ICE Officials Given Full Authority To Illegals, Now Have Zero Right To Legal Representation

ICE Officials Given Full Authority To Illegals, Now Have Zero Right To Legal Representation

It has been a tireless first three weeks for the Trump Administration; the president’s team continues to be hit from all sides, including federal judges who seek to disrupt the new status quo.
But that streak has just ended. Vessel News reports that the 7th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in Chicago has now ruled that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, as well as local law enforcement, now have the legal ability to deport illegal voters.
The ruling centered around the case of a “dreamer” who was caught in 2012 of breaking into the United States. He was safely returned to his home country the very next day. The whole affair came about while the court was addressing the bigger issue of Donald Trump’s travel ban from terrorist-sponsoring nations, as well as his dealings with the refugee crisis. The issue of the Fifth Amendment in regards to those who are not legal citizens came up in terms of those caught illegally entering the country.
While the ruling will stand for all of America, it comes at the dismay of a Peruvian woman who voted illegally during multiple elections. She will face deportation for her crimes.



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is this for real

Well it sure ain't fanta sea.

I promise you that here in California illegals are voting. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even know it was illegal.

Looks like the Democrats are going to have a much harder time stealing elections.


Democrats just lost the next election

wtf i love trump now


another possible win for Trump is that the 9th circuit is going to review their decision with 11 judges this time instead of 3.

nobody knows exactly why they're doing it but an anonymous judge asked for it.

Is this the real life?

This is what winning feels like

Aren't they doing it cuz Trump has the power to remove them?

Not sure how things work in Murica.

Local 9144 San Jose Drywall/Lather.
Our union is overflowing with wetbacks with fraudulent SSN numbers who claim 9 on their w2 to dodge taxes. They then send that money to Mexico instead.

We have Mexican union reps, and the union shows them how to fraudulently sign up to vote. In California wetbacks can get ID, and you don't have to prove citizenship to register to vote.

Technically they don't have the power to refuse him and must obey his orders. Refusing is putting the nation at risk and can lead to a huge legal battle that'll take months maybe years to solve which most likely leads to the president winning unless the battle is over something insane like placing yourself as King of the country

The Supreme Court has that power and is now evenly matched possible right leaning.

This has Jeff Session written all over it. Ever since he took office it has really stepped up.

I bet he sent a team of legal experts over to Kelly and explained to him how far his right wing death squads can actually go.

seems somewhat racist

In theory, no. The branches of government are supposed to have checks and balances to keep them from overpowering each other.
In practice, historically the courts have lost when they have gone into direct confrontation with the president.

Illegals are not a race.

>vessel news
>red state watcher

This is like next-level fake news



fuck off schlomo, dual citizens are next


>vessel news
>red state watcher

yea i mean i want this to be true but i really dont know about those