HAPPENING!!! Insider? on Plebbit spilling MAJOR TRUTHS

Human Trafficking funding ISIS
Power Consolidation: FISA courts integral
Very specific info, researcher may be insider



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qatar hosts terrorists all right

you can't move the base just because people know about it

Researcher posted this too:
Meek Mill Ft. Drake - R.I.C.O.

He's right, this is a RICO case.

I know rico's are popular in tv and film, but can you give me a quick rundown on how a rico applies here?


the poster is obviously linked to the trump admin upon reading this. a lot more info if you follow the reddit link

It's an enterprise scheme. Players buy into the organization for criminal purposes. Simplifies prosecution and concentrates on the bosses. Very simply, the Clinton Foundation is pay to play scheme that trades in sex, organs, and arms.



>Had chemical weapons

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Alright lets drop skepticism for a minute here, lets say that this conspiracy is truth:

WHY in fuck would they want to fund ISIS? How do they benefit? Letting a terrorist organization grow in power just to send US troops at them and watch the carnage? What big prizes do they win?

Might wanna reread it bro.

I see no reason to think this person has Trump admin ties. All of this info is either common knowledge or theories that have been floating around since forever.

To overthrow Assad.

war = money
funding terror group = operatives for various purposes including further conflict therefore moneys

>Money (both from the above two and arms trade)


as you read through the massive OP, you start to realize just how on-rails a lot of these committee positions are and how groomed high elected officials are. Basically the person willing to do the most questionable and corrupt shit early on gets the green light straight to the top

Their generous donors within the military industrial complex continue making generous donations because they get rich AF.

Who do you think makes like fucking missile guidance systems? Farmer Joe, just like grandma used to make?

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No, a bunch of rich-ass Jews like every other company.

So they bribe politicians to keep on warring so they can keep making their jew millions.


Destabilization, recall the memo Gen. Clark disclosed of the regime changes across ME = oil and petrol dollar

Uh, it's HRC, CF, Deep State treason

Why haven't we proven to all the muslims, ISIS, etc that Soros is their enemy and actively fighting against them?

Get muzzies VS Soros


if you go to the right thread, the OP makes the Soros-Obama-Branson-Clinton connection




That's their boss, don't bite the hand that feeds you


Destabilise third world nations

Immigrant crisis

Demographic replacement

New demographics vote predominantly for the gibsmedats (most not all relative to whities)

You loofa-faced shit-gibbons will believe literally anything that reinforces your own conspiracies. Bill Clinton can't even get a fucking blowjob without the world knowing about it. What a fucking joke y'all are.


This is just something I stumbled across on a hunch, but it's not really that hidden if you look for it. Why does CF and other rich, powerful people want to overthrow Syria? I think it's because of a proposed Iran-Iraq-Syria oil pipeline (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran-Iraq-Syria_pipeline).

If oil goes through Iran/Iraq to Europe (ie. Turkey) through Syria, it'll undercut Russia and provide billions in construction bids (probably friends of Clinton or other Pay-to-pay people). Now, Syria is allied with Russia so in trying to uphold their alliance, have turned down any proposal to build through Syria. You can guess the rest from here. Again, I think that this is one component for why Syria's being attacked, but could possibly be a big one.

somebody says unconfirmed bullshit about Trump: "Fuck off shill, fake news, not true"


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Six months ago I would've called this a borderline paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy. Now I unironically believe this is at least 90% true. What the fuck happened?

Old news. Why do "Insiders" always make it out that other countries are the problem and not america ?

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Nice pics. But where is the evidence?

That's what George Webb has been saying: youtube.com/watch?v=rCTzFNrsKns

You're right about everything except the oil. It's a natural gas pipeline. Natural gas is hard to transport by any other means. Now the only pipelines going into Europe come from Norway/Holland and Russia. Qatar and the Saudis want to get into that market and everyone who dislikes the Russians is with them. Trump like the Russians, or they have something on him, of course. He must be stopped.

This is Sup Forums bro, you need 100% undeniable evidence to make claims about Trump but virtually no evidence when talking about Obama/Hillary

Thread w/comments: reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5t8x5g/human_trafficking_is_funding_isis_in_north_africa/

It certainly would explain their almost unbelievable level of incompetence in foreign affairs

This explains

Go to 12:48 - 14:00


... so Plebbit is now becoming aware of things we knew three, four years ago?

The Deep State's camouflage was much weaker than normal last year. Everything that happened felt like it was straight from a conspiracy theory.

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Look up the South Pars Gas Field.

It's split about 60/40 between Qater and Iran. The Iran sanctions etc have been to prevent Iran from tapping it first, because they have means to get it to market and Qatar does not. Until they build a pipeline through Iraq and Syria, of course. They want this pipeline to undercut the Russian monopoly on gas sales to Europe, world's largest energy market really. Understanding this gas field explains the last 15 years of geopolitics. Next level understanding is to realize that the fuel itself isn't what's important so much as the currency in which the fuel is denominated.

Democrats = Islamic Terrorists now.
Very difficult to tell the difference.

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All of this is really nothing that hasn't been said already concerning the funding and aiding of terrorist groups by Clinton/obama.

The only new connection that makes sense is the off the books funding via human trafficking, it's not like something like that is without precedent like iran-contra.

ah, the good old petrodollar. this goes back way longer than 15 years of geopolitics.

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Yes, but the gas field does not. The petrodollars has to do with the importance of the gas field. The SCO and russian/chinese agreements to exchange fuel in their own currencies may or may not have something to do with the war we started immediately thereafter with russia.




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hm, thouget evryone on pol already knowed this. Basically pipeline, religion and iran.


If you have been feeling anxious or angry about this whole government corruption thing, I implore you to go to the reddit page and read through the entire OP. It leaves no stone unturned and helps connects all the dots and follows just about every piece of paper and money trail you could possibly want on the Clinton Case heading back into the Bill Clinton Admin.

The OP is NOT about pizzagate or the occult, or any of the other autistic rabbit holes associated with The HRC Case, but it does make very brief bulletpoints alluding to a few of the more famous connections.

The OP on reddit is thorough and detailed. It traces the money, it spells it out in a simple to read way, so that on the FACTUAL side of The Case, you can see were there is most certainly either government corruption or incompetence. After reading through there is no doubt in my mind the world is a safer place without HRC as president, or even without establishment GOP.

If this HRC Case/Pizzagate has been bothering you and keeping you up at night/leading you down autistic rabbit holes, I IMPLORE YOU to go to the reddit page and just read through it. It will restore your sanity.

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Also Venezuela. You are hiting them prety hard right now. Who is gaining on it being sold in dorra, is it only the state? So the state can pump out billions of dorra without inflation or is there also private people that earn on this?

>money for defense contractors/their associates - see Dynacorp and Sidney Blumenthal
>easy access to unsupervised/unaccounted for minors for sex trade
>easy access to organs for sale to elites (Rothschild has had at least 4 heart transplants. see israel and haiti cornea and kidney harvesting. see kosovo. see libya
>global instability - keep populations in check by depending on states for security, keep people distracted and divided through terrorism. business/control 101 - create a problem so you are needed to fix it
>leverage on geopolitical stage, overthrow enemies, set up banks and friendly government seize resources and assets
>terrorism/false flags have been used for the past century to justify military conquest and invasion

these are just some of the main reasons that have become apparent and are historically backed up


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Rockefeller had his 7th heart transplant at age 101

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Most of the stuff posted are old pills. If you had lurked here before you would know. You have probably finally woken up.

Current year.

I'm always wary when something "breaks" on reddit. Their content is severely monitored by their admins and they're bought out by the DNC. If they didn't already remove or found ways to falsify it, it's probably not real. It's interesting but I'm not going to believe it until I see it.
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Trump a Puppet for the Jews


What I am curious about is the chemical weapons part of this. The rest I have heard elsewhere.

It has been claimed that the Turkish government staged the Chemical weapon attack in Syria to justify an escalation in US involvement. many had declared chemical weapons to be the "red line" after which US would be come fully involved and many called for boots on the ground after it happened.

now knowing this, and assuming it was a false flag and not the syrian government (i have a really hard time believing the syrian government would have done that knowing they risked serious us military involvement in response) why did obama then take a muted response? he faced a ton of criticism for it too when all the neocons, especially hillary, were calling for boots on the ground asap. was obama not involved in the false flag or did he have a change of heart? did escalating russian involvement deter him for fear of world war 3?

the cnn footage of the attack is also laughably fake, did it even occur at all? or was the event real and the footage just staged so they would have something to broadcast on cnn as propaganda?

this is the piece of the puzzle i am still unsure of. also what is next with all of these chemical weapons? saving them for a timely euro attack? or were they reserved incase the time came where justification would be needed for further military involvement in syria?

If they're sliding this post on Sup Forums, don't you think they would've gotten rid of the source of info they don't want us to see (reddit post)? The source which is more public and is more likely to be seen by many than if it was posted on this board? It just doesn't make logical sense to post this info and have it be up publicly for as long as it was, true or not.

I already knew all of this. I guess I'm redpilled as fuck.

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I don't really know what you mean. There are always slide threads on Sup Forums. I just wanted to bump because it's more interesting than most of the shit on this board. IDGAF what they do on reddit. I think there is also another thread on this topic so that is probably why this thread is so far down just noticed this one first.

This is all stuff we already knew from wikileaks and other sources though. None of these "insiders" ever drop some fucking names. Wonder why?


nice and neatly packaged on reddit for normies to see

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This has been known for awhile now, the problem is that nobody will ever do anything about it

RICO law is basically guilt by association. Say you're at a drug dealers house who is just a friend and you may or may not have known. He gets raided, you're there, you get charged as playing a part


So did their power consolidation fail in light of Trump getting elected or are we completely fucked regardless?