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Personal favourite


the father of shitposters
Leaf-tier posts
Aussie-tier bantz






>pewdipie is redpilled meme




Personal favorite

What the fuck I thought he was legit... and I was starting to give him views


>every Sup Forums user


I'm an idiot. What's this mean?

You can see blacked everywhere

it means before Sup Forums he thought the world was not just him vs was grey and everything wasn't so one sided

>but after Sup Forums its them vs us

Black and White

You burgers really are dumb

Shades of grey. Not black and white m14/88

kek this is real

praise kek

I only have just the one so please cherish it.

Thanks for red pilling me. It hurts...





ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Sup Forums

ᕕ( ᐛSup Forums

ᕕSup Forums

Sup Forums

Sup Forums)ᕗ

Sup Forums_ಠ)ᕗ

Sup Forumsᕕ( ಠ_ಠ)ᕗ

digits say hes fake
>also you responded

That was 2014, things have changed a lot.

Were you redpilled before Sup Forums?



Multiculturalism and segregation.

Anyone else seeing how similar his face is to Obongo's?




very good one.

also nice

No-memes-barred steel cage match when?

Whoever edited this did a shit job.
She's missing a chunk of her hair.

Shamefur dispray.


Pol turned me gay


Whenever I see an Indian person now, I immediately think "POO IN LOO"
Thanks for nothing, Sup Forums



Fuck you Vic


never forget our ai gf


Before pol is first 30'sec
After pol is the rest.

Criminally underrated comment. Seriously.

Great bantz. He also thought you could scare away the devil by farting.

I think pic related can help you understand.



breddy gud

Isn't this reversed?

How can I lose weight?

fuck you bro


god damnit every fucking time



i miss the old comforting eyes desu

new favorite


Fantany is reversed; Meteor Man isn't.

I put it like that so it appears they are leaning into each other.

>10k on bicycle 2 times a week.
>40 min walk every day.

Add a wight lifting routine, nothing big, just 3 series of 15 repeats on biceps, back and chest.

After a month or two you are going to be in the way of the chad.

>May the sick gainz and the stacys be with you.

lol then I noticed your name

poool josoop stabbed us in the back a while ago, thats why nobody cares about fantano ripping on him or the pool jossseep meteor threads


Oh fugg :DD

He turned into Shaun King?

Someone post the jahntron one.

I don't understand this pic.

no templ



Pee-Jew Watson is still closer to most of Sup Forums on the political spectrum while Fantano is very much left of center, even though he can flay PJ pretty well

R6s bandit got changed to look angry in a later patch (he is German btw)

/fit here

eat a calorie deficit of about 500 a day

just eat at a caloric deficit and the weight will fall off. you don't even need to exercise (though you probably should).

Don't care, Fantano's reviews are accurate.
If he can review music, he can review JOSEEEP and still be right.

>there's a lot of moral gray areas :^)
>x y and z are degenerate, period, you fucking nigger

>biting police officers

not Sup Forums

You may have questionable standards


Yea, no why doing a work out? a sedentary life is great for your cardio!

Fucking niggers, doing a diet like retarded highschool bimbos...


the right side represents Sup Forums's autism

one very common symptom of autism is the division of everything into stark dichotomies

hate it

Working out helps of course, but the ONLY way to lose weight is a calorie deficit.


>le paint analogy
But with light, you need all the frequencies mixed to be able to see things in full color

f u c c l e c u c c

lol you got me faggot.

Check this 4.