Do you realize that the alt right and SJW's are the exact same

Do you realize that the alt right and SJW's are the exact same.
1. Both racist
2. Both fat basement dwellers
3. Both have a website to call home
4. Both get extremely triggered if anything negative is mentioned about there preferred candidate
5. Both belie in segregation
6. Both use biased sources claming they are facts
8. They are both hated by most normal people



Yeah the alt-right is pretty shit. It's not even good branding. You would think they'd want to make themselves look like there's a real possibility for them to take over the narrative, but instead they're just an 'alternative'

Don't eat a handful! Eat one! And have sense about your choice.

X has similarities to X DON'T YOU SEE THEY'RE THE EXACT SAME

You serve the Jews and we don't. You are just like the SJWs in a way that actually matters.

>a name is why your movement fails
Liberals cannot think.

Yeah, they both need to stay coained in Reddit.

Sup Forums disavows these alt right posers

>Aesthetics aren't important
>Sup Forums is the altright
Who could be behind such a post?

SJWs don't take their own side, the alt right does. Fuck off kike.

>One side is a bunch of spoiled brats with shitty haircuts who all got bullshit degrees who want everyone else dragged down to their level
>The other is the average everyday person who is sick and tired of the daily pissing matches to see who can be the most offended

I hate you fucking faggots

Yes, it's called the pendulum swinging back
What exactly is your point ?

You have no idea how fucking retarded you are. That image was co-oped by the right and re-purposed to destroy them. We are using there weapons against them you fucking idiot.

When they say race doesn't exist but they say climate change does do you think it is the same when we use the argument that most scientist agree that race does exist? Its essentially the same thing using science to back up our claims.

Alt right is some reddit shit
Fuck off

>only take the good ones!
you racist sexist classist populist misogynist facist xenophobic homophobic pedophobic transphobic cisgendered privileged WHITE MALE

>It's not even good branding
>Alt right
>a brand
This isn't fucking Lacoste,this is politics and ideology.How detached from reality can you be?

you realize the "just a handful of candy" arguments arose as a mockery of that m&m image, right?

you are reddit

MnM one was made for anti-black threads years ago. Notice the only color on the bottom text is brown on the bad points, and a brown mnm

Science shows that colored people are completely useless

Do you realize boypussy and girlpussy are the exact same:

1. Both are holes
2. Both feel great when you enter them
3. Both have their own lobby
4. Both get extremely sensitive when they are dry
5. Both believe you can only chose one
6. Both used biased sources ti claim who i better
7. Both can get messy when not properly cleaned

Thanks for showing my point



>the refugee skittles are in a bowl
>the 'm+men" are already consumed and digested

Sounds to me like only one of these images proposes a solution

False equivlence. Your 'alt-right' immage is just the normal right position; we think all rapefugees are bad.


you arent supposed to just "take" men

The SJW's are fueled by emotions.

People you call alt-right are fueled by facts.

>having to have this explained again
The difference is you don't have a choice but to accept men. They are 50% of the worlds population.

Refugees on the other hand can be turned away with nothing more than a signature on a paper.


funny thing, the refugee one was made on purpose to show how fucking retarded the one on the right is

its win/win for alt right.

This. You don't eat a handful of men unless you're a slut, which is exactly what the sjws encourage. So in a way this image proves the contradictory nature of the left.

"alt-right" was literally coined so that guy who got punched for being a nazi twice last week didn't have to call himself a white supremacist anymore. The media treats it like it's an actual legitimate political opinion even if they hate it. If Sup Forums called themselves the neo-nazis they are Trump would have been laughed out of the running,as the alt-right Sup Forums defined his online support and had an actual influence on the election. "White supremacist" to "Alt-right" is possibly the greatest branding anyone ever came up with.

Isn't that the point? Forcing SJWS to concede by using their own logic against them?

Well the alt right doesn't exist, so...

4d chess right? Fuck off. They're both garden variety morons who couldn't see how similar they are to their opponents if you showed them hundreds of images exactly like this.

WRONG, "alt right" was rejected by Sup Forums from the start. It also came way before that literallywho got punched. Try harder, JIDF shill.


>Eat a handful
Jesus Christ women are such whores
Also it's much easier to evaluate the character of a man in your own country whom you can see pretty much whenever you want than it is to evaluate a refugee

You can avoid all Syrians.
Unfortunately for lefties, men are compulsory for a populous society.
It's like being convinced salt is deadly, abstaining and then dying from lack of it.


Sup Forums can reject it all they want, that's the appellation they've been given and everything this board has done in the last year has benefited for it. The "literally who" has been around for a long time, he didn't burst into existence 30 seconds before getting punched. He coined the term in 2010.

Good thing you aren't the one expected to evaluate the refugees, that's the job of people like Homeland Security.

Do you realize that the Waffen-SS and the Red Army are the exact same.
1. Both carry guns
2. Both drive tanks
3. Both have a land to call home
4. Both follow their leaders command, even into death
5. Both use biased sources claming they are facts
7. They are both hated by most normal people

Shockingly yes actually to the people caught in the middle it wouldn't matter much if it was a nazi tank or a commie one rolling over their corpse. Good job making their point dumbass.

'''Alt-Right''' looks at hard truthful fact you fuckign retard.

SJW's believe what they say.


>comparing a few ''arseholes'' men with people who beleive in Juhad.

Fucking retard again.

Also, women love ''arseholes''. I assume you'r a nu-male?

well, I mean the point of the "Alt-Right" was to coopt the strategies used by the enemy and turn them against their creators. that's why it's gained more ground in a year and a half than conservatism has since 1968.

not that the alt-right exists.

1. Both are faggot
2. Both don't even know what they are saying
3. Both can speak English
4. Both don't give a fuck about what you are saying
5. Both are nazi derivation
7. Both hated
8. Both assault people.

Who's gonna fall for this?

>women basically admitting they want "a handful" of dicks

Maybe if you just picked one like a respectable woman you'd reduce the chance of getting used and abused like the worthless whore you are.

You're easily triggered. You've outed yourself.

is correct.

The alt-kike is still insufferable though.

no one cares faggot. the left started it, we will end it.