Hmm, what did she mean by this?

Hmm, what did she mean by this?

Shes thinking its a shame he only sucks dick.

Sorry Donald, looks like your daughter became a CANADIAN COCK CHASER.

> implying he has a cock that isnt in his mouth.

Good looking chap. Tall. Important/celebrity. Very eloquent speaker. No wonder women like him.

But dont confuse this with being intelligent. He is an idiot.

Like Obama. Good speaker, terible leader.

Choose your leaders based on actions, not words.

>implying his dick isn't so huge he could suck himself off without any effort if he wanted to

She's going to seduce him to control him. He's weak enough as it is, after she has power over him, he'll easily submit to Trump's annexation plan. We must have access to those sweet sweet maple syrup reserves.

She's smiling because Trump told her Justin actually is Ben's son.

thats trying to mask her look of disdain.
notice the crease on her right eye and one side of her nose is flared up

looks like mild disgust

She's about to grab him by the pussy.


>This much delusion


Yeah that's what I see tbf

As much of a sociopath as he is, he won an election with those looks.

She looks disgusted by him.


>she was in the room
>she looked at justin


It must suck to be eternally larping.

Notice the cum stain on his trouser zipper? (mustve dripped from his chin)

You know that is something to consider.

She sucked his 6-inch until it was dry, if you know what I mean.

Even I, as an unapologetic fscist, would want a bit of that boipuccy.

I thought it was Sylvester Stallone

she wants his syrup

I think it's because she has sultry makeup and look at the earrings. She's going for seduction, not a formal event.


OP here. I fucking lost at this one!

>Fifty leafs Fred
What did truuuuu tho mean by this?


Why are you looking at his crotch?

>yfw Ivanka has Fidel Castro's grandchild

Sadly, this is no longer possible.


She got Tim Horton'd.

>Hmm, what did she mean by this?

The stench of a leaf burns thy nose.

Uh oh...

looks like disgust, plus its a fake smile, her lips arent raised at all