African American music

I know we all hate niggers, but can we take a moment to appreciate African American MEN who made dope ass music?
Unfortunately, old school hip hop contributes a lot to the current AA sentiment of being "victimized."
All blacks have grown up listening to the best decade for hip hop: the 1980's.
Things really were different then.
Gotta love this stuff.
>Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day
>NWA - Straight Outta Compton (dirty)
>Easy E - Cruizin in my '64
>Public Enemy - Don't Believe the Hype
>Tupac - Troublesome '96
>South Central Cartel - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

These are just my favorites; add some of yours

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NWA is probably THE beginning point in the transformation point of hip hop turning into degeneracy.

As for other other good black music, jazz and Motown.

>Black Lives Matter
>Make songs that glorify black on black violence.
Pick one.

That's today's rap.
In the 80's, blacks really were being shit on still.
Not that some didn't deserve it.
This is the creative result of all that. Personally I enjoy it, and nothing of quality has come from them since

I encourage all Euros to listen
>Ice Cube - King of the Hill

You guys aren't opposed to ANYTHING black are you?

fuck rap

rap and hip hop are gay as fuck.

I only listen to music that isn't designed to turn you into a homosexual

A true redpilled man's music is Hopsin. WARNING: If you are not an intellectual then don't listen to Ill mind 5

Put up some Jazz and Motown, you stupid fool.


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why do blacks make the best music regardless of genre or era lads?

Shit, you better stop listening to country, then

Good music or not it clearly spreads and promotes thug behavior.

Now look where we are.

I wish blacks went back to making Funk and Psychedelic rock instead of fucking hip hop

Sup Forums should finally accept thrash metal as their lord and saviour.

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>Blacks were still getting shit on in the 80's
How? I don't remember that.

if only blacks could go back to this.
Id say 70's and prior were best blacks, after that they kinda just spiraled out of control and became the mess they are today. SAD

>As for other other good black music, jazz and Motown.
The last days for any hope of nigger self respect.

>after that they kinda just spiraled out of control and became the mess they are today. SAD

Redpill incoming: War on Drugs is what irreparably destroyed black communities and turned them into what they are today

more like war between themselves over who got to sell the crack, faggot, the ones in prison were just the unlucky ones who got caught

Chuck Berry was a nigger degenerate who enjoyed farting and pissing on white hookers while filming

I dont know anything about it desu so i cant agree or disagree, however i know that there were a shit ton of drugs going around.

Kek confirms you know nothing and drugs are the cause.

Fukin shills, funkedelic is where its at

Redman - Muddy Waters

It's always the drugs.
Drugs are bad, this concept is hard for some to grasp, probably because their brains have been fried to shit.

>all this rapshit
EW&F is literally god tier

Good taste, roo

well he is a half cuban half beaner or something but it's hiphop so whatever
>Kool A.D. - Dum Diary (Here Today Sessions)

Let's not forget about erule:

I prefer his instrumental because I just can't understand what these nogs are saying.

Sounds like gibberish babble with nigga sprinkled all around it.

I love heavy metal, rock music in general, I acknowledge Elvis as the king, but even he prays to the god of rock n roll Chuck Berry (of which I just found out he died 3 days ago)

Don't give a damn who makes music, if it's good, then that's all that matters.

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if you think black people aren't human. You're retarded. If you think black people aren't god's children you're retarded.

Doesn't mean white's are superior, but it means no shit you can relate to their struggles being god's children and being human beings.

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they were reduced to buddy cop role for whole decade, this kind of thing will be not forgotten in few generations

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at least acknowledge som real talented musicians like mulatu astake, instead of degenerate rap shit

Let's not forget Jimi Hendrix who can play guitar better than he can masturbate.

One of my favourites

Don't forget the classic (blacks hate fags and trannies too)

>dope ass music

>blacks have (c)rap

>whites have ?

>asians have neoclassical technical melodic progressive symphonic power metal


>asians have neoclassical technical melodic progressive symphonic power metal
Nope. They have rap as well.

they're still niggers, but we've got to admit, niggers are good at entertainment

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