FUCK YOU Sup Forums

Fuck you Sup Forums for turning this peaceful bird into a racist neo-nazi symbol. Just because you're a bunch of basement dwelling virgin 4channers you don't have to turn the art of NORMAL PEOPLE into your disgusting white supremacist propaganda. This used to be a funny thing we all enjoyed until YOU came along and turned everything into a negative nazi mess. You've broken hearts with this and it has only begun. This is YOUR fault and you should immediatly stop and apologize.

Fuck Sup Forums.

PS: I hope Trump get's killed tomorrow.

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Heil Hitler.

Motherfucker, we are so efficient at turning things into hate-symbols, that we don't even need to turn them into hate-symbols and they STILL TURN INTO HATE-SYMBOLS.

Really made me think.

>OP pretending he wasn't aiming for exactly that, the entire time
You got your forced meme recognized. Good for you, user.


>Bird on picture carrying cuckbook logo

You're women all wear hijab there are no men left in Germany

this is not a meme

1. reported to the FBI
2. it is your fault for being a triggered SJW, not our's

shut up Dunecoon and go rape a few willing German women. don't worry as you well know they're just blame themselves.

1488,Praise peK

Seems like we need to gass someone RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

Delete this image or I will have to report you to the australian federal police. This is a crime you're commiting right now.

It doesn't matter. The wings and circle were used by the Nazis.

There is literally nothing bad about Hijabs. I weared one myself when we had a muslim solidarity day at our local university.

No one wants your shitty meme. The left cannot fucking meme.

Every attempt results in some empty facade, which in turn makes it extremely obvious when you try and astroturf it for Sup Forums to use.

>Fuck you Sup Forums for turning this peaceful bird into a racist neo-nazi symbol.
The swastika is a symbol of peace and pure intentions, the bird seems to be a symbol of Horus.
Hate, is what you represent.

We haven't won until wankbook issues an apology and withdraws the sticker

Saging for blatant fake meme

Bet this cock biting faggot is from tumblr

blame the leader of the movement

maibe its not us who are broken maibe its you

its a she.
>It doesn't matter. The wings and circle were used by the Nazis.
see pic

Doesn't mean the silly cunt can't be a cock biting faggot

what did KEK mean by this i wonder?



are U dumb dummy?
Sup Forums is a board of peace.
>Sup Forums is diverse in it's anons that come from different countries/occupations/race/sex/creed/etc.
pls kys (YOU) now.

What even is this stupid bird fron?

Some stupid media stunt
They made up a ''meme'' that no one has heard before, and they wrote articles about it trying to trick ''ebil racists'' into picking it up.
No one fucking knows what this shit is. Media just came up with it.
For some reason they want us to take the stupid gif and turn it into something like Pepe.

We didn't even do it. A bunch of cuck edgelords did all the work and gave us credit. Superior faggotry at play


get a girlfriend and stfu


Threadly reminder that this is an antifa meme

>and it has only begun
only thing i agree with

i'm just curious. is there any reasonable way we could get 'vividly coloured hair' to be synonymous with this bullshit 'alt-right' label? imagine ever sjw reacting in horror and shaving their heads.

It gets worse schlomo


well sam hyde gonna get in trouble then if that gets out!

nice try

No... fuck you (((Germany))).


Fuck your Jewish Supremacist propaganda

PS: I hope Evil Kike Soros gets killed tomorrow