Communism general

Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of revolutionary socialism and communism.

Communism is the next stage of humanity following the capitalist stage.

What exactly is communism according to Marxist-Leninists:

>Communism is a stage of society in which the productive infrastructure is socially owned, and goods are produced not in order to sell for profit, but in order to meet a social need.
>Communism in it's full form is a stateless, classless society that follows the maxim "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need."
>To achieve such a society Marxism-Leninism teaches us that we must replace the capitalist state, which is controlled by the capitalist class, by a socialist state, which is controlled by the working class. Then, a period of class struggle follows in which the capitalist class is liquidated by the working class. When the capitalist class has been completely vanquished, there will be only one class, the working class, and eventually the functions of the state will become indistinguishable from the functions of the society as a whole, and the state as such will 'wither away' as Marx said.

ML uses a philosophy called dialectical materialism, see here:

It is recommended that you read some of the critical works of Marxism-Leninism so you can make an informed assessment of the ideology.


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I see you comrades are interested in plants but we should be focusing on communism, socialism or Marxism here.

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Daily reminder that Strasserism is the best of communism and the best of nazism combined.

>Turned homogeneous societies into low income, low social trust shitholes that aren't exceptional at anything.
Woah, what a nice ideology. How come no one in Sup Forums got converted to communism after hundreds of these threads yet?

I agree. National Socialism is the only socialism worth having.

Only marxist socialism here please, not some capitalism in disguise.

Sorry, I don't believe in fake socialism, only true National Socialist socialism.



Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolutionary socialism and gommunism.

Gommunism is da next stage of guckery following real society.

Wat exagtly is gommunism according to gommies:

>Gommunism is a stage of guckery in which the produgtive infrustrugture runs away from gommie country, and no goods are produced and beeple starve. XDDDD
>Gommunism in full form is obressive, statist society dat follows maxim "gib gib gib!" :DDDD
>To achieve gommunism we must replace broduction with murderous obressive rulers liek me, fug working glass beeple. XDDDD Struggle while I liquidate you all lol. When capitalists run away we win and I kill you all. Eventually the functions of state cease and state becomes murderous and indistinguishable from other gommies. Da state withers away liek da people.

GL uses philosphy of gib and starve, see here:

It is recommend you kill yourself so you can avoid starving.


Here's a pretty crushing takedown of the Trump-Russia propaganda. Takes on pretty much every standard argument and lie that keeps being repeated. Post these links anywhere you see fake news about Trump and Russia

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

>thinking nazis wanted to take in dirt shit marxism and not based fascism

Socialist in name only desu



Stagnant wages.

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>dude let's try this thing
>but man, it's already been tried and proven that it is physically impossible
>infact, the ability for such a system to work would preclude the need for such a system

gommunism = gib gib gib XDDDD

Can we talk about marxist socialism then?
More specifically, how you, and not even commie university professors can explain a commie economic system. Doesn't it bother you that you believe and advocate for something you can't even begin to explain? Doesn't it bother you that what you advocate for impoverished every nation where it was applied? Doesn't it bother you that psychically removing commies improves the development of a country?


You see, if you gib enough pain goes away XDDDD

Seize be mems ob broduction fug organized labor n shid

>turkey was never communist
>lower wealth than half of the communist countries on that map

>Spaniard can't read
Why am I not suprised

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>stagnant wages

>it's the same retarded brazillian
Brazil was never socialist yet still manages to be a shithole.


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Kill all commies

Nod real socialism
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Your nation, civilisation and humanity in general

>homelands of marxist movements
>undisputed marxist ruling for 60 years
>claim to be making the best systems for the average worker
>doesn't manage to get richer than Turkroaches



marxist utopian ideals have ruined every country it was implemented in

millions dead

"not real communism"

fuck commies, all of them are weak faggots

You're actually stepping backwards. The next stage is national socialism. By believing in a jew-created marxism pipe dream you're devolving yourself.




we are radically eradicating poverty, 250,000 or so people a day are removed from poverty

of course those numbers look bad but they're improving.

dont be a stupid faggot

>entire basis of your argument is that communist countries are worse than capitalist ones
>there is an entire planet full of capitalist countries that were measurably worse-off than communist countries
Why am I arguing with a monkey?

That isn't even addressing what I said. Why not move to Venezuela to build socialism?

>we are radically eradicating poverty
No, "we" aren't.

China is eradicating poverty in China, but the rest of the world is as shit as it's always been or in some sad situations even shitter.

Ah fuck that's some good shit nibba


how should we bring about communism in australia mate? without killing millions of people

tell me

Name me a single stable society with a high population density without property division and trade of resources.

The nations of Mesopotamia, which are essentially the first civilizations made by homo sapiens, the beginning of our history, had forms of currency and trade from its very beginning. Aztecs and Incas had commoner taxation, trade routs, and family property. There's literally no civilization without private property. The absence of communism is literally the division between civilization and territorial tribalism.

"it'll work this time guys dont worry"

so fucking narcissistic

i bet most you cunts either just want to see the world crash and burn or are delusional and honestly think you can bring about the communist utopia. fucking narcissistic as fuck.


>how should we bring about communism in australia mate? without killing millions of people
Form a communist party and then get it elected, then pass the requisite legislation. Hold a second constitutional convention and draft a new constitution then have it passed by referendum.

Some will die obviously when we institute the new death penalty offences but that will hardly be millions.


>Some will die obviously when we institute the new death penalty offences but that will hardly be millions
You have nothing to back this up

>maintained real wages at pre-crash levels while simultaneously eliminating 25% unemployment and adding those people to the workforce in the middle of the Great Depression

That's pretty fucking impressive actually

People advocating Gommunism really are a great example why sometimes you just need to stop arguing with assholes intent on mass murder and economic devastation and start throwing faggots out of helicopters.

>You have nothing to back this up
How many millions of people does the death penalty kill per year in the USA, then?


so ok you guys have your communist utopia

what can you do to stop psychopaths from grouping together and forming large groups and becoming powerful as fuck?

also who gets to make the decisions? wont power-hungry people naturally be drawn to those roles over time

i dont think its a good idea, its so fucking ridiculous

I mean that you have no proof that millions won't be killed. It happened in China and the Soviet Union, I don't see why it wouldn't happen there.

20million theoretically against proven

communism is failed concept only to destroy working systems made by guy who lived from the money of his rich friends and wonder rebellious children like it.

you are a useful idiot thats it

they don't care about that man. they're just bitter assholes who want to see everyone have the same amount of dirt as they do. communists are the least compassionate people ive ever met

>entire base of your ideology is that it is good for everyone
>it is actually awful for everyone

"there is an entire planet full of capitalist countries that were measurably worse-off than communist countries"

>except Belaurus, that kept marxist traditions, is poorer than most places on this entire planet
>except Moldova, that kept marxist traditions, is poorer than most places on this entire planet
>except China, that kept marxist traditions, is poorer than most places on this entire planet

Tell me, you nihilistic little worm, how many of those "poor capitalist countries" were recently communist ruled countries?

>Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Yemen, Vietnam, Angola, Benin, Dem Rep. of Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, and Mozambique.

Tell me, in how many of those countries the workers greatly benefited from communism?

>I mean that you have no proof that millions won't be killed
Such proof is literally impossible to obtain.

You're asking me to predict the future with 100% certainty.

On the flipside, you also have no proof that millions will be killed.

The working class must free itself to save humanity


communist/marxist ideas have been implemented all over the world, in radically different cultures

and yet it still failed and resulted in millions of deaths internally. every single time.

"if i were in charge, i'd be able to bring about the communist utopia" is what these assholes mean when they say 'no proof it'll result in millions of deaths THIS TIME around'

Well since all empirical evidence points to your plan leading to several million people dying, I'm gonna have to oppose you on that.

>when you're too much of a coward to respond directly to answers to your own questions

>Tell me, in how many of those countries the workers greatly benefited from communism?

A comparison of living standards in 1916 to even 1936 reveals that. Communism transformed a fourth-rate European joke into a global superpower in a handful of decades.

>and yet it still failed and resulted in millions of deaths internally. every single time.
Australia has an incredibly socialist industrial relations system.

>Such proof is literally impossible to obtain.
Just stop blocking your ears and closing your eyes to protect your delusion.

>all empirical evidence
There is none.

You cannot have observational evidence of events that have not occurred (and so are impossible to observe).

Stop using words incorrectly.

communists have no capacity for self-reflection and think they aren't capable of atrocious shit.


>capitalism killed 200 million
>communism killed 100 million
>fascism killed 12 million
Sounds like fascism is the most peaceful ideology to me desu.

Okay, fine, since all evidence points to communism failing, I'm gonna have to oppose you on your plan.

>A comparison of living standards in 1916 to even 1936 reveals that. Communism transformed a fourth-rate European joke into a global superpower in a handful of decades.

Oh, here we go again, how literacy, which literally every country on earth achieved with even less effort in the same period of time, turned Russia from a joke to a "global super power!!"

The USSR was never comparable to US. The USSR was just a "super power" because of its size, similar to China, people were poor and miserable there, that's why they took the USSR down.

On top of that, communism was never achieved in the USSR, because communism is impossible. Marxist lunatics promised to get rid of money, and after 60 years, and millions of deaths in attempts, they couldn't do it. Ironically all of the achievements of the USSR were through a fascist totalitarian dictatorship that forced the population to not suck.

>all evidence points to communism failing
What evidence?

What specific evidence are you referring to?

Here: You can also check out commie university professors bailing out at explaining their thesis on computer communism in the pic here

The historical evidence of it failing every time, usually with millions of deaths in the process.

read the gulag archipelago if you want to see what living in USSR utopia was like

very cool, id love to go through that in modern times. communism is VERY cool

Russians didn't have a good standard of living in 1936, it was barely better than 1914.

Economic output cannot be correctly valued without markets, because value is a market function, so soviet gdp numbers were consistently wrong (see Paul Samuelson's graphs).

>the rest of the world
Yeah, the places instituting socialist and communist policies, china has slowly been getting better by becoming more capitalistic, go figure

I'm completely opposed to Communism, but I'm fascinated with Soviet weapons and tactics.

Wait, I should be on /k/

>The historical evidence
Are you implying that merely saying "history" qualifies as evidence? That you don't need to refer to specific dates and events and link cause and effect?

Consider this: the USSR was communist for many decades, and Angola for only two. What explains this variation? Surely if communism is the "only thing" at play here we should expect similar results? Or maybe - just maybe, this is only a theory - the collapse of states is more complicated than what buzzword they call themselves. The end of the USSR had a lot more to do with political party games than any actual instability in the system. It came as a huge surprise to most analysts.

But you probably weren't born at the time so I don't expect you to remember that, kiddo.

You should check the per capita food consumption data if you want a realer metric than GDP per capita then.

>the places instituting socialist and communist policies
Actually most of them are in Africa where the World Bank and IMF have been pulling their economic levers for decades.

>> no reply

>>no reply

The spanish manlet is literally afraid to engage in his own thread.

Pic relate: when your ideology is so bad you have to actively avoid discussion in order to keep believing in it.

Hey, the burden of proof is on you to prove that communism can work. Given that you have presented nothing, not even a plan on how you'll be different this time, I can only assume you'll fails like all the previous attempts.

fuck off you spanish autist

in the words of cuck hero bernie sanders "i think food lines are great because.... at least people are getting food hurhurh"

most commies are narcissists and a small fraction of them are literally delusional low IQ idiots who think its "compassionate"

You asked for evidence, I gave you evidence, you avoided reading it and pretended no evidence was presented to you. Literally delusional. So nihilistic, so enrolled in your pleasure island fantasy, that you can't even take new authentic information.

>>no reply

mfw I ask for evidence, get evidence, then pretend it didn't happen in order to keep following delusional utopianist nihilism.

>not even a plan on how you'll be different this time
Considering how Marxist-Leninism calls for mass action by workers to overthrow the capitalist system even proposing winning power through election is different.

>the burden of proof is on you
Real life is not a science experiment, friend. We can only do the right as we see the right. If you're seeking first and final principles by which to organise your life efficiently you will never find them.

I'm literally just hiding your posts because I've got other anons I can talk to for a higher standard of discussion.

Sorry user, but in the free market of discussion partners you simply aren't worth my time.

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>asked for evidence
>get evidence
>hide evidence because you "have more important discussions"

Yeah, sure, there are surely conversations much more important. More specifically, the ones that don't have empirical proof that your ideology is nonsense. You are clearly a rational human being not-drowning in cognitive dissonance. /s

>100 million native americans


Apparently capitalism invented hunger, disease, and Native Americans.

I've posted multiple times in the past about how I would fix the calculation problem (namely: by allowing for a free market instead of using a planned economy) and you have NEVER responded to it with anything other than reaction faces from WikiHOW.

I'm fucking done with you, you fucking monkey. If you want my time you had better be worth it and you're not. ALL YOU CAN DO, ALL YOU HAVE EVER DONE, is link people to YouTube videos you do not yourself understand.

You are in every way a perfect representation of your country - full of shit, but covered in just enough tacky, flowery garbage to lead people on for a little while that there might be something worth seeing underneath.

You are a waste of my and everybody's time and that is why I am hiding your posts. You have nothing to post that I haven't already seen - I know, because I've watched you in every single thread because like the autistic monkey that you are you cannot just fuck off.