History of SJW

Where do they came from?
Are SJW a current year problem or they have always existed?

What % of the modern Youth fall in this category?

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They were just loser cucks consisting of ugly women and beta males.

They were all separated, then they get into campuses, and became radicalised. Then the internet came along, and they then could communicate overseas.

They seemed to come out of nowhere in like 2012 or so.

In the beginning they were just kids from tumblr who somehow managed to organize. Left wing parties pandered to them to get votes.

I never heard of SJW or cucks before 2015

There were always people obsessed with with political correctness. It's the age of social media that brought them to their current state.

The education system fucked them up too, it's hard avoiding the leftist shite these days in the UK, especially when you're the only Alt-Right in a class of cucks who thing mass immigration is right for Britain. God the media indoctrinated them.

A good percentage of them are actually Jews doing what they've always done--stir up shit in the host country.

>Are SJW a current year problem or they have always existed?

I have a theory that SJWs, cucks and general leftist mannerisms are all a sort of unhinged effeminate behaviour. They're the product of people being raised by the collective-oriented perspectives of a sex that is so inept that its entire mentality must revolve around its capacity to get capable people to provide for it. The longer women spend without any expectation placed over their innate behaviours, the more excessive and aggressive their manipulative, neurotic mannerisms get. The more they succeed at this power game, the more men get raised to affect the mental habits of manipulative people...

often for no better reason than the fact that it feels powerful and satisfying to shame and shout others into submission.
That's essentially the product of the lifting of social restraint and refinement, especially over women: increasingly callow, superficial people neurotically addicted to power games and the satisfaction of success through dominance.


It started in the 60s. Hippies were the first major SJWs.

They didn't exist when I went to university 15 years ago. The first I really became aware of them was around the time Penny Arcade caved to the trannies.


I'm a SJW.

me too, thanks

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I get the sense a lot more of them were live and let live though. SJWs are foul and in your face, telling you how to live and how your breathing oppresses them.

SJW's were birthed by Russian psyops to demoralize the US. They have taken a life of their own now.

I think the modern SJW came into being after Gamergate.

This all seems to come from Unitarianism, Quakerism, and Transcendentalism; plus related movements I'm forgetting. So New England and Philadelphia and having its origins ultimately in liberal English Protestantism. It's sort of a continual reaction to Puritanism and Reformed theology while being related to it

There is definitely a puritanical element. They sort of remind me of the abolitionists and the sufferegettes. Expand.



Ya boi Asmongold explains it for you.

Cultural Marxist professors and media raising two successive generations of single parent children.


Those are all guys who cant get female attention otherwise besides pandering towards their extrafeminist values. I mean, just look at them. They get so excited when they get invited to a feministparty and get handled that red cup filled iwth gluten-free coors light or something and get a pat on their back, "good job abob, you're a cool guy".

Then they get cucked by some black dude or just a plain average white guy.

This is why we're the best. We were raised by the internet, X-Files and online CIA agents.

>There is definitely a puritanical element.

People say that it's just secular or atheistic Puritanism, but that's fairly incorrect. The Puritans hated Quakers and drove them out of MA, same with other more liberal religious minorities. Reformed theology rejects most tenants of contemporary liberalism while still have a complicated relationship with "social justice"

They were birthed during the tumblr raids of 2010ish. I was there on tumvlr at the time. I actually started browsing Sup Forums more often after the tumblr raids ironically enough.

They started gaining momentum after the death of Trayvon Martin. This was 2012.
I would say gamergate is when they fully realized their identity. So 2014. That's when they started getting more open and spreading their Tumblr shit onto more mainstream platforms like Twitter.

Look up the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Minus the far more atrocious fashion sense, they were pretty much identical.

The growth and expansion of social media contributed to this. This gave them a way to talk to each other.

Before "SJWs", there were activists trying to push real issues. They weren't marching in the streets or sticking it to the man by making sure no one can get coffee tomorrow, they were trying to influence Washington to make changes that actually affected people.

Now, we have a lot of radicalized youth that get their news from echo chambers and social media that validate their opinions like white men are oppressing society, women in 1st world countries somehow are oppressed, black men are being lined up by police to be executed for no reason, there's 100+ genders and so on.

Social media and shit like Facebook where people post clickbait blatantly false articles all day fueled these idiots.


The "protest" at the convention rather. There are plenty of other examples, but that's probably the best documented case.


I think it's motivate less by pussy on account of their low testosterone, and more by a sort of gay revenge fantasy like Kylo Ren. It's all very jewish in my mind.

There were Romans who embraced Germanic tribes being assimilated into the Empire and thought it was a good thing to live in a diverse Rome. There were SJW's in every age, they just never had a name before.

Tumblr probably caused it honestly.

Tumblr is to the far left wing what Sup Forums is to the far right wing.

They are the extremists of a recent marxist movement.
Extremists for particular movements will always exist.

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I'm 40, when I was that age they didn't really exist, and if they did nobody would've take them seriously, so I'd say they're a recent phenomenon.

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Jeesus, how fucking broken their fathers must be.

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I would be willing to bet (I don't have evidence) that most of them come from single mothers. I guarantee it. I feel like most children that were raised by a mother and father typical family household doesn't turn into this.

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Not only in the UK kiddo, it's everywhere in the world now.
Welcome to the cuck era

I can only recall as far back as 2011 with all the anti cyber bully crap. But I wasnt really paying attention

Something Awful decided to troll SRS and started climbing into the moderation and administration ranks of the subreddit. They drank the kool aid and forgot that they were there for trolling. Modern SJW movement is born. Fun fact, Sup Forums and by extension Sup Forums can also trace their origins back to Something Awful. In essence, we are just two sides of the same coin. When we face each other, we can finally see our true selves. There may be a resemblance, but we never face the same direction.

This. Socjus was not a naturally formed movement, (((invsible hands))) have been signal boosting them and guiding them and their doctrine every step of the way.

Also to add to this, a lot of the stuff you see on the internet can be traced back to the big forums of the early 2000s. It's really a fascinating thing to research.

I thought at least some of you could've saved yourselves at least, damn.

I think we bought ourselves a few years with Trump if he can survive. Maybe we can BTFO them if we're given some breathing room. If he loses control we just have to move into the forests with our storehouse of knowledge and watch the world burn and rebuild after it's all cucked itself out.

They used to be religious fundamentalists.

Different school, same flavor of crazy.

I'm still holding out for a Le Pen or Wilders victory in Europe, then we're well on our way, especially if the UK can continue to uncuck itself. One can hope at least

Twisted offspring of the Great Recession.