Do asian women make good housewifes ?

do asian women make good housewifes ?

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some do, most don't because they still rely on their own mothers for everything

What's with all these Asian women threads?

I've dated a few Korean chicks long term, and I'd say definitely yes.

However, it's absolutely not worth it. Korean chicks are fucking insane. I thought i was unlucky getting 3 psycho chicks in a row but now I know it's all of them.

Plus being in White M Asian F made me feel like a loser in public. Back to whities.

Find a nice roach wife

This. My experience dating a few Korean women is the same. By that I mean they're shit in the head, but good to fuck.


as if anyone here would know?

Say no to miscegenation, think of your children's thoughts and feelings.

more pics!

Asians definitely make good house wifes. I am being together with one for 7 years now, can't complain. However, that being said, there are crazy Asian chicks (90% of them, actually - avoid any Asians who grew up in the US, they tend to be SJWs and "proud people of color" [don't know that they constitute the majority of this planets population]) who only care about surface level shit like make-up, money, and clothes.

If you select your Asian waifu well then you won't have any trouble. And remember, even the most idiotic Asian chick is better than an SJW white girl.

Bro what were yours like?

Specifically with all of mine they were insanely insecure. They would message me about 40 times a day on fucking 'kakaotalk'. If I don't reply to one/two word messages like "Baby booooo", I got back paragraphs about how im a bad man

My roommate's Korean girlfriend just visited from Korea for a week. She cooked and cleaned everyday while we went to work. It was heaven. I'll miss her.

Shaved Korean vagina is literally my favorite thing.

Koreans seem rather popular.

triggered. we like to be called homemakers. im a pic related btw.

Stop normalizing race-mixing.

in far greater rates than white women yes

want a woman who's focus is raising children and housekeeping?
marry an Asian woman
want a woman who will treat you like a king and worship your penis (provided it's white)
marry an Asian woman
want a woman who will consider you the leader of the household and is submissive and proper?
marry an Asian woman

have a cuckhold fetish?
want to spend every waking moment of your married life yelling and arguing?
love the idea of divorce rape?
marry a white woman

both have their pros and cons

Yes, turkish chicks make better housewifes tho.

t. someone whose brother is married to a kurdish chick which cooks us the most amazing foods daily.

ahmed pls

much better on average than others. my current gf is great. but is true, I've met some who were spoiled af

But why do white men get the ugly Asian?

>what is larping

it depends on the type of asian.

i remember this video. the girl is a korean adopted by a swedish family. She can't speak Korean and speaks fluent swede.

Im german, my middle name is Hans :/
My brother just married a non-german.
And I can tell you the shit that girl cooks will make you dizzy.

>tfw no Anri mommy gf

Chong detected

>can't handle this simple fact
>went to Tokyo with white friends
>All of them end up getting 4/10s
stay mad losers

mainly because white people have difficulty differentiating between asian faces

though the same thing happens to asian people when they see white faces

so white men just go for any asian women with a slim waist and tits and the face doesn't matter as long as they're asian they fulfill the
>hot exotic asian woman
criteria and the white man is happy

I saw this pretty great looking white guy: tall, muscular, chiseled face, no joke looked like a model (no homo) and he was dating one of the most hideous Filipino women I've ever seen

You can't complain about Blacked threads of you support Asian race-mixing.

Except the white male always look numale all the time.

not true at all.

I've seen plenty of young buff (douchebag) seamen with ugly asian women too
as well as model-bro I mentioned

They must also be right wing losers. Because when liberal whites do it, the couple looks normal and Asian men don't even mind

Dated an asian girl
First one was melodramatic and childish as hell before we even started officially going out all our interractions were middle manned by her friends all our dates had a third wheel until she got comfortable being alone with me. It was kinda nice though she would bring me food and shower me with gifts


And if you are right wing, chances are she is ugly

Not really, they're not nearly as attractive as white women which is a pretty big deal

Do Korean chicks have good smelling buttholes? Forums_planning_on_vandalizing_artwork_making_a/

You are dead, reddit will come for you all now

we're impressed that you have an asian gf and they're totally not easy due to hating themselves.

He is lying. Only liberals get the best asians

What really triggers me about this is that they think that Sup Forums is Sup Forums's main board and that everyone here is far right.


achmed fresh from the middle east and already speaking for everyone

>made me feel like a loser

No matter the race you mate with, your kids will be fuck ups because of a beta dad.

i wish swedish racists stop bullying this qt.


shh, don't let the hypocrisy show

Asian people like to try to be white, and like white things, the men included. So Asians think the whiter looking Asians are hot.

White looking "POC" are more obtainable for the same race man, but let's be honest, they want a white woman but can't get, so they fawn over the white looking same race girl instead.

Yeah. I swear this cunt actually faces a mirror in the morning and reassures himself that he's "totally human".


>Plus being in White M Asian F made me feel like a loser in public.

Looks like the chink shills from r/asianmasculinity have arrived to deter whites from fucking their women.