Swallow the true redpill

The true redpill is to admit to yourself that Mena people (middle eastern and north africans) are caucasian and therefore white. They will save europe and america from multiculturalism degeneracy.
Islam will stamp out globalism and feminism.

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Allah u Akbar!

About time someone said it

Do you know where the caucuses mountain range is?

Is this in the middle east?

really makes you think

>Take Beer.

Meme Magic is Real.

They can't digest milk, so no.

People in the caucuses are literally just pale middle easterners.

Gulf Arabs are Nigger Tier I will admit. They look like Indians with Black admixture.

Caucasoid =\= white by default. Only native Europeans get to be called white. Non-white caucasians are just that, non-white caucasians. It's not semantics it's just how it works. Go shitpost somewhere else.

Just no. Caucasian does not equal white. If you had actually seen these people IRL and not just online you'd know that.


The Middle East was the cradle of civilization. They had irrigation and agriculture; that includes cows. Of course they can drink milk, dumbass.

Nigga, there is nothing white about mountain faggots, they are mostly muzzie (except Ossetians) and turkified - picrelated are typical Kavkaz/Zakavkazye doodz.
The word "Caucasian" also has nothing to do with Caucasus.

Persian gulf Arabs have majority black and dravidian admixture, but theyre not even 5% of the mena region in regards to population.

>t. has no Arab friends
They are a lactose intolerant race, they have to turn their milk into cheese and yogurt.

"White" is overrated anyway

My neighbors are from Abkhazia and they're white af (some are even blonde)

Allahu kebab, my friend.

>so your just willing to let the jews fuck you over and take your country.

Middle East culture and science was thoroughly destroyed by the Golden Horde, and hasn't recovered since.
Same with Russia and pretty much everything east of Vienna - russian slave mentality is a holdover from that time, as every ruler seeked to replicate the power held by khans. Greek legacy such as democratic Novgorod was destroyed by descendants of collaborator tzars.

Fuck the Arabs and the haji-pajeets.
>tfw no Persian or blue eyed Afghan gf to convince her to let her hair out
Why is the world so cruel? Why were the whitest, westernest Muslims pitted against us?

Abkhazia is on the coast, I'm talking about mountain dwellers.

Hey ruski chink, do you understand what caucasian means? People from the caucuses have purer caucasian phenotypes than ethnic Russians.

Caucasian features = almond shaped eyes, long nose bridge, thin lips, high cheekbones, narrow head, and thick eyebrows.not round heads, and chinky eyes like russian mongols.

Dna backs me up on this.

Also the word caucasian was adopted because the guy who gave this name to europeans and american whites viewed circassians, a caucasian ethno group as the best looking and purest looking caucasians. Search it up.

This is what communism does to people

>American poster shilling for Islam
Fuck off, Dearborn.

Lower peninsula worst peninsula.

Because elite's favorite method of dividing the people is inciting national and religious strife.

Georgians are white. Why does Russian try to make every country hate them? Georgia should be your bro in the region .

t. chechen
How many sheep did you fuck today, Abdul?

Nigga, they lived there way before gomunism. If anything, Stalin pwnt them for collaborating with nazis in his characteristic way.

Cause russians are literally mongols, the eternal enemy of the caucasian race. This explains why they act like violent nuggers.

You simplify friend. Novgorod was founded by slave trading Viking warlords like Rurik

>spreads russophobia for decades
>bombards South Ossetia, with russian peacekeepers inside, with MLRS
>gets rekt so hard despite NATO equipment and training that our tanks had to be chased by their commanders to tell them to stop marching towards Tbilisi

>Ethnic Pol/ack muslims in 2050 defending their caucasian race from jews, chinks and africans

Islam is the future bois.

Although Islam is anti degenerate in some ways, it is however, a false religion.

>slave trading
Citation needed. No slavyans were enslaved by Rurik, who was invited to rule Rus' because slavyans had no experience in managing a true state. What's wrong with inviting competent rulers from abroad?

>but mmuh normann invasions...
Undemocratic barbarians don't deserve freedom.

All religions are false. If we can use a religion to benefit our people, then we should take advantage of it.

I dont care about islams spiritual aspects, but the level of order and discipline it brings into society as long as it's adapted in a moderate sense.

Blonde haired Abkhazian here lol, my brother is blonde too. Both parents have black hair and blue eyes

Islamists are loyal to Allah first and to their state a distant second. Having your population value some Desert Survival Guide more than your constitution or criminal law is a recipe for disaster. Just look at KSA.

Forget about hair color and skin color. So what if abdul is a shade darker than you sven? Have you seen what southern euros look like, you know, the people who literally created western civilization?

Muslims are literally globalists though.

Granted they don't want a worldwide degenerate controllable population.

They just want a worldwide midieval caliphate.

In the long run what's the difference?

>A major Viking trade route ran through the heart of Russian land. Commerce descended from the Baltic Sea, via Novgorod and Kiev to Constantinople; and via the Volga to the Middle East. The Slavic peoples of Russia were among the victims of the Northmen. A Tenth Century Muslim geographer Ibn Rustah describes their actions.

They harry the Slavs, using ships to reach them; the carry them off as captive and take them to Hazaran and Bulghar [both on the Volga], and sell them there. (3)

It is estimated that at its height the Viking slave trade moved 3400 people a year along this route alone. (4)


You mean that carnal religion that allows its adherents to conquer, pillage, and take multiple brides? I admit I need to study it more to better argue against it. Why not the religion where its adherents sell their cloaks for swords and don't show empathy to those who will not show it to them? Islam isn't anti-degenerate enough already, their paradise is where they get to do the things they're prohibited from doing while alive. Christianity works when its adherents are at least serious about playing the part and better still if they sincerely believe it. Nevertheless individuals need to recognize they're a part of a group before they can decide to pass the ball to their own team.

50% of Mena people are inbred.

But that IQ drop, terrifying

Wouldn't it be quicker to just be a feminist if that's you're end result?

More pissed about your sloppy efficiency than anything

arabs are not white, fact.

This is one of those spider man threads you guys do every once in a while huh?

Well here's one of mine just for laughs . I like it cause spiderman says "nigger" lol

are Persians? My first gf was Persian.

Since converting to Islam, my life has improved so much. I'm finally free of the crippling depression and anxiety that held me back for so long. Getting good grades, and going to graduate soon. Next step is to find another white convert for a husband and get started on making a nice large white family. Alhamdulillah, I am so glad that Allah (swt) set me on the path to becoming a believer.

dravidian? wat



>He thinks melanin niggers are white

Reminder that if you don't burn in the sun you aren't white.

Levantines, Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Persians, Turks, and a large sum of north africa is as white as southern europe.

Not a native European? Not white.

In Shaa Allah, All the world's women will soon know the emancipation provided by Islam. Truly a religion that combines both legal equality and strong gender roles.

Why do you think so many saudis and gulf arabs have al hindi or something of that sort as their last names? Dravidians have been going to arabia as travelers and merchants since 5 thousand years ago.

they don't cluster with europeans.

Then americans arent white either according to your stupid logic.

The black part is a bit dubious though. There is, however, evidence to suggest that some Semitic people migrated to Southern Africa, which is pretty neat. Not to mention all of the conquests of east Africa by Semitic peoples throughout history.

They're still inbred and a cultural thread to Western societies.

Sandnigs arent white..


none of those are white.

The only people from the Middle East/North Africa I consider white are ethnic Persians. And even so that doesn't mean I want them to flood Europe with millions of immgirants.

they were probably equal to europeans (intellectually) in pre islamic times but 1400 years of inbreeding has fucked the gene pool beyond all recognition.

These people live in the middle of the Sahara.

They are not caucasians, they are caucasoids. Caucasoid does not mean white...

Im talking about middle easterners.

berbers were referred to as the 'white' race by the egyptians in ancient times. hannibal was white.

>Marrying first cousins is normal
>Rape is commited and ok cause even tho its evil you cannot control sexual urges
>Fucking feminine looking boys is OK and not gay as long as you claim you believed the boy was gay and wanted it
>Can somehow save other cultures from degeneracy

Sand nigger fuck off. Or a paid shill.

If we're so degenerate how have we generated so many things better than yours? Why do we have better structures, technology, food, entertainment, ways of thinking, and skin color? Why cant you admit your denial that you are brainwashed by an obsolete cattle herding manual?

>Caucasians arent white
Shit i think youre onto something

No, they are not
Most of the white people in the Levantine, Anatolia or North Africa have Roman and Greek ancestry
That's why they look as handsome as Mediterraneans

Are you fucking retarded? I'm from Iraq and we all drink cow milk all the fucking time you autistic faggot poli sci major cuck

>not realizing that 90% of marriages through history have been between first cousins.

When will you learn?

stealth cuck fantasy thread

or maybe your "arab master race" is a bunch of inbred illiterate goatfuckers


and this is why we will never escape this dying planet
because of backwards inbred fucks like you who believe in a book that was written by a mass-murdering paedophilic warlord

Islam will fucking TAKE MY TRAPS REEEE

>Implying we will be able to terraform any extraterrestrial bodies in the near future.

I'm an environmentalist myself, senpai.

Are americlaps seriously implying that she isn't white?

Yes, they also think Kurds like pic related arent white.

Funny thing is that a large sum of american whites are darker than these middle easterners.

this is very rare among kurds, majority are shitskins

Result 3 on google for the term 'kurdish people'. Obviously it varies, but they arent much differen in complexion from Meds.

The Caucasian race is split into 3 groups:

-Indo European (Most Europeans and Iranian ethnic groups such as Kurds, Persians, Afghans etc)
-Semites (Arabs, Jews, Phoenicians, Assyrians etc)
-Hamites (Berbers, Ancient North Africans, etc)

83 IQ brown people who breed with cousins generation over generation: 100% pure Bavarian phenotype.