Charity in poor African nations.

Can someone PLEASE give me a in-depth report, link or a reply that explains why we give so much money but nothing ever changed?

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Pretty simple really.

Give tons of food to a shithole country. All the farmers there go out of business because they can't compete with free.

Same with everything. Education, medicine, doctors, infrastructure.

(((Philanthropy))) is designed to keep poor nations poor forever.

Africans reproduce without thinking ahead, population doesn't have enough food, we feed them, give them healthcare, they keep reproducing, they need our help again

But don't at least some charities focus on training locals? Then again, if the documentary empire of dust is anything to go by....

Also, would legit support contraceptives.

>nothing ever changed

Incorrect. The African population has exploded, yet they lack the civil, medical, or agricultural infrastructure required to maintain their numbers. This means that if there's some sort of huge disaster in the western nations which keep these African populations maintained, there will be massive chaos and starvation. This could mean either massive starvation into death whilst the people turn on each other for the little food they can get, or they all rampage into Europe.

I wonder ((who)) would orchestrate such a thing?

It doesn't matter if SOME charities do, senpai. They still can't compete with free.


Charity is a retarded meme.

Because their IQ is so low that they have no idea how to invest and develop a society. No amount of money is going to help them, they need time to evolve and develop their civilization, or just die off for the greater good.

As long as there's free to go around, the trained locals are useless.

it did change...

it got worse

it happens every time you create a welfare state

Catholic Priest here. I went over there on an aid mission a few years back. This is back when I was still pretty "leftist leaning" and had thoughts of saving the world.

I'll give a rather quick summary, since I spent two years there, so trying to explain in detail would take forever.

So for the last 40 to 20 years, the Catholic Church has been giving tonnes upon tonnes of free stuff. And this is just the Catholic Church. There are others. However, the Catholic Church is one of the biggest offenders. They not only give free food, water and education, they also give out Bibles and teach Religion in depth. One of the main subjects we taught was that Condoms are bad. And should not be used.
This was a major reason for the explosion in the population. After that, it was free food and water and whatever else. And local suppliers simply couldn't keep up. Add in to that, the constant destabilization of any KIND of government that pops up north of SA has made establishing proper government entirely impossible. Add on to that the constant aggression from the Middle East, and you one of the most unstable places on earth.

Charity isn't doing anything good. You NEED to teach them HOW to live as a country. The money isn't anywhere near enough, but also just enough to cause problems. Education is the answer, not free stuff.


Pathological Altruism is our burden.

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>Can someone PLEASE give me a in-depth report, link or a reply that explains why we give so much money but nothing ever changed?
because it's not about the africans. It's about the first world citizens patting themselves on the back and believing their pointless giving actually matters. In the end it does more harm than good, but the high a first worlder feels by "helping" is more important than third world repercussions.

but how do you educate people with median IQ of ~67?

we should just stay out of the way

Also: don't move them out of their natural habitat, you wouldn't do that to other animals, it destroys the natural balance. humans tend to forget that they're animals and part of nature

Are they actually like that though? Or is it just that since Africa is largely underdeveloped, it's also got an underdeveloped education system.

I don't think anyone knows the real answer to that, obviously genetics do play some part.

I don't think giving them another handout by building up their education system would help either. You would just end up pushing a different culture on them through education which could have unknown effects, like in

go to america and live in "da hood" for a month.

They fucking are.

I was walking through the city a few days ago, and some guy who was working for some charity approached me and asked if I wanted to donate any money to some charity that will send Aid to African

So I told this guy, That 20 years ago, there was ad's on TV promoting a charity that funds African Aid services and now it's 2017 and there is still starving children in Africa
I lied that I care about them but I told him that Africa is beyond the help of food donations and medicine aid, Africa needs Law & Order, they need to be overtaken and things have to be dealt with or otherwise we will forever have starving African children because their governments are corrupt and betray their own people.