Hold me Sup Forums :(

Trump approval rating is at an all time low guys, I'm so fucking angry (I have anger issues) I punched a hole in my drywall and woke up my mom (it's 3 am in Canada), she started yelling at me and telling me she would kick me out of the house and that I'm a worthless loser piece of trash cause I have no job and just sit around all day playing video games (I'm 28 and a NEET).

My day is already off to a terrible start I fucking hate my life.


There's no need to worry, just accept it. Comey will end the pain soon, trust me.

hold fast, we chaos now

It's not nice to try and make your political opponents feel bad, user.

It means you're as bad as those you dislike.

what do look like, your mommy?
suck it up, fag. the approval ratings are a joke anyway.

Are those the same polls that projected a Hillary win?

Don't trust huffingtonpost OP

Nice trolling, leafbro!

Triggered Drumpfkins incoming in 3... 2...

I think that Image names are a bit overdone at this point though...

same here bro

There is deception everywhere in the media and it is hard to see what is true and what isnt, or is just half truth. They are pushing hard at trump and trump is not a saint at all. If they havent found anything by now they will find some pay to play type shit sooner or later. Remember what its all about. Fucking globalists and screwing with the system till the system can become somewhat operable again.

OP Don't trust huffingtonpost

it's the Gallup poll... again, a JOKE.

You still believe that crap?

>believing in polls anymore

Feelsbad leafbro, we are fucked.

>Huffington post

As if any of the listed was ever right about anything


It's counter-meming to disrupt shilling Vlad. It's necessary.

Drumpf utterly btfo

>so much winning

Every pollster says Trump is finished and he's going to get impeached, I'm fucking raging, maybe we made a mistake voting for him.


ooooohh!! Damn! Those were some sweet MeMes!!


feelsbad we should have voted HIllary


>starting Vietnam 2.0 by sending troops to Syria in hopes of building a larger territory for Israel
>wants to censor all anti-Israel opinion
>Neocon Warhawk
>Jewish members in Cabinet
>Jewish family connections
>Literally Jews his supporters

And I was warning this board since 2015 we were being invaded by /r/the_donald. Nobody believed me when I stated /ptg/ was started by a former Trump campaign staffer and maintained by him.

Trump = re-branding of the same neocon GWB shit for the LE EBIC MAYMAY millennials. The bottom line is no one here unironically kept their support for Trump when the red pills dropped except for r/The_Donald and /ptg/ shills.

What could have been









He truly jewed us



But you are a worthless piece of shit. You should consider suicide.






The shills are evolving.

Nice try, though.

>everyone I dislike is a shill

As the Jews have used you Trumplet puppets to be conditioned to this! Good goy!

>everyone I disagree with is a shill

A childrens guide to debate.

No, we should gas him or exile him to Israel, as all kike lovers have been in the past.

>this whole thread

This is one of the greatest threads ever posted on Sup Forums and anyone who isn't laughing should neck themselves immediately

Bravo, OP

Whole lot of Tokyo Roses in this thread.

Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Drumpf crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.

>these posts still get serious replies

See this was tried in the past and now we have kikes out the arse. Bullets are cheaper and a corpse can't try to get all your shekels

This isn't something to be laughing at. What I posted is serious and should be taken as gospel.

If you think Trump being controlled by the kikes is a joke, perhaps look into what I'm saying a little bit further. You'll turn against him some day, I'm telling you, just you wait. Sup Forums will return to being the National Anarchist board it has been since it's inception.

See and fuck off back to r/The_Donald, kike

You're not as funny as OP, and you don't seem to get how things work here.


It's a quality thread.

Huffingtonpost LOL. FUCKING LOL @ believing those cunts on anything.

saged, post shit like that on reddit or go to lgbt

Nice fucking filename shill, fuck off

If they're going after kike shit, I have no problem with that.

As Bannon himself said, Trump is nothing more than a blunt instrument. I hope he destroys the deep state - and maybe, just maybe, inaugurates the Fourth Turning. I have zero further hopes for him. Fear not, Leaf, fear not.

Friend, you really need to lurk a lot more before you start posting here.

This isn't Stormfront, and trying to talk like them will just get you laughed at.

And read my previous posts, r/The_Donald kike shill

Any day now Drumpfy will be impeached.

putin pls

Man, Sup Forums really has fucking changed. It's pathetically sad. This place was National Anarchist before /nupol/ r/The_Donald cucks like you came here.

You should gas yourself before it's too late.

Just because I'm from reddit you sage my threads?

Fuck you you cunt, the fact that I peruse other forums in no way means that I can't have genuine criticism/concerns of Trump.

Holy shit, whaaaa? Just noticed this. Thanks for drawing attention for anons not paying attention, like me.

Truly an elaborate shill post. Sometimes I almost want to applaud the efforts of devoted kikes. Almost.

>Everyone I disagree with is a shill

Wow excellent debating skills you dumb fucking bogan.

>getting this mad in your own thread

So, um, Mr. Shareblue, sir, care to explain the file name?

Where are the demographics between Democrats and Republicans? The one I saw a few weeks ago had him in the 80s with Rs and the 10s or 20s with Ds.

anyone else concerned about Trumps low approval ratings?

Why does everyone hate him? Why is he such a failure?

>Trump approval rating is at an all time low
lol I heard this on the radio this morning. I fucking lol'd hard. They are so transparent and desperate.

Awoo. This is not a drill. Fuckoff shariablue

Not mad, and if I'm "mad" I'm trying to educate you and you're just laughing at my truths. Bottom line is we're the ones winning and you're the ones dying off Sup Forums because the counter movement against r/The_Donald is taking in effect and succeeding at repelling you vermin.

Maybe Shareblue is beneficial to Sup Forums because it attacks kike-controlled opposition like (((Trump)))? Really makes you think, mein goy.

No one cares about that shit. What matters is what Sup Forums thinks and I'm sure it's 40-60 disapprove-approve because of proven kike connections and neocon politics that failed /us/.

That filename though. It's too obvious. What's your endgame, Leaf faggot?

Because his lies are crumbling down, and the truth shall win. Drumpf supporters were on the wrong side of history.

Maybe if you autistic retards had a normal sleep cycle this wouldn't happen. You stay up until 3 am breaking shit in your house because of politics outside of your own country? It's time to get some shut eye after a good nights sleep you won't be doing that anymore.


Holy fuck, this is too much. Y'all make shit money, I get that, but shit, try a little more goys! It's not even fun this way :(

there are unwritten rules

To expose the kikes for who they are.

Yep, controlled by the kikes. With Jews you lose!

They can never sleep when it comes to defending the kike's orange man. Just laugh at them with the rest of us oldfags.

I do this for free, you're the one being paid by ex-staffers to get le upboats from r/The_Donald.

Now you're being too obvious. What did I tell you?

Regroup, take some lessons, and come back tomorrow. You're inches away from greatness.

How much are they paying you? Jesus Christ this is sad. So I think we've got at least 3 Shareblues in here, all of whom fucked up pretty badly.

What's your mission? Just to shitpost? Make it cool to bash ol' Donnie?

My goal is to Expose trump and his lies to all of you politically incorrect posters

Oh man, I'm loving this! Seriously the best fun I've had in the middle of the night in, well, a few days at least! Do you guys know each other? Do all the shareblues know each other? Or is it a simple contract sort of thing, maybe even under the table?

Don't tell me what to do, Leaf. I'm doing the work that Sup Forums has asked me to do. You're the controlled opposition, not me.

Zero shekels.

And read above, because this is what the rest of Sup Forums should understand and that it's you r/The_Donald shills that invaded Sup Forums and transformed it into a civicuck's containment board filled with subversive shit dedicated to you masturbating to anime vermin.

Hey, nice job on that file name, buddy! Earning that 9.75 an hour. Hope it's American $ though, not that Canadian shit $.

Man, what the fuck is happening in this thread? To actual anons, do Shareblue fags normally fuck up this bad? Or are these guys newbies?

I don't know Shareblue but they post far more constructive things than any of you circlejerking civicucks do. If they're going after the kike-controlled puppet that is (((Trump))) I'm all for it. As is the majority of Sup Forums

I'm not a shill, I'm trying to help you.

I don't know why Americans are so intimidated by hearing genuine, thoughtful criticism of their country and their politics, but you obviously are. All I can say to that is: deal with it.

It's the 21st century. This is the information age. If information scares you, then go back to your bumfuck trailer somewhere and hang on to your delusions.

Me? I'm a freethinker. I'm an idea man. I thrive off of enthusiasm. And I fucking love science. So when a Canadian is nice enough to offer you constructive criticism, take it as a compliment. Because we want to see you thrive as a country. We want to see you progress and follow us into the future.

>this fucking thread

Cool, looks like we can have a nice chat now.

So your stated "mission" is to show Sup Forums the light? And now you say you "don't know Shareblue" but, apparently, you DO know that "they post...constructive things." Do I have all of that right?

I'd love to talk for real though. Are you willing to divulge any details on Shareblue? Who is paying you? How much? How'd you get this gig? Is it a side-gig? Or are you just desperate for cash? No shame in it, bro! Times is tough and all.

So, you're not a shill? Can I ask again about that filename, bro? Because you didn't exactly say it was a joke or an accident...in fact, you sorta implied you're Shareblue:


Can you at least be open minded to our message?

Don't laugh longer as my posts will come to haunt you if you don't take them seriously, fucking kike slave.

I'm raising a point, saying that you've been played by (((them))) and (((Trump))) is perhaps the worst Jew puppet the world has ever created with his most recent executive orders of putting ground troops on Syria and forcing more needless wars just to expand Israel's territory along with making any anti-semitic comments on the Internet a form of hate speech just to fulfill his status as slave to the kikes, along with you for being all bread and circuses about it.

So yes, Shareblue MIGHT have a point in redpilling you.

Oh my god bro i know youre just making a joke with all the sick shareblue memes but that post still made my dick hurt

Who's us? That's what I've been asking, my Shareblue nigga! Any details, however minimal, that you could provide would be tremendously appreciated. Who do you work for? Who hired you? Why'd you fuck up not one, not two, but three separate filenames? Isn't altering the filename, like, first-day sort of shit?

THE POSTER IS OBVIOUSLY JUST MEMEING just look at the filenames. Haha, silly guy. Good one