Redpill me on Americans, Sup Forums

Redpill me on Americans, Sup Forums

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Cultureless embarrassing mongrels.


Fast food was a mistake.

thats just your average texan

retarded christian larpers with no capacity to moderate or revise opinions and who see every single issue in life as being a choice between extreme binary opposites

you're either a shitlib or a neonazi there's no center

either a communist or a capitalist there's nothing else and nothing inbetween

they are actually just very fucking simple and combative for no reason at all. worst white culture to exist

>worst white culture to exist
Americans are not white and don't have any real culture.

They're better than you.

The best of Europe

well they do have that creepy african worship thing going where the hero of every movie, every singer and every comedian needs to be black though

Disgusting fat low iq mongrels

>worst white culture

The whites here are so spineless they only hate themselves

I dunno about all Americans, but this happened to me when I went to Seattle

>be on train
>almost empty carriage
>suddenly a lard tard appears
>he makes his entrance known
>entire carriage is watching
>lard tard wobbles over and sits next to me
>there are seven free seats
>he takes off his backpack and looks for a coat hanger
>can't find one so he hangs it around my neck sideways
>I stare as the lard tard unzips his pack and pulls out a Tupperware container
>he doesn't open it, but mashes his thumb into the lid until it buckles
>pulls out a burrito
>he proceeds to eat it
>he keeps punching the roof of his mouth by accident
>he screams every time
>finally when he's done he sits with his hands in his lap
>the pack is still around my neck
>just when I go to speak he reaches into the pack and pulls out another Tupperware container
>he looks at me
>I look at him
>we know
>he crumples the lid and pulls out a squashed tiramisu and eats it
>this is the happiest fucking man I've ever seen
>he finishes and checks his watch
>he takes his open pack and walks off
>every time something falls out he stops to pick it up
>does this until he disappears from sight
>entire carriage talks about "A RINKY DINKY DOO TIRAMISU" until we get off

He seemed alright. Should we spare tards in the great purge?

Whipped the brits and everyone else has been trying to catch up ever since.

>muh rifled weapon
>muh soccer ballz

>white christians are the problem
>white christians run hollywood
>white christians have no culture
+10 good goy points for each of you

I'm from Cali and I never get to see those types of hamplanets. It must be awe inspiring, like seeing a whale breach.

>mfw butthurt irrelevant non-countries get uppity and start America-hate threads

Why are yall so rude

What have we ever done to deserve this much hate?

They take pride in accomplishments they had nothing to do with.

You sit at your computer being loud and proud contributing nothing, fatty.

fuck off jew

christians (especially in america) are completely subjugated by zionist interests and you know it. there's never going to be a crusade unless it's the kind where you all take it in the asshole to be tolerant

That was a post in your favour mate!

> America has no culture

Lmao how about you share with me some of your well known cultural icons.

you sure do have a culture

pic is you preparing mentally to serve your african masters like the total fucking weirdos you are

>this mad tea bag

how's that navy coming?


America makes me happy.

>Americans are not white and don't have any real culture.

Why are you on this American cultural board, faggot? That's right, you do enjoy our culture.

America rules the world with iron but fair fist. Everyone knows this is true.


Probably ironic but this is generally why we hate you. Modest Americans that realise how much of a fucked place your country has become and how retarded the majority of your people are, you're alright, thanks for the great TV.

To be fair this is an Angolan cricket forum.

wins almost every war

A great country with retarded people

They are awful except for a select few including myself. Most American anons are cool except Niggers and Jews.
this is bs. There are lots of moderates but moderates are spineless faggots
>white christians are the problem
They are. They completely cuck up the entire right wing with non-issues. I mean normie christians though.
I've seen a few in cali.

I'd rather my taxes go to feeding this creature than a bunch of fucking Somalian rapefugees.

>thanks for the great TV

I think you meant rock-n-roll, the Colt pistol, radio, film, football, saving your ass (twice), Coca Cola, and security.

We also beat your ass at soccer.
But enjoy your beans and toast, before you cry yourself to sleep tonite, limey.

>you exist because we let you

I have no problem that retarded people live in the same country as me because the system is working pretty well for me.

How does it feel to live in a retarded country though?

>saving your ass (twice
that was a mistake

The best part of Britain ran down momma's leg.

I didn't realize it because I always had homemade food growing up but an absurd amount of Americans just never cook for themselves it's retarded. The problem is inherent in the society as people try to revolve their time around relaxation or free time when they never realize that the time spent on those actions were worth it.

I can only cook bacon bratwurst and instant ramen and I'm skinny af.

everything i need to know is that simple appendectomy can cost ya 11k$ AFTER FUCKING INSURANCE
holy fuck, here you get the treatment of life threatening conditions for free even if you're homeless

truly home of the brave

There are a lot of young, white, men who sit inside and shitpost on the Internet all day. Some go to college. Others work dead-end in the service industry. There's also a lot of minorities, most of whom are normal people.

It's the top of the food chain, even for the middle class. And we're still divided, and miserable as ever.

Everybody smokes, drinks coffee, and carries a sense of washed pride with them. Anyone who doesn't is your typical uninformed citizen.

Most people still hate when you don't say thanks after opening a door for you, and most people will still say 'bless you' when you sneeze.

Most blacks and whites are too afraid of the stigma to hate each other, but you can still feel the tension. Just like a lot of places, races keep more to themselves.

Everybody is insane; you would have to be, to truly be an American. And often times, people rub off on each other the wrong way. But now everybody will sue if you hit them, so people just complain on the internet.

I'm sure there's orphans or victims of crimes that would paint America different. But it's really not so bad.

Prove me wrong.

Its not about just weight its culture.
Preparing meals is a ritual act in one the most important aspects of the family and it has been all but eroded.

>has to pay $11,000 to have life saved
>has no problem spending up to $40,000 on a new vehicle

priorities m8

Like with most things, the worst perpetrators of being fat, lazy slobs are niggers or non-white immigrants.

>has to pay 0$ to have life saved
>has $11,000 more for a car

ofc m8


>has to pay 0$ to have life saved


That magical leftist word.

There is no moral obligation to care for the health of those who refuse to care for their own health.

My only concern is for me, my wife, and her kids. No one else. The loss of life of another person has no impact because there are millions of others to take their place.

Jesus that pic, Day of the Diet when???

Social healthcare is still better.

nice strawman burgers

learn2healthcare in 1st world
because no, overpaying your bills by thousands of % is NOT normal. neither is dying on the street because you can't afford doctor

>My ID
Holy fug kek

Absolute degenerates that are going to be dismantled soon by nigger cock worship and Zionism. China's turn to be superpower is coming.

Then have at. We're not Germany, thankfully.

Nobody is dying in the streets.

Socialist healthcare is theft.

Get the fuck out of here, stupid Israelite.

Give Palestine their homeland back.

The only good is a dead jew.

>implies that America is cucked
>Cuckdeau taking our unwanted refugees
>liter of fuel is more expensive than a gallon here
Fuck off, leaf. Your country is as cucked as they come.

The 46 year old has been lying in the same bed for almost a year. He hasn't walked in three.

His girlfriend, Lisa Raisor, has been by his side because he can't care for himself.

>700 lbs
wtf is wrong with me

What happens if you need a medical treatment, like after an accident, cancer or something small like a flue? Do you really have to live in debts afters that?

how come complete CT scan costs 400$ tops here in private clinic if you don't have any insurance at all?

Why? Don't there are emergencys which can affect you? I can go whenever I want to a specialist and get checked if something feels wrong.

america is a beautiful healthy country where the citizens are not mindless drones (like under communism), but are vibrant free-thinkers under capitalism instead

Anyone who visits the ER must be treated, whether or not they can pay. They're only in debt insofar as they feel responsible enough to pay, which is usually a retardedly high fee because so many others (niggers) skip out on their bill.

See the parenthesis above

They're fat

Are you really comparing a country of MAYBE 6 million people to a country with over 320 million people, Slovak? We can't afford socialist healthcare because we have a bunch of fucking nigs that live off of public assistance, and that creates debt. Fuck off.


If that isn't an obvious mental disease, i don't know what is.

they'll never listen to you. no matter how much you explain access to preventative care and single payer would drastically reduce costs for everyone and improve health outcomes (as demonstrated in many european countries), they don't care. it's still theft. even if it's being used towards one of the best possible reasons taxes could be used for, nope. theft. they'd rather get thieved by corporations and insurance companies or slammed with a giant ass hospital bill because they think it makes them freer somehow

so noone will come knocking asking for the money? if so - my apologies

have private clinics obligation to treat people brought to them?

There are plenty of other larger countries that have universal healthcare - and yes we can afford healthcare for everyone. We could cover all the costs, especially since costs would go down drastically after going to single payer.

No. Private clinics usually want payment directly after treatment, at least where I'm from. Insurance or not, they're getting paid. Either that or a process server is showing up at the doorstep.

we have gyppos
maybe stop assisting them?
also, public assistance is peanuts compared to rest of the budget

So you have free healthcare if noone really needs to pay for it?

>My only concern is for me, my wife, and her kids. No one else.
Americans got too comfy with being fat and without shame. You not going to keep your wife for long either if she has no shame.

Except we do end up paying these costs - they get shoveled back onto people who pay for hospital services and the price of things goes up for everyone. We pay for these people no matter what - why not do it in a sane and rational way? America...

how do you actually get that fucking fat?

Seriously - at some point you must be like 'alright wow, i am making myself bleed while i walk i should probably cut all food intake or kill myself.'

Why are you so mean Finland?

Wtf is that tube coming from his thigh

Which American country is he from? Canada? He looks Argentinian.

culture =/= cultural iconsy
you not knowing this proves further that burgers are stupid.

Until we fix our shitty immigration system, I will fight tooth and nail to keep from being forced to give the government any more of my money. Everyone else can die for all I care. In fact, if they or their parents weren't born in America, I hope they do die.

So it's just a plain unintentionally socialised healthcare system, but with more costs to everyone.

You're right. Just 'Murican things.