What do your parents think of niggers?

What do your parents think of niggers?

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They want them all dead

Friends with them.
What do I do?

They are redpilled af.

my dad and mom both hold masters degrees in leftist arts. dad is a journalist, mom is a social worker.

this means they feel nothing but sympathy for negroes. they wont hear any arguments to the contrary.

They love them I have normie parents

my dad used to be in the kkk

Have casually racist parents. They're the best.

My mother is terrified of them.
My father one smashed a niggers face in a stop sign after he stole from his shop.

You have the antidote. Distribute redpill.

Why would he ever leave?

Separate but equal-ish

the original clan broke up years ago now they just have little 'chapters' or whatever with different rules and beliefs and shit

They hate niggers

Send in the boys to take care of them


Father really dislikes them, he was robbed a couple of times when he was a street vendor and we used to live by them for a while.

Mother says they are people too but is also aware they tend to be more violent

t. son of Mexican immigrants.

>tfw your mother openly advocates nuking subsaharan African when speaking with her neighbors

My dad, "There are black people and there are niggers, and niggers can be any color"

Stepmom - I call them "Pick-a-ninnies"

Mom - "Let's not talk like that"

Stepdad - "Case by case outside the city, assume all are niggers inside the city."

My dad is racist, and my mom seems to hold the view that all people are equal, believes that their skin color is the only thing differentiating them.

My Dad def hated niggers but was cool with blacks.

My Mom is typical middleaged liberal turned Trump supporter.

They both wish niggers would just die off already.

my dad hates them so much he married one

My mom is a low IQ housewife type with seemingly no original opinions of her own. I doubt she even thinks about niggers unless they bother her and then she doesn't hate them because they're black; she hates them because they've bothered her.

My father is also low IQ but the worker bee type. I don't imagine he thinks of much else but work and his leisure activities and would likely respond to niggers in the same way as my mother.

Low key, my parents know I hate naggers

sounds like your parents are npcs bro. you should do some experiements and study how they have been programmed to respond to different things

My parents hate sand niggers but not the regular niggers.

They adopted like 3 of them

t. Weev

Dad thinks they are subhumans, mom doesn't care.

my grandparents wont even watch a movie if it has a nigger actor in it.

my mom is full fascist mode and wants to kill gays and lesbians, so I guess she also hates niggers. when she was a little kid she embarrased the shit out of my grandma by saying "look mommy, a monkey" about a guy on a bus.

dad bought a crossbow with the reason being "to shoot muslim immigrants if they start shit". he also made a deal with a gypsy to buy a Uzi or AK47 from him if shit hits the fan.

this is all 100% true story, not even kidding.

My father grew up in the worst parts of Boston in the 60's and 70's.

He hates most people.

Then respect to you for knowing different.

They're almost 20 years divorced at this point. My mom is taking care of my grandmother in her declining health and after a short change of housing to my father's he wrecked our relationship when I moved out by selling my truck and tools to by himself a tv.

I love my mother but I honestly want little to do with either of them.

my dad called a group of little girls "negro children", it was pretty fucking funny.

You could open an Arby's with all that roast beef

Parents are of Hungarian ancestry.

They find them to be unpleasant most of the time. My mother recently called me and started yelling about how "Beyonce is a stupid monkey, she thinks she's the Virgin Mary or something? If I were a violent individual I'd start a crusade against her" - this would have been unheard of from her just a few years ago.

My Mam and Dad don't seem too political, but always get pissed off at SJW bullshit. I live in a 95% white area so there is barely any contact with blacks and most of the Muslims here behave themselves.

My Nana on the other hand lectures me every weekend on how she went through the traumatic experience of having to share the bus with a 'couple of darkies'.

My Grandad stamps his foot whenever a black person comes on the TV.

dad hates everything slightly brown. Beat up a lot of Sand Niggers in his youth. Mom was all equality and shit, took the red pill current year, openly advocates KZs and killing them all as the last solution

You have posted this a couple times now, its decent but the music is gay


They love Eddie Murphy movies. Thats all they know about them.

I don't know but do we have more of that beautiful girl?

My dad was born in the 30's and never used the N word or said anything overtly racist. He did have a story about living in Florida when he was little. He was told by others that if you put your hand in a black person's afro, your hand would come out all bloody. Odd.

my parents think that niggers dont really exist, since they never saw one except on the tv


How do people not know? I mean, they're your parents.

Don't care about them

My parents are nearly as red pilled as I am, so they do not have a very high opinion of niggers.

Sorry Hans that's all I have

no particular opinion because they saw them once or twice in real life.

Dad went to school with Black Panther kids in the 60s-70s. Got called every racist white name in the book, assaulted often. Doesn't hate all black people for being black, but he can call a spade a spade when he sees fit. Calls blacks jigs and bloods all the time.

Mom is about the same as dad. A little more tame though. Has more of a realistic view after giving birth to my older sister and in the same room seeing a ~15 year old black girl giving birth and fighting with her mom over who's getting the benefits for it.

They don't mind them so long as they stay far away.

>Beyonce is a stupid monkey, she thinks she's the Virgin Mary or something? If I were a violent individual I'd start a crusade against her
I want to marry your mom bro.

They don't, mostly. They live in semi-rural New Hampshire and don't go in to cities much.

Why would you talk about niggers with your family?

Mine actually vote liberal but they're massively racist and don't want to be around nogs.

Father treats them like animals, mother is afraid of negros when passing them on street but wont admit she's racist.

It's nice 2bh. I feel really sorry for every user who has to suffer with leftist/PC parents.

moj fris ko

My dad grew up in a town that was mostly white people, then, as he grew older, all the white people moved out and the blacks stayed. The town used to be respectable, and now it's almost entirely a ghetto. He hates them with a passion.

My mom thinks dark skin is the Mark of Cain, that people without blue-eyes or light hair are sub-human, and that the nation was better off before we let in the Germans and Irish.

High test, low iq subhumans, i would not care if they would stay on their land stealing, raping and murdering, but they came here, so they have to be fought

Dad openly advocates killing niggers and leftists. It's like he's someone that posts on Sup Forums.

Mom might be racist but doesn't like it when we say nigger.


They don't think to highly of themselves.

Do your homework like I told you to Timmy, before I beat your ass again.

Racist 99%

Same here.

literally a family of nazi finns, if you even speak of the blacked you are not welcome back

What do they think of chinks? And can I fuck your sister kek

They don't want to anything to do with them.

My dad's the Daedalus of orangutans and my mom's Tiamat.

>she embarrased the shit out of my grandma by saying "look mommy, a monkey" about a guy on a bus.

They have a healthy distrust of them. Can't say they dislike them.

But you survived from your parent's death camp, now in glorious Sup Forums!

>when she was a little kid she embarrased the shit out of my grandma by saying "look mommy, a monkey" about a guy on a bus.
I apparently asked my mother loudly if "that man doesn't have any soap at home" on the bus one time in the 1980s. My own kid recently asked me, when Morgan Freeman appeared on a Youtube video "Daddy, is that a WILD man?" - I was telling her about how not to go near wild dogs, and Moors, the other day, and she'd (rightly) confounded the two...

They think the blacks have a horrible anti-education, victim mentality culture, and the only thing holding them back is themselves.

They have friends who are black though. They like individuals; they just hate the predominant Black culture.

They also hate Mexicans. Or rather they hate illegal immigrants, but they tend to assume if a Mexican doesn't speak English very well, he must be an illegal, or if a place mostly hires Mexicans, they must be illegal Mexicans.

But again they have individual friends who are Hispanic or Mexican.

They also hate all Muslims without exception.

All Muslims. No exceptions.

My parents never saw a niggers irl.

Feels good man

Dad hates niggers thinks of them as an infirior race
I think Mom hates them too one day she told me: You know not everything hitler did was wrong he just shouldn't have killed the diabled


Grandfather (mums side) didn't like blacks, but he very rarely talked about it, and the only reason I know it is because I overheard him talking to my dad about it. Not many people really take offense to this, as he lived in an earlier time. He was rightwing, and as far as I knew, he didn't have an opinion on Jews.
Grandmother (mums side) wasn't racist, and was a typical judeo-christian conservative.
Grandmother (dads side) didn't like blacks but she learned to live with some of them. She kinda fell into the "not all blacks are niggers" category. She was libertarian and just right of center.
Mum isn't racist, but she hates black culture. She sees it as degenerative, and I think all of my family agrees with that. She blames a lot of the faults and failures of black people on their culture.
Dad is racist but he gave up hope a long time ago. When I was an edgy kid (like 12 or something) he overheard me say nigger and he told me "not to say that kind of crap, since they will hurt you for that". He also got denied a job because he wasn't "diverse enough", but didn't follow through with any legal proceedings. In his opinion, it's not worth it since he thinks it won't change anything. He's also sort of followed the same path his mum did.

My mom says Nigger is not a colour but a mindset.

negros de alma, no de cara.

Confused. The ones they grew up with were considered hardworking Americans that didn't want handouts and wasn't uppity; now they look around and see nothing but a bunch of lazy porch monkeys that get pissed if you even look their way.

pretty much

My dad wouldn't let me watch Fresh Prince of Bel Aire or All That because they "didn't talk right".

both of my parents are retired police. They said think they are inhuman. You spend 25 years arresting people for robberies and murders, 90% of them are black I can understand the sentiment.

My father is redpilled about niggers even if he likes democracy.
My mother is the same.
But my grandmother is on another level. She told me and my sister that we shouldn't date blacks and gooks and she openly advocates voting for the NPD. She also attended pegida rallies

top tier qt

Dad doesn't really talk about politics or similar matters, he doesn't even tell us what he votes for, so I don't really know his opinion.

Mom hates refugees and brown people, she doesn't really talk about black people though, mostly because there aren't that many in Greece.

Seem to think they can be "fixed" with the right edjumacayshun and pwogwams n sheeyit, though they acknowledge that they are a pretty fucked up race as a whole. I think they idea that the 'groids are hopeless in the first world is just too hard a red pill for my folks to swallow at their age.

My mom hates them, and I remember one time I went over to my friend's house, and right as I got out of my car, his dad shouted to me

>Lock your doors, there's niggers 'round here

Middle Tennessee has a lot of redpilled people because we actually have to interact with them, unlike libtards.

They don't hate them, but they're aware of statistics
My mom started locking the door behind her after a black family moved in next door

My dad hates them, but that's fairly understandable seeing as his company employs many of them. He will make an exception of a black person is on the same level as normal people when it comes to general behaviour though. My mom is probably not racist at all.

>that people without blue-eyes or light hair are sub-human, and that the nation was better off before we let in the Germans and Irish
This doesn't correspond

Dad does business with them but refuses to let any of his children date them.
Mom is suspicious of all of them and doesn't like when I have to meet up with someone in a place with a lot of black people.

Negative as do all people in this region.
But that's not the case with Holland is it?

Who is this demon?

My dad still insists that there are some good black people that aren't niggers, but he acknowledges that there are a lot of disgusting niggers out there.
He doesn't support gassing them all though.

Mom pretty much follows his opinion on the matter, but less harsh on the poor niggers.

Back Paco

My dad has killed 2 for b&e
They're animals.

One time my father and I went to the liquor store at around midnight. There was only one other car there, it belonged to two black men who looked like stereotypical niggers. Sagging, ripped pants, baggy shirts, talking in heavy ebonics. They were just leaving, and nothing happened. When we were back on the road, my father told my that you had to watch out for people like that. I told him that I knew, because I wasn't stupid. He then told me a story about him and his brother. They were working in construction, the only two there. Two actual niggers come up to them and ask for directions to some place. My uncle gives them, and notices one of the niggers trying to inch around to their backs. Immediately they both snap to face him, the niggers make their excuses and go. Uncle says under his breath "You're not getting behind me, nigger."
So my father is comfortably racist, I would say. He knows what poor people are capable of, but only wants the best for his family, and doesn't go out of his way to antagonize blacks.
I don't know what my mother thinks, I never asked her.

No problem with them, but still knowing when to call a nigger a nigger.

god damn i wanna suck the mentally retarded hormones out of that hot slut

>Beyonce is a stupid monkey, she thinks she's the Virgin Mary or something?

Your mom should be President of the World