So Sup Forums are other races ugly because incest ?

I mean honestly white people tend to be more pretty.
I know that there are mutant rednecks but those are minority compared with other races.
Few blacks , hispanics like me , asians and middle easters are considered "pretty".
Look when I type pretty in google images.

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Spain isn't really Hispanic. At least, any families older than a generation.

Whites simply have the most compelling facial features. I'd say East Asians can sometimes come close, but niggers everyone else is pretty fucked.

I don't know, you tell us? Is that why you're ugly? Also, half those girls are unfuckable.

It's just that white genes have less ways to be expressed that are ugly. Especially East-European girls. Even a truly ugly Russian girl is literally incapable of looking worse than an ugly Bantu African girl, for example

for example meaning the example I typed, not the picture
>pic related
is German.

Stupid thread.. mostly everyone is ugly as fuck.

Ugly East Europe girls would be considered a 7+ in Germany :/


Are half-elves white?

germanics/slavic arent pretty

some people say that and its thanks to your media, you all look like pigs

fuck off


take the ugg pill


im not, pigskin

go fuck your dog or something, oink oink

>domican negroid in charge of determining beauty standards

so are you saying i must think that germanics/slavic are beautiful?

that is top globalism right there my idiot friend

you arent beautiful, deal with it

If whites arent the prettiest why do most ethinicities gravitate towards whites according to matchmaking app studies?

Western media

No, other races are uglier because they are not K selected.

Whites are and will be the highest standard of beauty,all races look at us with envy because white is the most asthetic thing
when we will be eradicated they will erase us from history otherwise they would live with a inferiority complex their whole lives....kek.

There seems to be more ugly people nowadays. I remember in Australia when you could line up women and they'd all be at least an 8.
Now they have disappeared and theres just ugly foreigners everywhere.

I agree. If you look at public figures from the 40s, 50s, etc they are more attractive.

You might as well call obama white

based darksin white romanian