Why is trump trying so hard with ((them))? Isn't he supposed to be the hero we need?

Why is trump trying so hard with ((them))? Isn't he supposed to be the hero we need?

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Israel is our ally. The other kikes in the media and elsewhere can burn in hell.

He just love jewish cock what's wrong about it?

Trump is simply following his POTUS

its like you dont understand... They have one of the best militaries in the world. We want them on our side, and i personally like the idea of one nation where they can inbreed and not spread.

>not seeing the difference between the federal reserve jews and the ass kicking state of israel jews

At this point it seems like Netanyahu isn't with the deep state kikes trying to oust Trump. They've been coming after him too. Probably a good ally to have atm.

Sup Forums is dead

I am glad to see someone else who understands how this all works.

he needs the jews to defeat the deep state

He needs them to wipe out Islam. Then, when they've worn out their usefulness. Their time will be done

Nah... Sup Forums is wising up to how the game is played.


It's an open shadow war.

Listen here you nu-Sup Forums kike lovers. Trump is a kike puppet and kikes are demons from hell!

>jews are inferior
>jews run the world



bunch of kike-sympathizers

First off nigga I have been on Sup Forums for years.

Second, Trump needs international allies and the cucks are joining forces with ISIS and Israel is our best choice in the middle east. Go back to stormfront if politics are too much for your nazi bullshit.

Wtf BB. You can't just kick us aside like that!


>Sup Forums should hate the only nationalist nation in the world

>the amount of kikery in this thread
Filtered for being JIDF

Israel is a right-wing ethnonationalist state. We should get along with them because we'll need them to take the ones we ship out.

Wow, it's a Sup Forums sucks Israels dick episode.

>They have one of the best militaries in the world.

... uhh, paid for by you? You're a fucking idiot.

In halo three when the master chief accepts the help of the flood because he needs them to help him defeat the covenant and then he kills all the flood. That's whats going on here.

Enjoy having AIDs faggot.

>Why is trump trying so hard with ((them))? Isn't he supposed to be the hero we need?
Israel is sympathetic to what we want to do here. Don't get me wrong, they'd sacrifice us in a heartbeat to get their ideal scenario for Israel, but everything we want to do fits with with their values.

One of my criticisms of Trump is he declared war on too many factions going in. You can't take out so many different groups at once.

All the money in the world cant buy a good army. China is a prime example. Israel has a good military because they fight for their existence. That's is something money cannot buy.

Fuck Israel. We should cut them off and let them defend themselves from their muslim enemies.

>Don't get me wrong, they'd sacrifice us in a heartbeat to get their ideal scenario for Israel, but everything we want to do fits with with their values.

Honestly, this is exactly how relations between countries MUST be. Countries don't have friends, they have interests.

And we lose an ally in the fight against the mudslimes. Think about it faggot.

Keep your friends close, and your jews closer.

One of the nazi arguments is that the same Jews pushing for open borders in Europe and the US are the ones who want Israel to be an ethnostate. A little research on the subject and you'll realize that this isn't the case.

As a part of jew and eager supporter of Deus Vult i say we have to support Israel so the pilligrims would be free to worship christian shrines.

THanks for explaining it in liberal terms for me

>export Jews to Israel
>occupy Rhineland
>anschluss Austria
>retake Sudetenland
>Conquer Poland
>Conquer Benelux and France
>fight UK
>fight USSR
>fight USA
Trying to accomplish too much at once never ends well

I think it's possible that the good relationship with Israel will basically allow him to do anything he wants and get away with it (probably the same reason he's been doing it all this time)

Honestly after how horrible our so called "allies" have treated us and attack us I'm starting to like Israel the most out of them since they are actually kind to us and even have a leader who promotes what we want (the wall) instead of having pussyhat protests.

Ya bombing USA ships and what not is being nice


>Oil Kikes kiking against their kike overlords
Thats new

Happened a long time ago and things like that always happen, the UK literally invaded us and Spain has sunk plenty of ships, not to mention Japan ....

I mean, we kind of blew up japan and they seen to have gotten over it.

Sup Forums is a bunch of dumb faggots. Everything Trump tells them about the evils of government is true yet we doubt his support of Israel. The left and globalists have always hated Israel.

Israel is not our enemy. (((Kikes))) are.

>Invaded us
It was our fucking land to start with you idiotic cock flake... The only reason you suck up to kikes is because of the 1913 laws written with the Fed act and ADL, and your large Puritanist population among the bible belt of which have less brain power than one of my dried out shit flakes.

You're being taken for mugs by Israel, I personally don't give a shit about them but if they did half the shit to my country as they have to yours? I would not consider them an ally at all, let alone "best ally". It's quite sad, to watch the fat, dim, slow stupid slobber guts (America) be conned and fucked over so hard by Wendal..

If you don't see the difference between scheming rich Hollywood kikes, and the middle east Jews who murder hajjis.. you are fucking retarded. I support all who hate hajjis.

You should know Israel are not the Jews we are looking for.

They have nothing to do with the brainwashing in the school systems, world banks, MSM and Hollywood.

Israel hates Multiculturalism, and mudslides.

If we have a ally to destroy the Zog and Islam, it will be France, Israel, and Russia.

Bibi is the good guy, that wants help defending their home that is surrounded by mudslimes. The people of Israel are not our enemies, they are not (((Them))) ...

People like Soros and Bilderbergs are.

Cry more faggot your tears are delicious and you'll never be anyone's favorite ally or get any land back. You got your asses kicked because your filthy inbred crooked tooth cucks. Go drink more migrant cum and bin your knife. Loser.

keep cryin bitch nigga