Are you sorry now, Drumpfelstiltskins?

Are you sorry now, Drumpfelstiltskins?

Nope. Fuck spics

She looks white for a mexican

>Jim rustle

You reddittors are getting out of hand

she wouldn't be getting raped if she just stayed in mexico


>Citation Needed

Most of them get raped at least a few times by the people smugglers. Could just as easily be that.

>Jim Rustle


Mexicans are white

Only sorry if he let her live.

>Jim Rustle


Elegir uno

That's a white woman though

>not Jimothy Russells

This Rustles my Jimmies

Theres a bunch of videos on Pornhub of border-patrol/illegal sex larp. It even has its own channel. Are leftists this fucking stupid?

can't see the face. might be mexi

>jim rustle


>Jim Rustle

That image is from a porno. I've seen it before.

Pic related is an ICE badge

Stop using the Proxy, Argentina.

>Jim Rustle
hearty kek

I dunno that ass looks kinda white.

Good ol' Jimmy up to his shenanigans again


This video is nowhere in that search though



Cocaine check

IDK, both people look pretty hot. Looks more like some hot role play.

"Oh please mr. Border agent, don't make me go back to Me-he-ko! I'll do NEthing...."

Border patrol badge


Not Mexican, too tall, too thin, too blonde.

>That image is from a porno. I've seen it before.

Only on Sup Forums...

She sexually identifies as a legume, shitlord


Being dead inside means never having to say you're sorry.

Blonde mexicans? Is that even possible?

I'm trying to find it for "research" purposes


> blonde mexican
> crossing border
Libshits seeing things again

>jim rustle

Theres many of border patrol larp porn else where. Reality Kings and I think bang bros had some as well. But yea even if people don't know theres border-porn, any one with a brain would know that pic isn't real by way that border "agent" dresses.


>Jim Rustle
Fake as fuck, nice attempt.

>Jim Rustle
How many leftists will fall for this I wonder? 50% of them? 60%?

This topic really clonkers my bonkers.

That's a mestizo in a blonde wig getting keked by a Blumpf-enforcer

Social media must be alerted

Good eye. I find her ridiculously hot in this set, but her videos do nothing for me.


14 year old Brandy Duvall's fate was much worse but libshits don't care. Just while waiting for her bus....


Maritza Mendez

actual kek

I hope so.

non citizen criminals dont have rights.

Nah breh
Maritza Mendez

nice try faggot.

I live in a neighborhood full of them and they're actually usually tan color to pale skin. The parents are usually dark though.


holy shit can you faggots try any harder to not fit in?

Sorry fake. That is not a Border Patrol Shield, it's some bullshit. Probably a porn shoot.

love fake tits

I recognize that:
gay blowjob
that image from a porno
that ass (she is X and that scene is from Y porno)