Why haven't you found a Latin girlfriend yet, Sup Forums?

Why haven't you found a Latin girlfriend yet, Sup Forums?

Latinas are the best companion for the racial aware white male in the 21st century

Their personality traits are perfect

>hate muslims, blacks

White Latinas have lived in Latin America for over 200 years in most cases and still haven't lost their racial identity, which makes them the most redpilled white race on earth.

So tell me, why haven't you found your perfect Latin girlfriend yet?

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Unfortunately they gain 200 pounds after they hit 25.

>they are females
you're right.

i live in the middle of nowhere and moving to some bi city soon. first thing i will do is to hit all foreigner wman on tinder because all of them want the D not a fucking relationship

It will only create brown children.

Sauce on this semen demon

don't forget your condom

Sadly this girl is the exception amongst Latinas -- most are overweight and genetically unhealthy looking. I wish they were all this fine.

Guys, I'm crying right now.
Just looking at her picture makes me feel something strange inside. I guess you could call it "love". I'm in love with Ciara. I've lost interest in all girls, besides her. Girls who are considered "hot" by the general male population don't cut it for me anymore.
Ciara really is all I think about all day, every day. I really do cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I'll never be with her. If only she knew I existed in this life, if only she knew my deep profound love for her. I know that will never happen though. That is the thought that makes me so sad when I look at her. I'll never be with her, but I'll continue to love her until the day I die.

People need to start making a distinction between the white/mostly white and brown ones, because they might as well be two different groups.

I have a Portuguese gf who's 5-nothing and has a massive ass and tits, basically an InCase short stack. The best sex out of many women was still with a German woman twice my age, who was almost as tall as me, and had similar physical features, like dirty blonde hair and long legs. Race-mixing is a meme, believe me.

Cooked the rice, paid the price, re-fried the beans, given up on my dreams, but nothing compares to Germanic European women, who are actually compatible, on an evolutionary level, to us, of same blood.

It's an American thing. Iberians are white, just tan easily and have more of an ashen tone, when deprived of sun.

>Latina gf
America has for the last 30 years. Population went from 14M to 55M today.


>Latina gf
>not either batshit crazy or aging like milk
Your funeral


>loyal to people outside their blood family
if you wholeheartedly believe that you are probably getting cucked

Latinas don't exist in Finland.

I'm Latino and I only date white girls

You don't want this battle, Jacques. I have 10GB worth of arsenal and not afraid to use it.

mmmm... I pay good money for your files.

Tbh if a girl was so slutty that I didn't feel safe cumming inside of her I wouldn't want to have sex with her any way

>Contaminate my families almost pure britonnic genes

Sorry but this was years of hunting and endless archive digging. Upload speed is shit anyways so it would never be done on time.

literally the first result after a google search fag


You need help

Talk me out of getting a latina gf Sup Forums


this is the typical white slut

>You need help

The majority of us have gone past that point of no return. This shithole website was made for us.

Kek has lost it.

She's looks like a 12 year old you fucking weirdo.

don't fall for the propaganda guys. Breed white, your kids will thank you once they get older for giving them the chance to be white

Currently trying to get a date with a beautiful thicc latina girl like in ops pic
Sorry but white stick women cant compare/ no ass/tits

Why should we care about monkeys fucking monkeys?


wasted, kek must be sleep, this must be moloch

I'm not attracted to latins/hispanics.

They're fucking obnoxious and hysterical. Absolute subhuman-tier.

Latin genes are about as good as their countries.

what type of Latin is this? I live in a 70% Hispanic city and never see any women that look like this, only Mexicans

>south africa

Why do all these blonde Hollywood dudes may shitskins and make shitskin babies?
There are enough of them in this world and there aren't enough Aryans.

Brad Pitt, Gosling, and now McConaughey

Doesn't stop them from being massive fucking sluts

She looks Spaniard to me.

Well kraut here in the states the majority of latinas are butt ugly as hell.

Rarely some of them are incredibly attractive but they tend to be whores looking for a rich guy.

And like some anons said they tend to gain a lot of weight after pregnancy and are batshit crazy(from personal experience at least)

Just glad I didn't knocked one up

Indios. No spanish heritage.

They're amazing in bed and are typically beautiful, but after they hit a magic number between 25-30, they explode. Exacerbate the process if she has a child.
However they do indeed make good, loyal wives.



I hope you faggots know that latinas are pretty much women from Portugal,Spain and Italy...mexicans and shit are just shity mayan descendants

most people cant tell the difference. lots have spanish ancestry though

I have a friend from Toledo and she made it perfectly clear that you never call a Spaniard a Latina.


This, Most of the "hot latinas" are Italians/Spaniards with little to no nonwhite ancestry

I want any children I have, to have blue eyes.

dem hips

Then your friend is fucking retarded,its called Latin American because they are descendants from the latin culture,even Romanians are more latin than the spics

nigga you do know latin people have mixed with people all around the world right?

Wonder who is behind this one.

She's a Colombia fitness model

Alexis Bledel is Hispanic.

Anyone who thinks white should only be restricted to blond, blue eyed people are Nazis.

Looks South Mexican/Central American, part of the reason you so desperately need to build the wall is because a disproportionate amount of illegals are Indios chollos from the South whereas most of the whiter Northern Mexicans are staying in Mexico


was she part of the recent leaks?

I meant the op girl, she has to be almost entirely European, meaning that is not racemixing and this is a pointless thread.

as to my pic, this is what rought 80% of Mexicans here look like. Very few have Spanish blood, and the native part still shows.

Fuck.....why are Colombianas so perfect

She's not white if she can have brown kids retard. She's not pure. She's a halfbreed monster.

>Brad Pitt

He created Literally Hitler's Dream.

This. Mestizos only call themselves Latino because they don't like the other words used to describe their race.

Niggas have European blood too, but you don't hear Shaquille O'neal calling himself Irish, do you?

Nah beaner chicks seriously do age super fast and can explode in size

Whites are a minority to Hispanics where I live


It's a sign that you need to get an actual girlfriend rather than just fapping to supermodels.


must be the case, the ones that come here are litterally dark as niggers.

>yet another racemixing thread

Not even Hitler thought that but it was the "Nordic ideal" because no other race really has those traits very often if at all.

Pretty ugly/basic for a white girl.

Too bad Hitler's dream is being raised to be a tranny.

Why are you promoting race-mixing 24/7?

How many fucking latinas do you expect to see in Germany, exactly?

Yesjulz, not in the shape she used to be and a liberal cunt irl, but a good example of what I'm talking about

OK apart from the pro-islam stuff.
>Muslims want to rule the world
is true.
Otherwise a solid list.

I am that minion right now

Although I don't support race mixing as a widespread trend, this is not entirely true. I've seen some white and hispanic couples who have babies that pretty much look white.


>le almost white meme

>pretty much look white
not white

the IQ damage is complete, skin color doesn't matter bro.

no she's not. her ancestry is germanic and english, but her parents identify as hispanic because that's the CULTURE they were raised in.

Being a hispanic is not a race; it's a culture.

Bledel self identifies as Latina, which also is cultural.

There are even Latinas of Italian ancestry.

However, Filipinas know they are Pinay and Hispanic but not Latina, mainly cos Tagalog replaced Spanish after independence.

It's called "white Hispanic"

Fucking waste.

Shakira has a 140 IQ and looks not that far off from a southern European.

The only time multiculturalism worked was America when it was 85-90℅ white.

There should be plenty of real ones. OP isn't talking about "latinas"*

*[ayo hol up so you be sayin we was roman emperaz n sheeit...]

Sorry to tell you op, but latinas are known for being huge mudsharks and they go crazy for middle eastern men, including muslims.

True. White male genes are dominant over brown skin.

I'd amputate my balls for the chance to sniff that thong

>hasn't googled divorce rates in Spain

Stop fucking our women, or I will date my white/blonde Co worker.

sad but true.