Why Do Australians have no Honour?


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Saltiest of kiwis

You deserved it


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Mulligrub for the win.

Kiwis are known for their low levels of banter.

What the hell is this retarded game?

While I think its poor sportsmanship, its still down right hilarious

Whacky sticky tea break game

what the actual fuck is going on in that webm?

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>Even the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, called the act "contrary to the traditions of the game."

>Commentating for Channel 9 at the time, former Australian captain Richie Benaud described the act as "disgraceful" and said it was "one of the worst things I have ever seen done on a cricket field."

Even they were ashamed by it.

>Kiwis still mad about this

Truly our beta little brother

My guess. Kiwis might've had a chance if they hit a six.

Aussies denied them the opportunity to embarrass themselves.

White team has a chance to win if they score high by hitting the ball out of the field, so the aussie bowler gives them a shit bowl thay has no chance of going out of the field


>After the incident, the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Robert Muldoon, described it as "the most disgusting incident I can recall in the history of cricket", going on to say that "it was an act of true cowardice and I consider it appropriate that the Australian team were wearing yellow".

The pardytop dipped the flapper astride the chip, moffing the rungspree right into the card for the ashes.

yea, but the objective of any sports is to win right?
so why don't they always throw the ball that low, if it isn't against the rules?


unamerican sports are shit

you guys actually expect the other team to fucking give you a chance at winning?

like that is expected in the lesser countries?


no wonder you will never be number 1


please watch our sport

This was able to happen because cricket is a flawed sport with inferior rules.

Aim is to hit the sticks.

Would make the game moot.



>We numba 1

Your whole country is type 2

What's the story, how is that even a legal delivery?


tfw Ireland isn't good at anything

lankshit on career ending injury watch

pretty sure it wasnt against the rules back then and this is why its illegal now

None Commonwealth fags that have no idea what cricket is.

?? That's it? I mean, the guy on the webm is a cukc, threw the ball and avoided eye contact like a bitch, I would throw that shit like i was a handi and still give the guy a wink to make him mad

Yanks also don't have Honour

Honours what losers cling to make them feel better about being losers.
Honour is a consolation prize for the weak

What are Rastafarians like?

What his fag said.


Can someone explain whats happening? I don't know this sport.

It's a gentleman's game, you wouldn't understand. It was truly a shameful act

i knew an african dude named Rasta
he had 2 bongs and was asleep for 2 hours
made me think

to the victor go the spoils

Just so you know most Aussies get more pissed off at this than NZ do.

Thats just not cricket

It's the only gentlemen's sport oops I mean WAS

got a nice cup of dilmah here lads

They're really chill, like unsettlingly so.

Must be all the braincells they lose from smoking too much weed.

>Malcolm Fraser
>Hating his country

Wow, much shock

Soldier on burger.

Better than baseball.

>tfw I lost a grand final on the weekend

Aussies forgot they got bodylined intk oblivion in the 30's

truefact 98% of australians' ancestors were convicts

>american sport
>stay prepared 3 mins
>play 10 seconds
>stay prepared 3 mins
>play 10 seconds

i'm about ur fatmerican football, which literally not football and about baseball

I am truly personally ashamed of this. I would have preferred to see the batsman hit a 6 out of the stadium and win them the game than that atrocity

based moldy

It really isnt though.

To be fair, it was within the rules and a valid denial strategy. No different than many plays designed to prevent a chance at a victory for the opposition.
Dunno why people get so salty about it. I think it was pretty clever!

It wasn't even to win. It was to tie kek


This. I also agree with the rule change after, it wasnt against the rules so too bad.


How do I into left arm spin lads? I'm just a mess at the moment


Kek, Australia is literally a prison island, a fucking prison island.

My British ancestors had such awesome bants.

>The stumps don't touch the ground

Still salty, Tum?

In all fairness they both suck ass.

Your an Aussie...just getting one foot in front of the other without fucking it right up makes ya think...

He literally got 11 wickets in an innings last test you fucking casual

New Zealand needed to hit the ball to boundary to win the game. At the time, both underarm and overarm bowling was legal, but underarm bowling was *never* done at this level (only in little kids games etc.). By bowling underarm, the Australian bowler ensured that the NZ batter would not be able to hit the ball to the boundary and hence Australia won the game.

It was within the letter of the law, but against the spirit of the law and very unsportsmanlike.

It was 30 odd years ago, get over it, there are more important concerns.

WOW! What gay sport is that?

that was really mean

uuuuhhhhhh mate

everyone knows he was fucking INJURED

you okay mate?

Does the NZ cricket team ever haka?


Try rolling a ball 100kph.


Australia was a mistake.

>Dude, just throw the ball lmao

Yeah, baseball fucking sucks. So does your gay sport.


frodo bringing in the bantz

no its whites only

>new zealand

You are saying it is "shameful" that the guy used the rules of the games to his advantage thus making sure his team would win... are you serious? Did your moms scold you after a game for "being too hard on the other team" when you were younger? How you can even call this a sport is beyond me.


pic is clearly set in America

>forgetting Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor


Why are Germans so autistic?

How is it any less sportsmanlike than taking a knee in football to run out the clock?

>Syriaball is his only sport

i dont fucking get it either

Is it any wonder why the biggest shit talker in cricket is an Australian.


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