Kiwis get in here

What the fuck is going on with this shit?

Was a dude til 30
Becomes a chick
Wins female weightlifting comp in melbourne
Sorry ausfags I feel ill

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its Dick Hubbard's son

Don't really care desu. Anything that makes lefties' multiple realities clash is good entertainment in my book

I guess your right but its fucking embarrassing. imagine if we end up sending them to the commonwealth games or the olympics we'll be a laughing stock

>Caring about the sport jew

>man wins woman's competition in NZ

How bizarre.

Aha but we'd win ;^) the joke's on other countries for not doing this 1st

Trannies in NZ girls rugby when

>tfw still wouldnt stand a chance

Found that tune on a jukebox in Washington. What a great day that was. But seriously is this common around the world I mean we're expected to treat them like women but I didn't think they got treated as actual women! Dude stull has frank and beans

He must have hated his dad

It actually became a pretty popular hit in the US, believe it or not. It's fallen into the obscure 90's category that nobody knows where they went though and has been long forgotten for the most part.

I agree with you though, this shit is getting ridiculous. I remember being in college and being supportive of the LGB community (think it was only 3 letters back then). I should've known that if you give a liberal an inch, they'll try to take a yard. Now that the ball has momentum, it's becoming more difficult to stop it from rolling downhill. All resistance to this sort of crap is being labeled as "hate speech".

Yea but they did take out pineapple lumps

Yeah the band who sung it have gone down the exact same path.

Im just imagining an olympics 2020 where no actual women win medal's all just tucked in dicks. Would be funny to see how sjw's respond though "patriarchy stoops to new low, white males disguised as women take our rightful gold medals"

Why are we such a fucking degenerate country?

Auckland's degenerate its a containment city, the rest of us are fine.


I've disowned this country years ago.

why are you still here?

i don't consider Melbourne and Australian city anymore its like California too much PC shit they even have Female crossing signals haha.

>implying you owned any part of nz to begin with.

The fuck are you still doing here

I have employment here.
Moving to Aussie starting next year. It's not much better, but it's a start.

you should be thankful. men calling themselves women and obliterating women at sporting events is a multi-pronged redpill. watch the tolerant progressives squirm to reconcile their retarded beliefs with the inequity of the circumstance

We have a similar thing in Wellington, there are crossing lights in the silhouette of drag queens.

Your not going to be happy anywhere you depressed fuck

Sorry bro looking at this will make you feel better

>Sorry ausfags I feel ill
it's a top troll senpai, don't feel bad

the more of it we see the more the leftist insanity will become clear in normie eyes

rip in pieces New Zealand

fuck off, we're full

I hope someone uses this opportunity to BTFO Valerie Adams

You'll never lift more than an amateur male. Man, it really sucks being a woman.

All i learned from this is that Australia was shit posted through a tranny weight lifter and they liked it.

Victoria secession when

I feel much better now thank you

Are kiwis all cute traps and twinks?

By 2030 every womens world sporting record will be held by a tranny.

>complain about patriarchy and fight for tranny rights to be treated as the gender they perceive
>cry when you get BTFO by men in drag competing in events designed for women

This shit writes itself.

im not a kiwi but i live here, place is chock full of absolute SJW faggots it's really god awful

You should say that more often or else you'll have too great an influx of faggots looking to escape there.


Reminder that Kiwi boys have some of the nicest smelling cocks in the world.

Proud as fuck.

i don't know if its rectifiable. it's ingrained. the maoris have this practice of turning boys into trannies to fuck if they dont have enough women in the tribe

Maybe it will be a good thing.
Womens competition becomes abolished because it will just be men in dresses.
Then sport will be male only as intended.

Real women can cook the men some fucking eggs.

>we'll be a laughing stock
Ahahaha. Where the fuck have you been kiwi?

At least you won't be sending sheep

Cant disagree with you on that one. Lamb does smell nice

Cringy as fuck.

what cunt


You heard me.

You probably do too if you're an uncut Anglo Aussie.

New Zealand Olympics Team getting ready to leave.

Mine smells like shit because I'm an abo

Obviously not because you:

Have electricity
Computer or smartphone
Able to write

only jews, muzzies, and yanks get their dicks cut

Everyone likes Poo Peeland you fuckin bully

Australia has a lot of uncut guys. It's lowered a bit in the last few years, though.

Niggers do it, too. Do abos?

yeah they do.

yeah all the rag heads bring the percentages down mate

Good god. Truly the mark of a nigger-level thought process. Seriously who would even think up the idea in the first place, let alone say
>oh yeah, sounds good to me mate!

Great stuff lads, keep red pilling the normies.

i think if we just sorted out muslims, niggers, and jews we'd all be a lot better off.
if those deranged minds can all think up and continue practing that shit, they you know they've got more awful shit going on their heads.

I'd be happy enough to confine them to the wasteland areas they seem to like and let them do as they please, and leave sane people the hell alone.

Yeah that would be alright. just sort everyone into their own nations and let them govern themselves.
eventually the parasite scum and retard savages would die out on their own.

>men become powerlifters
>grow their hair out
>put it into ponytail
>I have become the woman dont question me shitlord
>enter female powerlifting competitions
>btfo every woman there
>set every record
>soon there is not a single female in the top 100, only dudes
>nobody says shit because PC