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>impeach trump & pence

>implying they are a single entity to be impeached

What's his end game?

6. Impeach Clinton
7. Constitutional crisis
8. President Bogdanoff

1. Impeach Trump
2. civil war
3. Liberals removed
4.Trump re-elected

You mean president & vice-president bogdanoff



For daddy to finally tell her she's a good girl.

Okay I'm a newfag and I keep seeing these hideous monstrosities everywhere. What meme is this

Need a quick rubdown?

Need a quick rundown?



If you impeach both Pence and Trump doesnt it just make Ryan president



Yes. Even an alternative aussie like you knows that. Her civics instructor should commit seppuku.

That's not how it works at all.

Ryan would immediately be sworn in.

I'll take that rubdown, if you don't mind.

Kill your self nerd virgins. Brock, Clinton, the pedophile crew, have fun getting nigger aids and killed in jail.

>constitutional crisis
>special election
>speaker of the house doesn't get presidency

Why are liberals so delusional?

Wait. Some dyke makes a tweet and you take it as fact?

Those are some ugly fuckers. Were they born like that?

Forced meme.
Conspiracy that they run shit.
Probably some Kike diversion


We need some awareness about bogdanoffs being a CTR falseflag to pull people off the trail

inb4 "fuckoff bogdanoff shill"

th-that's the joke, user

It's a side effect of spending more time reading Harry Potter-tier drivel instead of reading any laws and history.


Yeah Shlomo we know thats what (((your ))) average Women looks like it.

>inb4 IDF Propaganda Pics of Eastern European Prostitutes

>Impeach Trump and Pence
>Time to call the special elec-


Here's a quick catch up

Guys, what is the likelihood of a legitimate civil war if (((they))) remove Trump?


your over looser

"call special election"
That's not how it works. Paul Ryan would become president.

fuckoff bogdanoff shill

fuckoff bogdanoff shill

Can someone give me a quick rundown on their endgame?

(((Sally Kohn)))

i really hate these people

i'm beginning to think the cultural conditioning runs too deep at this point and shit's just going to get out of hand

These fucking Somalians.
America was better 250 Years ago than Somalia today

Can someone give me a quick fundown on bogdanoffs

Yes, the bogandoffs are the true enemy.

Isn't this that CNN chic?

Not how it works. Plus Ryan would beat Clinton anyways

Fuck Obama and fuck the CiA!

MSNBC i think

good one aussie

I'd pay money to see this dyke bitch gang fucked by 10 nigger refugees with aids.

It's happening/10

extraterrestrial impregnation incest genesplicing cloning experiment prank gone wrong


If I had one shekel for every time some one said this in the last year I could have bought a Zyklon B factory by now.

troth confirms

This dyke kike is consistently wrong about everything and routinely gets BTFO'd -- have you seen her debate with Israeli-firster Ben Shapiro?

do you think rednecks would care enough to leave the TV and activate their scooter?

This... this bitch.

My country was objectively never that great, we had our moments, but if someone said or wrote that at a protest, ...

Holy shit, I can feel my blood pumping, and I'm not even American. Fuck migrants, return to your pirate country you fucking turdskin.

Bitch forgot

>6. Civil War erupts

These people have absolutely no fucking idea how the system works.

Can somebody give me a quick bundown on Kohn?


i kinda miss step 6

because honestly what do you expect would happen?

She knows that would cause a civil war right?

Not gonna lie former Drumpf supporter here. It's been fun watching Drunpf get BTFO recently. But seriously Hillary won by 3 million votes.

>Special election
Not how it works retard
Keep dreaming

is a guy

/x/ bullshit that keeps getting spammed

They had a french tv show about aliens.


you know its what the country (31 states) want


>be Somali mudslime
>leaf shithole of a nigger, pisslam infested, civil war ridden country
>move to the USA to live in a first world country built by whites
>hold up sign "America was never great"
I wonder what goes on in a head like this. But you will enjoy the rest of her life.

>go down in the history books as the first US president to enter office under a political coup.
>the first female president no less

I guess if that's how they want history to remember the left and Hillary.

Can somebody give me a quick rundown on this tweet?

Bogdanoff Duumvirate!

>killed in jail.
Funny. You think it will make it that far. ((((they)))) are pushing too hard..the people will snap, and one way or another, those commie fucks are gone.

Don't talk about the Bogs like that.

What law did Trump break to cause this craziness about an impeachment?

I will riot in the streets if this happens.

They are saying he communicated with Russia to get them to release information about Hillary Clinton. I believe.

>thinking the left cares about laws

He hurt their feelings. That's why.


Why are they still pushing this completely false narrative?

Your over .... get back to sucking your communist handlers cock

Uhh CNN and nyt are implying that trump is the mastermind who told Russia to hack Clinton so he could steal the election. And he's a puppet

this bitch is crazy.

Stop posting these threads. They'd have to kill or impeach at least 13 officials, possibly more, before we even enter the "Constitutional Crises" part. And then there is as much a chance that we add to the line of succession, as a chance we do a special election.

So since we know impeaching 13+ officials is next to impossible, you'd have to resort to assassination. God forbid the left resort to this, it would only inevitably push voters to the right, as multiple assassinations would cause National Security concerns, something Republicans can do 1000 times better than Democrats.