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How many years did it take people to notice the police were on strike?

about three days

Stolen from another thread

Sorry 1/10 post, you tried

Is there some place I can watch live riot streams?

Are huehues good enough for that?

What happened with the police in the end?
Did the politicians fire them or something?

i advise looking at the article, got some tweets showing people getting shot and people bleeding out, but as for live footage, i guess people are too scared to go out lol

What is this picture? A Fallout 4 weapon mod?


where is the liveleak kind of frontline material coming out?

The strike has been over for two days, now.

red alert


I knew this was a bad idea, but, in the absence of any good ideas, I continued forward.

Isn't this just a regular day in brazil?

I was a dumb American in a place where dumb American's are less popular than the clap.

Fucking fagget you are late for the party.

I bought a plane ticked to brazi, hoping to snag a waifu

Wow, 120 people. That sure is a lot. I can't believe it. I hope you don't read these sentences in your mind in a complete monotone voice because I am soooo disturbed by these absolutely massive casualties.


Brazil is sleep right now,can confirm.

who gives a shit they always kill each other, it's not as if Brasil was a decent country or anything t.b.h. lads

shit already over, army got in and things got better.

the sooner the better, they should embrace chaos, it'd send an empirical message to retarded leftists that we are not equal and never will be

>Hi, I'm a faggot on Sup Forums, I like talking shit about countries with lots of poor people and little to no industry or opportunity for work, but with no reference point so everything I say is coming straight out of my asshole, and I have a really dirty, unwashed, dishonest and diseased asshole

This is you and everyone like you.
the army is being cheered into town

There is no manifestation from the pope neither United Nations since the incident,so is irrelevant to even care about,let the goyim decide when it is important or not.

And how many terrorist attacks have you had in the last few years?

Do things fall apart quicker in tropical weather? This is what the Rio Olympic venues look like, they hosted the games less than a year ago.

If the water isn't green everything is alright.

member when Brazil was going to be a superpower by 2020?

even pyongyang manages to take care of its infrastructure
really jargles my marbles

Wasnt this already over?
>The ride never ends.
Yeah yeah, but wasnt it though?

You're a stupid fucking pussy. These places don't have those things for a reason. Because they can't fucking create them.

who knew max payne 3 was not a simple game but a prophecy.

>also tfw when he pats the picture of his dead family

he most certainly did not try

Amerika soon!

It is.

>161 policemen under suspension
>703 under investigation for revolt

The ride never ends


a world with no police. Lovely isn't it?

I am actually surprised. I expected MORE destruction to be honest. I guess some people are banding together to fend off the looters, rapers, pillagers etc.

The rich folk I'm sure have their own private security that have been let off their chains and shoot on sight.

I'll stay in grorious nippon instead, thanks.

I agree, we are definitely not equal. Leftists and all assorted bleeding hearts are far superior people. Like, you would probably be the first person to get violent if you met one in real life and actually talked with them. In America, talking to rightists usually goes like this:

>rightist: I don't want to pay for someone else (usually coded in dog-whistle terms for "nigger" or "spic") who doesn't have a job's health insurance/abortion/food/irresponsibly-conceived children.

>leftist: Well, most people who utilize the welfare state also have jobs, around 80-90% to be more precise.

>rightist: I don't like paying taxes to pay for other peoples' shit.

>lefitst: I don't give a shit about what you do or don't like. The fact is, most people in this country have jobs that don't pay jack shit even for a single person, let alone a family, and this necessitates a large safety net until we do something about that. We could also do with repaired roads and public facilities that aren't literally crumbling and decaying, and I don't think you are going to just fix all the roads and rebuild all the infrastructure yourself.

>rightist has mental breakdown and can't think of anything else to say, goes on tangents about muh constitution, government tyranny and socialism, becomes misogynistic, anti-Semitic and racist after a while if allowed to continue for long enough

>leftist has a sensible chuckle while also feeling happy that he paid attention in school and was engaged by his country's public education system, though the leftist also completely understands that the education system completely failed this poor soul, and feels sad at this fact

>rightist, having reverted back to his schoolyard bully phase, makes threats of physical violence

>leftist, fully confident in his rational, calculated point of view, feels no need to lash out at anybody, and carries on with his day after wishing the rightist a good rest of his day too

there should be no discussion, can't discuss with someone who's a priori negating reality, also my wealth my business, can't wait for the death of the welfare state
gaming one's way around taxes is so tiresome


PO all the way

Not a priori at all. I have empirically observed this myself, being a communist in a solid backwater Republican scum hole.

I thought this was france lol

think your confusing some on the right of the spectrum with a libertarian that is a specific political belief, most people are centrists and completely reasonable, since their is no right these days because they have pretty much been eradicated from politics
Cause of Death:repeated flipflops to the cranium

>Not a priori at all
you believe in forced "equality" achieved through totalitarianism and state violence, that's all there is to know
hopefully one day you'll get your chance to tread on your compatriots liberties and their property, at least for a minute before you get physically removed, so to speak
dog bless 2A and 1A

By the way, I think I essentially predicted you saying "my wealth my business". Like seriously, I know you REALLY in your heart of hearts believe that, and it's unfortunate that you do because you are quite sadly lying to yourself, but at least try to hide it when you fit the stereotype I presented almost exactly. And don't think for a second leftists or bleeding hearts are opposed to stereotyping established ideologies like we are to stereotyping people with more melanin than us.

is this a meme or something? brazil is always being purged. out with the old monkeys in with the new

Well, it's more like Republicans who have an anarchistic edge because furk der gerbermernt, I wanna cook crystal meth in my backyard RV. They can 'identify' as libertarians, but they solidly vote Republican. Actual libertarians tend to be a lot more easy-going and really more interested in alternate solutions other than taxation and other than just letting poor people literally die in the streets, and I am perfectly open to discuss that kind of thing.

I tread on people who are in severe denial and foist that denial on everyone else because, again, furk der gerbermernt, and they were either beat up in school or beat other people up. Either way, you are the power-hungry ones, and you are ironically trying to force equality yourselves and advocating for government-sponsored death/deportation squads to kill/remove your opposition and create complete homogeneity.

>Well, it's more like Republicans
You seem to think republicans represent the entire right side of the spectrum, you are the reason modern politics is a shit fest.

This kills the Sup Forums

some 100 of them will be sued, but the MP I voted (Alberto Fraga) purposed an amnesty law for them. Yeah, that sucks.

My race truely is the worse note to self get the hell out of this country if the police becomes compromised.

>only 120 dead
Isn't Chicago like 40 a week with police? The hues are more civil than the basketball Americans. Maybe Brazil is white.

not really the argument has holes

1.the leftist is actually a centrist that wants everyone to have a fair go

2.the rightist is actually a libertarian being presented as the whole right spectrum

3.leftists killed actually killed the real right in the 80's


>steals jokes from dead threads
go back to reddirt, newfag

No, it's more like the vast majority of right wingers in America, no matter who you are, vote Republican, never third parties, so I just consider them to be Republicans. There is a reason left wing third parties get exponentially more votes in the US than right wing third parties: because right wing people are losers who cling on to any chance they have of "winning" so they can gorge themselves on power and self-satisfaction, and the Republican Party offers that more than any other in America. For the left, it's more about policy and actually understanding the candidate's platform. Leftism is thinking man's politics. Rightism is American football fan politics. And no matter how you try to cast the right in a different light, that will always be the way it is.

Nothing is going to happen. This niggery will continue for another week or so and then things will stabilize.

>rightist: I don't want to pay for some civil servants half assed money wasting system of the bare minimum must do. I want my health care/education/gervnment service providers to strive for the best because that is what pays their wages, results; not the bare minimum.
t. Brit

As an addendum to this idea, you could cast centrism as a thinking man's politics too. However, the views represented in that hypothetical conversation were my own, and I generally identify as a communist, which generally explains my strong, yet I think it to be rational, bias against the right.

>The egalitarian doctrine achieves its status not because it is true, but because it provides the perfect intellectual cover for the drive toward totalitarian social control by the ruling elite.

Still!? I thought this ended a week ago because everyone stopped talking about it.

you do realise that the Republicans actually won the election yeah?
then you must realise that centrists actually voted towards it more.

>For the left, it's more about policy and actually understanding the candidate's platform
Really? It's my turn was the only policy that the left ran with, whereas the "right"(trump is actually more centrist than right) actually had policies and enacted on them in the first few weeks of office.

Face it, the centre decide elections not the left

I believe in meritocracy too, but that is an ideal and I am not exactly the most idealistic person anymore. Now on the other hand, I believe our civil servants, left and right, are complete ignorant fuckwads who have very little actual understanding of social services or the needs of their constituents, so we have to elect better ones who will hire the right people to serve the localities' needs.

I think you're right, in most countries that do not have electoral colleges, the center decides the elections. The same would have gone for America, because 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton, a very strong centrist devoted to working across the aisle. She seriously used the phrase "warm purple area" to describe Democrats and Republicans working together in harmony. It kind of sickened me.

This isn't over yet?

You ALL knew the rules. Don't pretend the election wasn't fair.

>we have to elect better ones who will hire the right people to serve the localities' needs.
People don't try hard when there is no incentive to. No competition ? No incentive of a bonus ? Why try ? Come to England experience both sides of the coin, I have and can tell you hands down which school I went to was exponentially better and which health services were markedly better and the state lost hard in both cases.

>The same would have gone for America, because 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton
doesn't matter though, america have a good system, compared to ours we haven't elected a party since 2007 because of the retarded left pretty much giving a a-ok to do in house political backstabbing.

Stick with what you have got its good


Also the centre is more located outside of left leaning states(cali,NY) so I doubt the validity of your statement.

essentially more people voted republican at a state level then the other way round, if it were a straight democracy 3 states would be dictating to the rest.

if it were a straight democracy 3 states would be dictating to the rest.

This. Straight democracy is just stupid. We've been hostages of the northeast here for 13 years, until our president (Workers Party) got impeached.

MP is not an action game series. It's an exploration of how one man can hate himself so much.

Be ashamed of yourself

I think it's a testament that your electoral system is fucked up and broken when two presidents in the past two decades have lost the popular vote, yet still became president. That only happened three times before Bush, in the 1800s. The way electors are distributed to states is actually quite bullshit. A state with less people than a single city in another state still gets three electors no matter what. That means a single person's vote in North or South Dakota, Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, Wyoming or Montana is stronger than a single person's vote in any other state.

Fo real tho? California is a very centrist state. I would know, I live there. You know the Democratic Party is a centrist party, right? Not a left-wing party? Bernie Sanders wanted to reconstruct it into a leftist party, but that's more of a pipe dream. Democrats are staunch centrists for the most part, and leftists just caucus with them because the Republicans are just that unhinged.

Pretty sure your entire government is corrupt, so the impeachment of your president seems like more of a power play by your lovely congresspersons.

>California is a very centrist state. I would know, I live there.
t. communist
Everything is centre or right to you

>Democratic Party is a centrist party
sure thing buddy so is the republican party

Well, whatever. I won't treat you like a child and tell you to believe whatever you want to believe. You're wrong, it's that simple, but I hope you have a good evening anyways. It's 4am, I need to go to bed. Goodnight user. It was nice having a conversation without flinging insults back and forth for once.

>Pretty sure your entire government is corrupt

Most of it is corrupt, keep the political nihilism to yourself. That's why Lava Jato is happening, putting in jail guess who, your communist comrades that ruined this country with their bullshit ideology. You have no idea how much our country has healed in these few months after the impeachement, and our current president isn't that much better than her.

The anarcho communist utopia is real


>This. Straight democracy is just stupid. We've been hostages of the northeast here for 13 years
The fact that every state gets exactly 3 senators regardless of population, economic importance or area weights doesn't help.

>our country has healed in these few months after the impeachement
top kek

>Car plays "Imagine" by John Lennon during real life "Purge" chaos

>3 senators regardless of population

Fucking this too.

It has, at least in the relevant regions.

It's fucking nothing, don't fall for burger hype

>it ain't me