Gun Control Speech

Hello y'all, I have a public speaking project tomorrow and it's on gun control. I am arguing against it.

My class is mostly women, an is in commiefornia. I am going to come at it from the angle of 'a gun in every purse in america' so I was hoping you guys could provide me with all of the nice little clips of women protecting themselves with purse guns

tl;dr I need clips for a presentation of women protecting themselves from rapists with guns. This is to convince a class of about 50 women that guns are good.

>inb4 it's not gonna work

These videos are going to follow an interview I did with a lesbian woman who owns a gun store in my town. So please Sup Forums, I need those videos.

I think I could actually convince these girls. 3 or 4 of them had speeches about themselves getting raped.

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The thought of them having a gun in their purse will scare them.

bump for interest

no rape in this one, but there might've been had she not been armed

you could go with a "guns are the great equalizer" blah blah "look at how this tiny asian woman defended herself from 3 intruders" "thanks, guns!"

It's undemocratic, you don't take power away from the people. What happens when guns are taken away? It leaves 1 group with power of violence and that is the state/army. Now what happens when leaders of the state start exploiting citizens? You don't bring a stick to a gunfight.


I am specifically looking for the security / CCTV footage -type clips of women who are about to get raped and then you see the flash and the guy falls to the ground cause he got shot

ahh yes, I too predicted this, which is why I am opening with the interview I did of the lesbian woman who owns the gun store.

First we talk about how much safer all of her customers feel after they purchased a firearm (she offers a safety course for first timers)

then we talk about how her husband uses it for stress relief. 'my husband uses it for stres relief. SHE'S a doctor so she just goes down to the range after work and fires off a few rounds'

ANDDD the interview closes out with her telling me about how they have a Zumba class in the gun store at nights when it closes.

It's literally perfect.

>a zumba class in the gun store after it closes
>gun store run by shy lesbian woman
>zumba class

regardless of whether carrying a gun in their purses would scare them, they will be unable to say that. Because this woman who owns the gun store is on like 1488 levels of empowerment more than they are.

Also you can't argue that gun control is a bad thing, because who would want every single maniac to be able to get weapons, so slightly turn the argument against the extreme case. Banning of all weapons. Also it is critical for you to mention this first so your counter-argue has to accept your argument, which makes you the winner.

Have you tried looking yourself?

if everyone has guns the maniacs get shot by upstanding citizens

>implying women understand power relationships

trust me perkele; if women understood power dynamics you would not want to lift on this planet anymore

yes obviously I have or I wouldn't have come here

>Now what happens when leaders of the state start exploiting citizens?
which always happens when u have a state. without exceptions.

the real argument is that gun control is immoral.

thank you for providing content

I actually can only have 10 seconds of video at a time, and I don't want to use traditional arguments because I am pretty sure everyone there has probably heard them before, but even more importantly, I am 100% sure my teacher has because she mentioned them all.

I just want those clips. My arguments are fairly solid. This is a group speech and I have 2 other guys in my group. 1 guy is putting the whole thing into the historical context of revolution and freedom, the other is talking about how the legislators have no idea what they're talking about.

And me?

I am in charge of emotional arguments.

Feast your Eyes my friend.

>“A call box above my head while I was straddled on the parking garage floor being brutally raped wouldn’t have helped me one bit,” she proclaimed. “The safe zone? Well, I was in a safe zone and my attacker didn’t care.”

>In her own experience, Collins said she knew something was wrong the moment her attacker grabbed her from behind. Tragically, she was raped at gun point, in a gun-free zone, less than 100 feet away from campus authorities. The assailant went on to assault two other women and to kill a third.


>Mom Defends Children Against Three Armed Invaders, Killing One


>Georgia Mom Shoots Home Invader, Hiding With Her Children

See that? I chose the most feelz-inducing stories possible. I mean come on. >single mother defends her 4 children from 3 intruders (niggers)? That shit is gold

>which always happens

That's not the argument.

The argument is that does it happen to the extent that it WOULD happen, in america, if we had zero guns?

most right-wing americans would say no, it doesn't, if we were unarmed it would happen to a far larger extent.

Hitler disarmed the Jews :^)

argument from effect is always subjective and not as effective as a logical argument.

well look at germany. look at china. want totalitarian socialist societies? then get gun control.

Just say that the benefits of owning a gun is that you get to kill communists, starting with yourselves.

Just take the Trump route and go moderate.

Support an assault weapon ban.

> I am specifically looking for the security / CCTV footage -type clips of women who are about to get raped and then you see the flash and the guy falls to the ground cause he got shot

Uh there are no such videos. Show them the videos of massacres in ISIS held territory in Syria and Iraq, and tell those entitles libshits that a genocide (Of Shia Muslims, and Christians) is happening right now in the mideast.

And accuse anyone who supports gun-control of being a monster who supports genocide. Then go straight to the six million and what gun-control did for the jews.

There's no such thing as gun control. Just centralized gun control.

They're putting gun ownership in the hands of people they feel are more "qualified" to use them
(Skip to 30:54)
>Guns are a disease, man.
>They ravage and kill. You think about that.
>There's NOTHING you can do to stop them. Except buy more of the same disease and vaccinate yourself against them.
>Doctors and hospitals, they like THRIVE on the disease man, because disease is profit to them, and with the profit they buy more of the same disease and vacinate themselves.
>With what's leftover they infect us and they kill us, like with nuclear bombs man.

If you think that sounds crazy, then you haven't stared down the wrong end of gun (yet).

Side with your opposition OP, they won't expect it. We need to foster tolerance and understanding for our criminal elements, and we can no longer help them if they're dead. Even if they themselves are armed, dangerous, likely male and thus much stronger and more violent than women, a mentally sound woman has no right to defend herself on equal footing with a psychotic man, as she begins with the true advantage from the start. Should she die as a result, it's an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice towards a cleaner, healthier more progressive tomorrow.


Seriously, just walk in there and bullshit them hard with meme arguments. Make the whole thing a big fucking laugh.

>Stroll in
>pull up power point
>slide 1: Joseph Stalin
>"For my first argument, I present to you Joseph Stalin"
>slide 2: Stalin from another angle
>"Alleged human and mass murderer, but more importantly..."
>slap a huge sticky red sign on the wall behind you that says "COMMIE"
>slide 3: more stalin
>"You see, somebody could have used THIS"
>slide 4: a nice tasty golden age semi-auto
>"To Kill THIS"
>Slide 5: Joseph Stalin again
>"But didn't, because he wouldn't let anyone have a gun around him. Very smart, Joe, very smart."
>"now buckle up ladies because this is going to be a long lecture"
>proceed to show no less than seven different varieties of commie that can be killed with various firearms