Praise Kek

Two in one day.


Will there be a third? who will be next?

I know of D Rock but who's the other one?

a Fenian Faggot

IRA faggot Martin McGuinness.

Shame he didn't kill more Brits like you

If kek exists, all these fucjers will be gone + Krautheimer



Will be a black or a paki next, has to be.

All I know is there will be alot of booze flowing in the pubs of the naton tonight, everyone rejoicing at the fact this dirty Taig terrorist cunt has finally clocked off.

a republican nationalist who killed 100s of British soliders.

Expect them to meme him as a commie globalist all day.

Isn't it time to go to school yet?

>not a globalist

nice fake news story with single word "quotes" shill


Oh kek hes actually real

>Thinks Rockefeller is actually dead

That's why you got fucked up by farmers , niggers, natives , and Frenchman pal

Camtasia handle the Bantz m80

>Thinks Rockefeller is real

im going after every rothschild.

i've had enough.

Take videos while you're at it!

i need to become like hitman.

take out everyone of these motherfuckers.

travel the globe being a patron of good will.

if everyone of these fuckers died today, the world would be a better place tomorrow.

Coming from a country BTFO by Vietnamese and Arabs that's rich.

glad about rockefeller but sad about IRA guy, he did a good job removing the eternal anglo

'Nationalist' in that sense here means those wanting to turn the island of ireland into one whole nation again 32 counties. Its not an antithesis of globalism in this context it simply means they dont want ulster being british.


Literally died for nothing plastic paddy.

Soros will die with memes.