The Scottish Are Jews??

Are the Scottish really crypto-Jews?

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Princess Scota

Also read or listen to MIchael Tsarion on how actual non-Khazar semitic Jews were Egyptian royalty who were enslaved by the buttmad Hyksos seapeoples who were kicked out for the false pharaohs that they were, who then become the Catholic Church after they settled in the Levant and infiltrated the Flavian dynasty of Rome.

In the end, we'll make all of you jewish. Why resist your fate?

Am I a fucking kike?

No, and the person who wrote this book is a joke figure.

the jews greatest fear is the pagan

The book talks about a group of French jews turned crypto jews moving to Scotland after being banished from France.

probably not 23andme keeps putting those 0.1 percent figures to discourage whites

That's how kikes justify living all over the world and subverting the natives.

>oh you see goy we were here hundreds years ago
>we have the right to claim this land as our own too
>no it's totally ok if we govern over you and take your money
>just remember goy israel is the chosen capital of the civilized world
>never forget six gorillion
>muh anisemitism

Typical propaganda to latch onto a nation.

its true.
all your scottish belong to us

you even stole the colors of our flag

never say that word again

I assume this is what my 23&me would look like too, might get it done one day

Good anglo lad

Nah, it's probably part of an ongoing campaign to convince people they aren't white.

I have a cousin who works at one of those commercial DNA testing places you see in advertisements to find out about your heritage. He tells me that they routinely send out results that indicate that white people have mixed backgrounds, even when they don't. Company policy.

Ever see a Scotsman eat pork?
I rest my case.

My grandparents from Perth were a immigrant jews. I am half jew.......RRREEEEEEEE

Wishful thinking, Jews are a minority, and not particularly well-liked in Scotland (they are not hated outright unless you are a paki or lefty, although we have plenty of those here).
They tend to live in little cliques and have large houses which excites jealousy and suspicion.

Europe wouldn't be what it is now without jews and jews wouldn't be what they are now without Europe.
Three things were important for Europe: the Roman Empire, the jews and the Renaissance's philosophers.

Pretty much a win-win situation, that's the truth. And triple paranthese shitheads can't do anything about it. Go back to living behind the forest and shit in a privy with Varg Vikernes, you white Aboriginies LMAO.

Sweet. You could be my distant cousin or something or somebody.

>I'm ok with this

Stop replying to these threads

Its well known that the after King John banned Jews in England many headed for Scotland in the 13th century. They set up shop, and were already in place at that time as merchants in every port city. They were never kicked out to my knowledge. Given the population is only 5.5 million there cant be many in the genepool though.

To call Scotland Jewish is ignorant as fuck though.

Half of you needs to go back (((r)))eddit

Look up the Steins(Clackmannan) connection to William Pitt.

Where do whites with green eyes decend from usually.


It doesn't work that way retard.


Why the fuck am I a retard he just said 23&me is a lie.
But muh Venus is uninhabitable.

Are Scottish people Slavic? They look Slavic

No, they may be famously tight with money but that's about as far as it goes

so jews confirmed lochness monsta

no wonder they always want tree fiddy


Two racial stereotypes for the price of one. Perhaps the best value in the graveyard this morning. Perhaps not.


There is an element of R1a in Scotland, so it makes sense that some look phenotypically the same as some slavs. Its probably just the tracksuits though...

You're a retard if you think green eyes are from one group of people or from one area. Many individual genes determine eye colour - each gene in sequence effecting all the ones that came before it. Simply put: Green eyes are more pigmented than blue or grey eyes, but not as pigmented as brown eyes.

that explains why all of our cheapskate jokes center on scots instead of jews

oy vey

That would help explain the nose...

Scots are very cheap like us. Also smart like us. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

I'm not sure I believe this, but these testing services are rubbish and will give skewed results because you cannot use as a base non-homogeneous populations. If you want to determine what the average someone form Andorra's genome looks like you need someone with 4 grandparents form the same area, who are indigenous to it for at least 500 years as far as they know. Only then can you test other people and say, that they appear to be andorran because their genome matches the base population study to X%.

What these tests do is use base studies, but then add to it all the people who have been tested, and whatever they claim to have ancestry from - which is a massive problem with North Americans who offer are told false stories, or just aren't aware of their family history before migration.

So, for example if you test 100 Americans, all claiming to be 100% Irish and a few of them are actually part Native American, then certain sequences are being recorded incorrectly as Irish. If a 100% native american then takes the test, they find out they are 3% Irish, and shrug it off. The reality being they aren't, the base is just skewed with incorrectly recorded results.

So the outcome, especially since the majority of people who take these tests are from the New World is that they become increasingly noisy and inaccurate.

>also smart like us


not a very intelligent comment there, kike.


They also have big dicks like us

ofc they are they voted Remain.

really made me think

We are the True Israelites

Don't even start Mini Bulgaria. You clearly don't understand the issues if you thing independence was the better option.

>Ashkenazi """""Jewish"""""
nope mate you are a fucking wogshit

>You clearly don't understand the issues if you thing independence was the better option.


>everyone around us mock us

i dont feel bad , i know we deserve it , this country suck balls

>tight fisted
>bad at sport
>good comedians
>long struggle to get own country
>excessive presence in politics
>shit food
Holy fuck guys, I need to read this book...

>Well reasoned and thorough post on why not to trust DNA ancestry services

Excellent post, Ukraine.

Thanks mate.

It would answer a lot of questions if they were... But nah, they just act worse than Jews.

Another lie. You know this isn't the plan. If everyone was a Jew, where would the goyim slaves come from?

They do have Andy Murray who wins at tennis though

I thought original Scots were black?

Why bother? We can exterminate the inferior races instead

They are

All Celtic civilization wuz black.


>the jews greatest fear is the Christian fundamentalist
Fixed that for you, you literal subhuman mong.

Given that they are the only one's who are seemingly allowed to criticise Israel and the JEw, and are also argumentative, hot-headed tight-fisted political/media control-freak loud-mouths, I'd say it's highly likely. Also, isn't there a link to presbyterianism (Scottish) and judaism? George Galloway vs London Jews is a must watch on BBC Question Time.

> Jew
> Unironically utters the words "We can exterminate the inferior races"

JIDF in this thread.

The Brits claim to have Jacob's Stone under the coronation throne in Westminister Abby.

Read about it. It is said the Queen and company claim they are descended from David and the kings of Israel, but they are really of Dan the serpent.

It is said Jesus' uncle was a Roman citizen and consul and traveled to Ireland.

That stone was returned...

There's more

So, should I climb into the oven or pick cotton?

I'm from a (((Scottish))) family, I have an above-average nose and was taught how to manage my finances as soon as I could walk and talk. Most other Scots that I've met and my family members are tight arses when it comes to spending.

There could be something there or it just comes down to many generations of being poor having an effect on the culture.

Edward took it because a Scot betrayed him, he also took the title "Prince of Wales" from Wales and gave it to his son, it's now used for the first sons of all English monarchs as a fuck you to the Welsh because Edward killed the Prince of Wales and made a point of rubbing salt in the wound.

>Are the Scottish really crypto-Jews?
Just because they're incredibly tight with money doesn't make them Jews!

According to joos, everything and everyone was a joo.
They are literally WE WUZ-tier.


Every. Single. Time.

Explains why they're such pro-EU socialists.

You've spent quite some time here already haven't you.
I don't know you but I did and I feel a bit sleepy.
Don't you feel sleepy?

what you should be really asking is whether poles from poleland are really crypto-Jews. thing is Ashkenazi lived in Poland for >800 years, and FUCKING NOONE even questions how much Poles interbreed with kikes. 800 years is 32 generations for elites and 53 for pleb, just think about it.

This trait was inflicted on the Scots by ancestral trauma from the failed Darien Scheme. The study of epigenetics may provide more details in future

> Everyone in the country, rich and poor, agreed to pool their resources and bankrupt themselves with the highest risk investment they could find.

It wore off in the mid-20th century. Scots are now more like South American socialistias, i.e. they want socialism without having to pay for it.

It's a REASONABLE thing to do. We have a duty to preserve the planet. Removing the negro, south asian and mongoloid menace would reduce the strain on the world, its ecosystem, and its many variables like pollution, limited resources and whatnot. By at least 85%

So thats a huge wildfire that wont be linked to its neighboring wildfires. Reducing the chance of all life on earth perishing, to which its heading right now.

So its pretty moral to kill the negro, south asian, south east asain and mongoloid. They are also pretty useless for civilisation stuff, for anything really. They can be seen as part of the wildlife. So yea, it's moral to exterminate them all

> You've spent quite some time here already haven't you.

Not long enough to be immune from newfag anxiety. What did you mean by this?

LMAO this fucking article
>suggesting either greater religious tolerance or the simple fact that there was no Jewish presence.
>It is possible therefore that Jews may have come to Scotland to do business with their Scottish counterparts, although no direct evidence of this exists
>might indicate that Jews had settled in the area during the Middle Ages. This belief has, however, been shown to be false,

> we have limited resources
> we must kill the negro, south asian, south east asain and mongoloid

In the mind of this acquisitive Jew, kvetching about muh shekels is a valid reason to exterminate human/goy life.

Pick one

>implying Germany is not the land of Ashkenaz
your Saxons are literally cousins of Ashkenaz
Isaacson = Saxon

>father's father was a Jew, but that was kept secret. Helmut Schmidt
Germany is the land of crypto-yids, isaacsons (saxons), and ashkenazis

>Boris Becker was born to Catholic parents. His mother, Elvira (Pisch), and her family, fled Czechoslovakia during the Russian invasion. Her family has Jewish relatives

>The Yeniche German vocabulary originates from Yiddish, Hebrew, Judeo-Latin
>Native speakers:16,000 in Germany, Swiss, Austria

>Rotwelsch - German language with significant influences from Judæo-Latin, the ancient Jewish language of the Roman Empire.

>German language, Lotegorisch, is based on Hebrew, lochne kodesch, from the Hebrew: laschon = "tongue, language", and kodesch = "holy

>Manisch, German derived from Yiddish
goths confirmed for yids!

>germans being efficient and thorough in hiding their yiddish ancestry
Heinrich Heine

>Mercedes, was not only a German, but a Jewish brand.
Emil Jellinek

Nazi Erhard Milch

Johann Strauss, his grandfather was Jewish, but converted.

>tfw Edward Longshanks

Poland is Ashkenazi, not true Slav. They used to be in the millions in Poland.
95% of Poles have at least 5% Ashkenazi lineage.

95% of modern Poles are of at least partial Ashkenazi lineage.


72% of modern belarusians has ashkenazi heritage

Belarus was the most jewish part of commonwealth, most jews were also poor and formed their own underclass.

It is me, the Polish poster. I speak to you about something other than glorious Poland today.

Today I inform you of the wolves in sheep's clothing that is Germany.

Germany has rich Ashkenazi Jew heritage. From the time of the Holy Roman Empire, many of the families of nobility were Jewish. The nobility propagated the Ashkenazi race, spreading it to places that once had no Ashkenazi population like Poland and Lithuania. Indeed, the Germans you worship for their "whiteness" were the original perpetrators of white genocide.

Also, might I add that 3,300,000 Ashkenazis lived in pre war Germany. My educated estimate from hours of mathematical equations based upon genealogy is that 72% of modern Germans have Ashkenazi blood to some extent.

Instead of praising Germany for the "whiteness", call them on the Ashkenazi Jew, white genocide perpetrating, EU worshipping drones they are. Instead praise Poland or Lithuania for their actions which are undeniably pro white.

there was huge intermarriage between Jews and peasants in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Some authors estimate it on 5% per generation. Virtually every Pole (barring some super-inbred aristocrats) has some Jewish ancestry and vice versa.

Based Longshanks, one of our greatest Kings, the Hammer of the Scots. They need another hammering.

>Isaacson = Saxon
lmao holy shit, I bet there are people that believe this crap too


Nice meme. They are Gaels and/or Germanics
Schizo leave. You cucks were slave tier peasants and shit cleaners in Europe. One of my ancestors had a nickname dentist for being able to hit a lot of teeth from the jew serf mouth.

Good, now we can gas you away and nothing of value will have been lost.

Denmark = Dan mark
London = Lon Dan
The Canaanites and Catheginians were also known as the Phoenicians. They were the first to circumnavigate Africa and the first to sail to the British Isles.

Ok so new israel in scotland when?

The Scots have always been a smart people - could this be why? Also, Ramzpaul, mostly Scottish, has something like 0.1% Jewish DNA. Maybe this author speaks truth.

Greenland = Green Land

Ancient precursors to the German Grünen (Green Party) sailed the northern seas and were the first to set foot on this continent

Have you ever heard the term "your Scotishness is showing" when it comes to paying a bill.

Kek, faggot

Richard Spencer has said that whites and Jews have been bound together for a long time. That's why I like the guy, he's truth-first even if it cuts against the current WN grain.

True. Note how important free masonry and stanism were/are in Scotland.

>The Scots have always been a smart people
lolno... AngloScots have, actual purebred Scotclans? No, they're as thick as pig shit.


After we wipe out the "jews" and resettle Israel with Scots

By all means, take them. We've wanted rid for some time now.

>tfw Belarus

>can I see your eye license please sir
>you're fucking nicked sunshine

A Sup Forums-icized Jew - *shudder*