Humble Train Salesmen Tries to Convince the God Emperor to Purchase His Trains

Will the God Emperor appreciate the value of high quality trains?

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Where's that one guy on here with business in japan who knew about the train deal for months?

He kept posting that japs were going to try to sell their trains here in like October and turns out he was right.

wtf we have plenty of trains, woulndt mind some monorails though

Japan and America need to come together.

It's not just any jap, it's the head jap. Hijacking the first microphone he gets to announce to all of America the high quality of his trains.

Trump confirmed muslim. IMPEACH!!

We already bought all the trains from Nippon Sharyo here in Chicago. The Metra trains are all from them. I'm pretty sure Amtrak's trains are Japanese too.

I want to see this too, bump.

If America could have a monorail transit system like Japan, that would be absolutely awesome.

I doubt that americans could take care of the subway system like the Japanese do their own.
American public transportation is always nasty af.

Didn't they go golfing? I imagine Abe won, he's pretty into it.

>bait of Babylon

Too many spics and niggers.

Golf is coming this weekend. The train salesmen has admitted inferior golf skills compared to the God Emperor, but promises to putt hard.

We need Japanese Bullet Train for the new railroad in Texas.
That's a project I'm willing to spend tax dollars on.

>United States is the champion of Democracy
Japanese Intellectuals

Be nice leaf.


Shinkansen is fucking awesome

High speed rail between some of the east coast cities would be awesome. Maglev from NYC to DC, for example. Trust me. I know my trains.

You can get them from China WAY WAY cheaper.

Nippon is so yesterday.

you burgers better accept that deal. america rail road systems are a shit. japs have mastered the art of locomotion

It doesn't matter how quality the trains are, the American work force can't and won't be able to keep them clean like the Japanese do. Americans are too fucking dirty and just throw shit on the grown, spit on the floor, and put feets on seats. The american worker doesn't clean nearly hard enough.
So you can have all the nice expensive high tech trains you want, unless you make a ticket too expensive for the average nigger spic liberal, it won't change anything from the regular city rails.

Made only of the highest quality Rearden Metalâ„¢.

Bumpt sounds interdastink

I want to say to the reporter asking questions.

t-t-t-t-t-TODAY JR!

Trump can't even be bothered to look up Prime Minister Abe's name.

I would like trains that don't fall apart thank you.

>last time I visit was Pearl Harbor

So insensitive. Fucking chinks.
nice try ccp shill

Texas has been in the talks with the nips for a while to get some high-speed rails to connect their gigantic cities.

Could Trump be the president who finally builds public transportation in order to compete with the outsourcing "American" car companies?

Fuck, where is this?

>what is a pay-wall
If trashy people becomes an issue, up the ticket price to keep them out. Really simple, user.

>we're going be MEATing your wife soon, and I look forward to that

>American public transportation is always nasty af.

I wonder why...?

So is trump.

Japan makes quality machinery, I wouldn't trust a Chinese bulldozer.


I still can't believe we memed a president into office. I still can't believe he's doing what he said


They already made doujinshi about it, although it's Abe that bonks Ivanka in it during a meeting with Trump

Abe should of called it the Trump Train. Would already have an order. Sad!

Can we get a non-gook version?

>chinese engineering

Annnnd thread derailed.

I like that the comic is Korean. Makes you think.
>inb4 zainichi schizo from Sup Forums

japan always based


you likea train
train veeely good
vely fast
you go new yoku texas vely fast, bing bang no problem joe

>Will the God Emperor appreciate the value of high quality trains?
Barron loves trains, he won't hesitate to buy
Also Abe Trump friendship ark is hilariously fun

Liberals have wanted high speed rail for a long time. Imagine their fucking faces when Trump is the president who finally gets it done.

Post pics of all the chinese escalator "malfunctions"

Japs are selling their bullet trains everywhere. Vuvuzuela is buying like 3 despite not having loo paper.

Only yankeecucks have subways and trains regardless of type takes away your freedumz
The Jews literally filled the north east with trains to fuck the car industry there and made people reliant to the government to get them anywhere

Maybe they will try to protest by standing on high speed rail tracks

Abe said at the conference he isn't anywhere near as good as Trump but Trump's presence willake him try harder to win
Pic related is what greeted Abe tonight

Can we all take a moment to appreciate Trump alpha-handshaking Abe? Dude, this is hilarious. My God, Trump knows he's dealing with the Japanese in business.

extra keks, my man, extra keks

I only have the gook version. Also Melanie gets stolen by Mexicans in it

when trump was talking about how much of a threat terrorism is that the american people don't know about was 2spoopy

I wonder what he knows

That's not Melania, that's a random mexican whore.

Shinzo my nigga

shinkansen coming to America, question is can it handle our niggers, fat people with shit smeared pants,

if anyone can engineer a train to handle this it's the nips


Did they deliberately sell you a shit batch? Honestly, your trains are fucking Soviet-tier.

>talking shit about the F40PH

Get the fuck out.

Price them out. Niggers have no use of high speed rail anyway, they have no business being able to travel to a distant city so easily and so quickly.
Now if they in fact do have business in said city, they should be able to buy a ticket. There can even be contracts with businesses and the rail company for low rates for such prospects or employees in other cities.

The possibilities are endless once you stop ignoring the reality of the nigger situation, and return to the economic class model that worked so well before. Hell they can even make cheaper cars with easily replaceable interiors, so it doesn't even matter if they nog the train up.

LOL mr Abe has a funny voice

at this point it is confirmed that trump misspells trivial words/does things like this to get more attention to his tweets