing this?

The "u" also is identical

Someone put the images together and expose his ass

my first thoughts also user.

>can't take these glasses off



Lmao nigga just erase it

That fucktard buddhist swastika and the amount of detail show he drew it himself, almost certainly.

fucking lol. the arm movements and the mental math

Read the thread. His hand writing has already been matched

Hey rabbi wha cha doing?

you guys ever listen to dick masterson? i'm not sure if him and maddox are the ones who coined the term weaponized autism but this is what they're talking about.


The best (or worst) part is how many people jump on board with these stories, regardless of the fact that there's never any proof.

Yeah I saw it.

>Pen nowhere to be found
>In the same handwriting

God. when will the Jews stop Jewing?!

So much this.

what gets me is that he has so little understand of who he's trying to imitate that he actually thinks 'Nazis' think of themselves as anti-science.



did i do good pol?

This is to the reporter of that article.

heres the superimposed image if you want

The "S" has a very unique trademark, also. look at the check at the bottom left of both of them. that is unique

Bake em away, toys

Put this Jew on the highest blast possible.
Get a hashtag trending, or some shit.
This false flag bull shit is so exhausting, he will be the effigy by which we satiate the flase flag gods with

Nice work user... fucking perfect fit....

here's the one I did too...
Can someone post these on facebook and twitter.. I'm banned from both...

We can post this shit on twitter with hashtags like #avishaver #exposed etc... more hashtags means more likely to be seen.

thats why i superimposed the S too?

Yeah also the "s" on nazis and the "u" is the same

You can feel the autism activate after reloading

Just contacted the University of Minnesota Police Department, let's get this guy for making shit up and filing a false police report

sorry. missed it. other one didn't

Science and nazi are the same writer. This is just Jewish tricks.

Let's not forget the most damning point. The crossed out word "Science" is clearly the same handwriting as the rest. Did someone write that and cross it off? Besides it being out of place and the subject-verb disagreement pointed out before. Tbh this would be a lot more believable if that word was left out completely.


Fucking excellent work user. That N is a dead ringer


I noticed that the i in science and the i in Nazi has the same dot spacing.

ITT: The Sup Forums Boys and The Mystery of False Flag Island


Twitter bants with Shaver wen?

>swastika backwards
>do you think she drew it before or after writing the facebook post