Hey Sup Forums Kowalski here

Hey Sup Forums Kowalski here

I never met a nigger. Can someone redpill me on real niggers? Like how is it to have nigger neighbour

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Im pretty sure most americans here know all about that.

Loud, stinky, stupid. Speak wierd english, listen to rap music, travel in packs, wear saggy and revealing clothes.
Total degenerates.


Here's what i've picked up so far.

Dumber and more agressive gypsy, but you already know those.


You know how when you walk around in a small town neighborhood and feel as if you are in your own backyard, or house, or wherever? It's exactly the opposite of that.

Gypsy King Dolinski lived in my town. He`s family owns big ass mansion and non of them goes to work

Used to live on an estate. Not a council estate itself, but the people definitley came from them after they got enough welfare to move there. I was young and made friends with a group of them, but sometimes I would go over to their houses and they were shit holes.
Their families were fucked too. Parents hated their own kids but treated me really well when I was there. But the black kids themselves were always rough and angry, once I stopped playing out with them, they started hating me for some reason. Some of them carried knives. Glad I moved away.

Went to a 80% black school for half a quarter in 6th grade.
First month in I fell and fucked up my leg, immediatly a group of them started laughing at me.
They NEVER shower, they don't wear deoderant, very violent.

You are going to hear a lot of shit but to be honest it just depends on where the black person grows up. Here in the midwest I don't have any problems with blacks unless I am in a city. In a city they turn to massive cunts you want to avoid like the plague but when they grow up around normal people they turn out just fine. This is from my experience.

>Whats it like to live near real niggers

What starts with N and ends with R that you never wanna call a black person?


I agree, there are blacks, and there are niggers. City niggers are the worst.

Well it all looks bad. But I`d like to live next door with some Morgan Freeman type and listen to his stories about his slave dad being abused by some land owner

Imagine a hohol, only even stupider, greedier, and more criminal.

I lol'd. Also, pretty much sums up the whole thread

niggers are IDIOTS.

let me explain something to you:
niggers do not have the ability to think out of the box, or "abstractly".

Unless prompted to do something, they do not.
Thus, Africa.

So the nigger sees chicken, and thinks 'I am hungry, so I must eat chicken'.
He buys the chicken, but he realises he must cook it in something to make fried chicken, so he buys stock.

He does not read the instructions, because nobody told him to, so he pours all of the stock on the chicken, and puts it in the oven.

Now his building smells like the average nigger hideout, and you know why it smells that way; because the nigger doesn't think before he does things, he just does things.

You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

The nigger neighbors Ive had were fairly respectable, had decent jobs they didnt want to lose.

Hood niggers.... sheeeeeiiiit. Scary as fuck. The lack of impulse control niggers generally have is amazing. They are quick to react to ANYTHING.

Never trust a nigger, but remember they are easily manipulable. If you have to live around them, lie and tell them you're unemployed, talk to them anout basketball a lot and tell them stories about when you used to smoke a lot of weed and theyll stay away from you.

they say one thing to your face and do another. like ask them to cut their lawn because of mosquitoes, they will tell you they will do it tomorrow and never do it.

once time, i was sanding my wood floors, i removed large radiator and placed on the porch. nigger neighbor tried to take it off my porch, and said he thought i was throwing it out. wanted to take it to scrap yard for cash...

The ones where I live are fine. It really depends. I lived in a bad neighborhood that has went through gentrification. We had niggers and spics, chinks, and now it's mostly liberal artists.

First Black neighbor died after getting into a fight in his backyard.

He was replaced by a kind White family.

Family of Blacks move into the next house and they were nice. Hospitable, the father occasionally helped mow our lawn because he was bored, son was nice, etc.

Basically, hood niggers are the worst. The rest are fine.

The Chinks that moved in are hostile to everyone in the neighborhood but they're okay. The Spics all moved out but they were probably the worst.

Artfags are boring and effeminate.

Depends desu. It's entirely dependent on the majority of whatever neighborhood you're in.

A majority black neighborhood = ghetto. Crime, drugs, rapes and general degeneracy.

A majority white neighborhood typically means the niggers tend to behave like humans do.