What hope does the US have against Korea

Realistically speaking the US is finished isn't it?


You're joking.

You're not joking.

They just took out one of your fleet carriers and a B1 bomber and your lying media isn't even reporting it.

The ad is cheap tier and consists of still images and stock WWII sound effects but at least it's supposed to increase patriotism.

Shitposting aside. US has both the means and the nukes to nuke every country on globe 20 times, including their own. That's a very scary reality.

The only way to destroy US is to destroy it from within and even that too would lead to a more scarier reality, the reality of who will get the US nukes after it has become a failed state.

No one in North Korea has electricity to watch that video with, so who is it for?


Ha! would love to see them try
N-Korea will be in ashes before the day ends.

How can we even compete with an army that makes rainbows appear wherever they go?

Is the North pro-LGBT now?

Excellent post sir.

it's a commercial from NK television, you fucking idiot.

No, in NK a rainbow still means innocent happiness. Only in the West does the natural phenomenon of the color spectrum equate to unnatural sodomy and degeneracy.


It's in the video, the carrier gets Kim Kiloton'd

I can't get anything out of it other than 'ching chong pong lang chow bong lang'

Thanks for clearing that one up. Because for a minute there I thought they were making rainbows appear to show their support for gay rights. Now I know they make rainbows appear to show innocence.

Top lel

It's literally in the OP video.

you are new I guess

Oh man I'm scared now! :(