How to redpill gf

Pic related is basically me.
Judgments aside, how can I redpill my tumblr gf?
Give me your best infographics and arguments.

>Convincing women by using logic

Ask me how I know you're going to fail.

They honestly look like a cute couple.

>omg he's a white supremacist how horrible
>btw im white

She will get redpilled. Women don't think for themselves.

>anime avatar calling someone else out for their looks

topkek I love this timeline

slowly feed them facts from softest to hardest

if they couldn't handle it then they were not worth keeping around

if you are desperate then always shoot the lightest truths

Are you fucking kidding me? These creatures should be prevented from breeding, their offspring's will be an even more magnified specimen of subhuman. This is the downfall of a race you fool.

Modern women tend to be into BDSM. If not, then they're naturally easy to turn to it. Women like to be made to feel small, so that's what you should do in bed. Eventually you'll make her realize that she's most sexually satisfied when she sees herself as a silly reproduction center. The only danger is that a tumblr gf might take it too far and then accuse you of rape for not peeing in her mouth properly.

lol why would you talk politics to your gf?

That's what this shithole is for.

>mfw i'm a gun loving Trump voting amerifag and i'm in a relationship with an irl shit posting leaf

I've been meaning to ask. How is your eugenics programing going?

This is next level virtue signaling.

>see ex on tinder (even though she's engaged)
>Bio: "I would have voted for Trump if I believed women deserve that right."

May have fucked up, lads. Should I try and cuck the poor fellow?

I wonder how these two are doing now.

Watch white period dramas together.

>Downton Abbey
>Mad Men
>Marco Polo
>The Tudors
>DaVinci's Demons
>The Crown
>Peaky Blinders
>Boardwalk Empire

Women LIVE for this type of stuff. Trust me, she will internalize it all very well.

they look really awkward

>How dare they be happy and not me.
And that's why you keep posting on Sup Forums like the rest of us.

Just because someone's happy doesn't mean that someone's right. Heroine addicts are pretty happy when they do heroine, aren't they?

>liar, liar, liar, LIAR!

This is how liberals argue...

is this a 7/10 in america
way below my standards
she wouldnt even exist in my world
no interaction

like why would you even bother with that

>implying a woman like that is going to cheat on her husband
Sorry bud, you fucked up.

Familiarize yourself with this and present it to her in a detailed way. There is not "nothing" here

Thats a solid 5/10, of course both pretty young and at the 'awkward' age. So possible could look better in the future

no, retard. 3.5 out of 10

No, that's a 3 pal.

>racist pepes
Life is so hard for these people.


Seriously. The dude is ugly and awkward and he's getting shit on because his girlfriend is fat.

show her funny pathetic feminist men

It was meant for me to see. Should be ezpz.

That is a very dysfunctional couple.

That guy is as gay as a picnic basket, he's got a very gay face.

uno mas

You guys homo?

He looks dead inside already.

What happens exactly you might ask?

The woman decides to care about her appearance and go on a diet for the first time in years.

That's what fucking happens.

Jesus Christ.

>Anime avatar
Anyone who uses these on social media is an autistic cancer sore on the face of the group they claim to be a part of, and will automatically leap to the opportunity to defend their choice, even when anonymous.

>tumblr gf

>womyn writes article
>portrays her husband and cool-minded and logical
>portrays herself as hysterical and emotional
At least she's honest.

This shit is so easy bro, I've done it countless times. Don't listen to these neckbeards

1) Don't fucking redpill her. Don't even try. You know the old axiom coaches and soldiers live by? Lead by example (of course you don't).
- Read articles by high level thinkers (especially if they're adorned by the left).

2) Play up the aesthetics.
- Read lefty crap and make sure its on display. Let her know that you've read all that liberal bullshit and you penultimately decided on conservatism.
- Don't forget, liberals only care about how smart they seem

3) Socratic Method
- Only convince people through questions. Ask the right questions about their shitty belief and give a sort of "eyebrows half raised" response when they can't defend their stupidity.
- Let the come to you and tell them that you don't judge and that you fully respect their opinion on "Shekels Goldstein" and his theory of marxism

4) Play marxists against themselves
- This is so easy. If you can't figure this out then you're a fucking idiot. Use islam against her deeply held feminist rights. Use conservatism as an upholder of women's independence.
- "You want to bring in people who will degrade the rights you've worked for 75 years for??"
- "You expect the law, aka the patriarchy, to defend you from criminals. Even though you could own a gun and permanently protect women's rights?

>literally all circumstantial evidence

you could make an autistic image like that about anyone if you looked at everything they ever posted online and everyone they were friends of friends of friends with to make it seem like they were whatever you wanted

Honestly, Milo is a good place to start.
Just watch one of his better events while she's in the room. If you get autistic about it and are like, "HEY HEY, WATCH THIS!", then she won't take the bait.

Hell, if you're gf isn't a complete sheep, and shows some conspiracy tendencies, talking about PizzaGate redpills em really quick. No one likes pedos and the ladies will always feel for the poor kids.
Just be sure to downplay the direct connection to Hillary and focus on the podestas and others, and also downplay the Satanic ritual shit until you've already gotten her halfway redpilled, or else she'll just think you're out of your god damn mind.

This chart has some of the more basic, less crackpotty evidence for PizzaGate.

>white people having kids

Oy vey it's a fucking travesty!

Nah she has a feminine vagina.

>john oliver drumpf meme
>legitimate political commentary

You can't red pill someone when you're just a brainwashed mainstream kike slave, faggots.

"Watch a bunch of kike slut dramas, lol she'll fucking love it goyim"

>Food analogue

Judaism doesn't descend based on the father.

Buy her a cheeseburger, large fries and a diet coke.

Yeah, if only all liberals and conservatives could agree to disagree about things a little more.

I know that it's hard for, say, transgender people when the political side you are fighting against is arguing that you shouldn't exist, but for people who have no personal dog in the fight I don't see why it's so difficult to get along.



but isn't a big part of western enlightment values about how we should try to raise up above our baser instincts and tribal nature and aspire towards a greater ideal? Both sides can find common ground. I am a kind of BBC loving sneery lefty but I am really friends with a free-market conservative guy who's moving to Hong Kong. We can argue, which is fun, but we can also get along.

>Both sides can find common ground.
Not in this day and age. Liberals want to destroy everything that made the west great.

That idealism only works when when everyone agrees with you. What happens when 70 IQ Muslims come along who want nothing but Sharia for you?

Like the morons who talk about how we shouldn't have a military because it wouldn't exist in a perfect world.

You can't. Next.

I think we are seeing liberals agreeing more with conservatives this day and age. It's the progressive left who is going nuts and are pseudo-commies that want to destroy the West. These people are so left on the spectrum that they consider old school liberals to be nazis. People like Sargon, Dave Rubin, and hoff sommers are liberals who are cringing at their left wing constituents and coming off as conservatives.

I don't think that's the case.

My friend and I disagree hugely about a whole bunch of things. Surely the point is that we should be trying to work with each other to actually change each other's minds and be open to really thinking about both sides of the argument. We should be trying to form a consensus, not throwing shit at each other over a fence. I'm a lefty in the UK. But, I think we should have had an honest debate about immigration much sooner rather than letting it build pressure and turn into Brexit. Many lovely, traditional cultural areas of the UK (especially Cornwall) were receiving EU funding and now are in fear of losing it. Brexit was a vote for our own British culture, and I'm OK with that, but I think we should also be careful that we don't lose that culture as a result of it. I went to Cornwall recently. I guarantee almost everyone on this board would love it. It's full of that kind of genuine British culture you don't get in a city. That kind of thing seems to be what Brexit was about cherishing, but that we might lose because of Brexit.

There is no compromise to be made here. Islamic immigration will destroy western society. It is plain and simple. That religion cannot coexist with the west.

Hoff Summers is pretty far from liberal to someone like me in the UK. Even most American democrats are to the right of our conservative politicians. We exist on a different political spectrum.

However, I am looking forward to liberals actually having to go back and back up their arguments and repeatedly bring up the downsides to pure unfettered capitalism (of which there are many). I think it's pretty ridiculous to think any kind of true socialism is realistic as a goal, but our job as people who don't agree with the people in power should be to try and change their minds about things with real arguments, not just shout at them.

>That religion cannot coexist with the west.
Some of my family are culturally Muslim, they
don't actually practice Islam at all, but they come from Islamic backgrounds. Other people
in my family are practicing Muslims but in my generation, none of them wear a headscarf on a day-to-day basis, even though their parents to. Part of the family owns and runs a restaurant near Notting Hill Gate. My practicing Muslim cousins, all women, are, respectively, an economist, an investment banker, and a solicitor. Their parents are in civil engineering and pharmacy. My non-practicing Muslim father is a software engineer. I am a software engineer. We pay taxes, we own property, I was born in England and I love the British way of life. My mother is English. My father's side of the family are Muslim but all the women and all the men WORK. We all contribute to society. The importance of hard work was drummed into all of us from an early age. If I was to liken us to a similar minority in America, it would have to be Asian and Indian Americans (I hate to make the distinction, India *is* in Asia). We are high achievers, and we jumped at the chance to become successful in British society.

We are the people you call the "Islamic immigration that will destroying western society". We don't marry children.
We're not terrorists and paedophiles. We're just a family trying to provide for each other just like yours. Yes, some of my family go to mosque. No, they don't have any sympathy for terrorists. There's millions of families like us.

>These people are so left on the spectrum that they consider old school liberals to be nazis.

Wouldn't be so grating if they were actually fringe, but they're so infested in the media they act like they're the authoritative left wing.

Of course people are going to flee the entire label then, since reasonable people have no voice there.

Most of my Muslim family vote conservative and a lot of them voted for Brexit. You can't just lump us in with all the other people you don't like politically. My family have been here for decades. We made a life for ourselves legally. Where should I go back to? I was born in England. I speak in an English accent. I went to a school that opened in 1552 and sang in church, because to us, what's important is family, health and wealth. In that order. If I have to sing in church to get a good education at a good school, so be it. The vast majority of Muslims are nowhere near as puritanical as this board makes them out to be. I have met hundreds of Muslims in my life. Not one of them fit your description of the "Muslim invader".

i mean if she's liberal but still with you that means she's staying with you because she actually likes being with you despite your disagreements
unless you're just some CHAD like man i'd say she is already red pilled herself
lucky man i'd say, don't fuck it up
i mean they're not good looking, but just enough on each others level that they look right for each other
couples like this no matter if they're hot or not look better if one looks better than the other