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I've always liked assange, even if he is a lying cocktease.

Hope it's happening.

what does he mean by "IC"???

And he confirms what we've been thinking:

Deep State Vs. President Trump and the people.

IC = intelligence community?

Oh look, he's trying to be relevant again

This, I presume.

I've been out of the loop since inauguration. Do neocons openly admit existence of shadow government now?

makes sense.
for a second there i thought it was "illuminati cabal"

Even Bill Clinton admitted it when he was in office.

What a time to be alive.

We have Trump as president, liberals on 24/7 suicide watch and US intel agents actively wiretapping and distributing info to the (((MSM))) for political purposes.

The deep state is exposed and it is TIME TO SLAY THE BEAST!!!!

>Interview with Australian radio yesterday. Warning. Very Australian.

KEK. Is he /ourguy/?

ok ok, and what about #vault7?

Intelligence community.

Drain the freakin pedo swamp Trump.

Do you realize that this puts George Soros, David Brook, Obama and the CIA on the same pedo team?

That's not him, but the tweet is accurate

>Kyle and Jackie-O

But what if he did mean that?

Bump for Honor of Sir. Assange.

You know how we beat the system?

We reject it entirely.

Just don't care about authority.

Like we ignore CNN. Ignore them entirely.

If they shoot at you, shoot back. But largely just do your own thing. Organize your own societies. Barter instead of using their fiat currencies. Create your own tv programs and media shows.

Create your own institutions for high technology, don't price your products. Reject greed and insanity.

Their power is a meme. One or two cops may shoot someone who refuses to pay their taxes, but what if EVERYONE refuses?

Military wont shoot their own families.

Just ignore the dark occult. If they fuck around shoo them away with a barrage of bullets. Kind of like you would shoo away a nuisance wasp.

isn't that what the 'shadow govt' is though?
>i dont know how else to define it

hello RCMP

Yes it is him.

And no, he is not dead.

I'm not the rcmp.

I'm not advocating violence you fucking state shill.

I am saying simply reject the system. Or just ignore it desu.

Same thing.

Interesting, missed this. Have been ignoring WL shit the last couple of months

>ignore the system that is killing me and my children

No, fuck you.

simmer down sport, no need to resort to leafposting so soon in the day.

Trump will lose the war. He will die in jail according to the spooks.

It's funny because remember the videos with the "soft coup" to ensure Hillary doesn't win? I always considered it larpfaggotry by old men who once were relevant but now it seems like the plan may have been to get the weaker president installed for the purposes of control, only they misjudged how Trump would behave and now are panicking.

Permenant Government is a UK phrase. It refers to the likes of "Whitehall" and its prtivate sector compatriots. People who last for decades. They always hamper efforts at reform.

Worth mentioning that the power of the Permanent Government is entirely social and institutional, not legal. The foundations are mostly backscratching, bribes, parties, and increasingly sexual favours.

CNN are trolls, trying to bait a reaction.

Where have all the antifa gone? Was that just one week?
We laughed. They left.

Hillary was enshrined princess of the order.
Yet now she can't beg a buck out of her overlords' anuses.

Power is fickle. Freedom is necessary. Time is the resource.

They aren't admitting to a shadow government, they're just talking about the majority of the government which are unelected persons.

Fuck off troll. The state is going to die.

The deep state must think it lives in a vacuum.

Are they really willing to fully expose the themselves to take out Trump to only have to deal with full exposure of the deep state?


Fuck off kike, your kike smear tactics don't work here. Assange has a perfect record of 10+ years of delivering accurate information.

>Russia hacks political campaigns, stealing then leaking info in attempt to swing election
Muh leakers are muh heroes
>US intel leaks info about US senoir officials blatantly lying to public and parts of US admin
Muh god, those bastards

Like I said, they mess with you, kill them.

Think about it. If everyone refused to work for them their money would become useless. Their militaries would defect, and their entire system would collapse.

The more you pay attention to them, the more they fuck you over. Just stop using money, and stop obeying authority of any kind. Live by obeying natural law and everything will be ok.

Self defense is ok though. They have to make the first move though, and if they do, kill them.

>mfw the American slaves get freed by Donald Trump

Hillary's 60,000 Deleted Emails

Nothing is Deleted in Cyberspace

The Reckoning

All Trump has to do is tweet names and it's fucking over. They must be really desperate to resort to this kind of "war".

This is like the oligarchy conspiring against Putin when he came to power.

There is about to be a massive cleansing in the so called IC. These morons are forcing Trump to go full Hitler on them.

I assumed it was "Inner Circle"

>The deep state must think it lives in a vacuum.

Trump is liked by Israel's IC and the hardline zionists.

Wonder how that will factor in.

Industrial Capacity


Why doesn't Trump purge all the NSA / CIA / FBI (non crime units) and make a new agency from scratch?

>kill them.
>Just stop using money
>kill them.
>I'm not the rcmp.

wew lad

>that transport capacity

Shadow government is state department + media cabal; the thing is, they're nothing without the IC.

CIA (NSA and whatnot) and FBI think they're the government. Always have.

Is that the old Hearts of iron? I got 4 and desu was a bit disappointed.

I heard the older games were more in depth though...

>The fake assange

>Wikileaks is compremised


Vault 7 is confirmed troll.

Kill them only if they attack you first. In self defense NOT offense you plebeian filth.

>not a now dead man named Seth Rich.
I don't see any bodies or hell even faces behind recent leaks behind the trump administrator.

You should start playing Insurgency and Day of Infamy.

So a tweet from a compromised site telling us that this new account is someone who isn't using their previous account because reasons?

This is fishier than anything.

Also Britains IC probably likes trump too.

He's good for Britain. Defo more /ourguy than anyone else lately.

Go home Southern. No-one is taking your stupid bait.

>If everyone refused to work for them their money would become useless.

>stop working.
>brings in immigrants to do the work.
Nice plan there buddy.

>Self defense is ok though.
Do you even live in Canada you fucking twat?


I doubt the FBI or CIA wants to warn people about the IC....because that's them.

t.mi5 fag

Go rape another kid you retarded cannibalistic faggots.

Guys. Trump is finished. He was a sloppy joke candidate with Russian backing. Republicans say him as a funny carrot to play along with but turned out the people loved him so they thought they could just ride on his fame to ensure they get all of their wishes / jobs through. But then it turned out he was in deeper shit and more incompetent than they'd expect and have been in damage control since trying to act like they are good goys to the trump voters while trying to remain stable so they can take over once he gets impeached.

Kinda hilarious if you get my drift. Or do I need to say the crash and burn part to get my share of keks?





I'm not saying we stop working, I'm saying we stop working for them.

As a collective you fearful peasant minded imbecile.

>These morons are forcing Trump to go full Hitler on them
>tfw not American to defend the F├╝hrer

International Cabal

Is that Assange? Did Wikileaks verified it?

>countless people join the intelligence community because they love their country and want to serve it
>powermad goons set in the highest position of powers within the IC by political elites give everyone else a shit name
its not fair Sup Forums

Not gonna lie, former Nuclear codes here. This is fucking hilarious watching the Intelligence Community crash and burn. But in all seriousness, we cant let these guys get their hands on me.

Deep State is trying to literally kill Trump.

Will Sup Forums let the CIA brainwash them?


Trump needs to pull a night of the long knives, and soon. It's preposterous to have your enemies practically running the show.

If they're so honorable, why has the cia and nsa been helping pedophile sadists acquire and torture kids?

Even if they haven't been helping, they obviously know. Why keep it under wraps? George HW Bush sr was accused by multiple people of raping them as a child and torturing them. Seems consistent with what we know about the El now.

Hope Deep State gets uncovered.

Hopefully I can join the SS


cia is fucking niggers

you can see the fruits of their "effort" already

total bullshit on the same level as CTR. totally ineffective. I wonder how this fucking terrible shit works on reddit, but I guess the answer is simply we are much smarter than them. much much much smarter.

you do know what compartmentalization is right?

>not planing to join the new American foreign corps

>implying we are not more than powerful enough to brainwash the CIA.
>implying we haven't forced a concentrated redpill down their throat for the last 9 months

>implying it's even possible to argue against the TRUTH for long.

>Just stop using money
And what, live on the streets?
>stop obeying authority of any kind.
Hello, antifa
>Live by obeying natural law and everything will be ok
Hello Voltaire


It's only a matter of time before Trump gets JFKed

We all saw it coming

What is the difference.



You mean a mongolian basket weaving hamster wheel powered forum board knows, but literal spies don't?

I say bullshit.


international clique

>Is that Assange? Did Wikileaks verified it?

m8, assange doesn't even have verifiable access to a window.

Wait a minute, I thought Assange has not been seen since last fall and is most likely dead?

Irish Intellectuals

1) If enough people do it we can start with miny communities. Then move on from there. Obviously it can't be done by yourself, you have to have a collective do it. Hence "collective" enlightenment.

2) I'm not antifa. Authority over another sentient being is a violation of natural law.

3) Yes, Voltaire, the man who warned us about the dangers of jews 300 years ago.

they don't have access to that information anymore than we do

is that you, bill?

right back at you

Wikileaks did verified by a tweet