Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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Blue pill will say Hitler
Red pill will say Churchill

Let me see

One is a warmonger, who put people in camps, bombed civilians, only wanted total destruction without caring about human rights and also was an obese zionist puppet.

So Id say Churchill was in the wrong.


Churchy boy was a fat fucking loser who tried flexing his nuts on my boy adolf (who wasn't doing anything wrong) got his ass beat. Was allowed to retreat then wouldn't surrender because he was asshurt.

Regardless of what Hitler said it dosnt remove the fact the Nazis where the ones who started bombing everyone first. It would have been retarded for the allies to have not went and done the same thing in retaliation.

Do it again bomber Harris

Hitler was the most-balanced and peaceful of the leaders in WWII. Churchill was a degenerate and lunatic with a penchant for sadism and imposing unnecessary suffering upon others.

>unironically thinking that Germany could surrender

Yeah because Germany declared war on everyone and their poodle before Britain and France declared war on Germany.


I guess the crazy sociopath that rightly had his ass handed to him was also a hypocrite

I honestly wish we kept bombing them after this coward killed himself

Churchill was dicked by kike debt

they still fucked 1000 year Reich

>Germany started bombing everyone first

Kind of true, but they didn't bomb civilians intentionally first. A single German bomber strayed off course during a night bombing, and hit a civilian target.

In response the British sent 30 bombers to bomb the Germans.

I'd say it was us who started to bomb civilians first in the second world war.

Churchill should have formed an alliance with Germany against the soviet scourge. Maybe the once great Britain would have maintained their overseas dominions had this been the case. Imagine an anglo-saxon, pro-nationalist super union instead of the jew-riddled globalist anti-western world of today.


Hitler was a lifelong admirer of Britain and was devastated to have to go to war with us. He had sent numerous generous peace offerings to Britain and in response Churchill bombed civilians in Germany. This resulted in after months of Hitler ignoring the attacks, the destruction of our cities and our empire in the war that followed.

What you're taught here in England is quite different to that of course.

I'd take Churchill by subjugation in a cage match and he could paint better, too.

The eternal anglo, enemy of the white man, puppet of satanic zionists

DESU both of them.

Hitler was a piece of shit.

Churchill was a piece of shit.

A lot of innocent people were killed under both of their leaderships. Churchill just gets a pass in the history books because he was the "good guy".

No, Churchill when they got pushed back and had to be ferried back to England...

im anglo, does this mean me and the aryans can be buddies now because of what the fuhrer said senpai desu uwu?

The polish were literally slaughtering tens of thousands of Germans. Was he just guna sit there and watch?

Churchil killed millions of shitksins
Hitler killed millions of whites

Hitler was in the wrong. He started a war with poland because "muh living space".

Didn't happen, it would be really stupid to do that with the German army next door.



Yeah, lets just forget the treaty of versailles and how germans got fucked over after WW1.

Except it did actually happen. Look up Bloody Sunday. Look up Danzig. Poland was itching to go to war with germany for a long time and turned down all of Hitlers peaceful offers while germans were being slaughtered and treated like shit. Invading and attacking poland to get back rightful german clay and the rights of the germans living in these regions was the only logical conclusion.


He killed more than just Jews, you know by starting the biggest war in human history.

>Didn't happend

You know what else didnt happend

>starting the biggest war in human history.
>what are crusades but christian and muslim

Depends of whether you support nationalism or liberal internationalism. Churchill and his pro-war clique sacrificed the British Empire to ensure liberal US hegemony in the western hemisphere. Hitler time and again attempted to make peace with Britain since he had no interest in and actually despised the idea of destroying the British Empire, which he admired. I would also stress that the anti-ethnonationalist and black atrocity propaganda used by Britain, the US and the USSR against Germany is one of the main causes of nowadays leftist-liberal supremacy in Western politics, the massive success of cultural marxism, the decolonization (and therefore destruction) of Africa, the destruction of Western national identities and the colonization of our homelands by brown 3rd World lowerclass people.

Churchill and his associates sacrificed the West for some internationalist anti-European jewish idea. Hitler tried to save the West by erecting a new order based on scientific principles.

But Hitler was fascist

oy vey

He was. Do you want to be ruled by fascists? Is that what you want?

If you're an actual German good job. Likes like you are rare nowadays. Good luck user.

Churchill. They both wanted to grow their empires but Churchill autistically destroyed them both in the process.



Hush with you, eternal ((dane))

Why would you want that?

Why would you want democracy?
>no freedom
>Your country has no sovereignity
>You're just a number
>Get arrested for anything
>Foreigners have more rights than you

Spain was so much better under fascism. Like any country would be.

>Spain was so much better under fascism
That's not what I heard

Because you only heard want communist scum wants to tell you.


How was it better under Fascism? Your economy boomed after Franco's death.

Because the sanctions were lifted and even then it went downhill fast.

Is this a joke? What makes you think dumbmocrazy is such a good thing?