Hey Sup Forums do you regret voting for Trump?

Hey Sup Forums do you regret voting for Trump?


Why would they
No nukes have been fired yet, a ton of dollars saved by cutting a lot of Obamas last minute regulations, Saudi is still worse when it comes to lbgt acceptence

No reason for regrets yet, doubt there will be big ones in the future either

Let's put it this way... way more people would of regretted voting for hillary. What you're experiencing in the US right now is mass hysteria triggered by the left and media.


Trump has done more in a month than king nigger in 8 years

not gonna lie, I always were a big Trump fan, but no way I'll vote for him in 2020

Nope :0 why would i why probably the best decent pres in long time add to that best reaction i've ever seen better than any online troll since it factored into irl so no why would i ?

I voted for Hillary.

Why not? If he keeps fulfilling his campaign promises them

*Then why not vote for MAGA again?

Truth be told republiklans want this. They wasted their shitty patehtic uneducated lives and would like nothing more than to steal and pillage as their dimwitted barbarian ancestors once did.

Not in the slightest. I've been making so much fucking money since Trump got elected since the stock market has been doing so well. I've turned a $20k investment into almost $97k in just this short amount of time.

King nigger and Hillary voters can suck my fat cock.

Unless you accept reality, then yes.

look at my flag

When black ppl steal they call it stealiing. When the white ppl begin to steal they will call it survival. The hypocrites. This is why they are losing in the age of information. Their inability to criticize themselves or look inward.

I'll allow it

>implying I voted for Trump

incoming 100+ posts by this neurotic albino posting nigger




Yeah, I would prefer Jill Stein.

>that warmongering against Iran
>hasn't repaired our relations with Russia (instead he demands they return Crimea)
>hasn't declared any allegiance in the Syrian Civil War or expressed support for Assad
>hasn't cut funding to ISIS and other rebels
>removed regulations preventing the mentally ill from owning guns
>companies can now dump coal waste into the water supply
>completely slashed federal funding for Great Lakes preservation and Michigan infrastructure, sent money to the fucking pentagon instead
>managed to save the Democratic Party (the ultimate tell for controlled opposition, Trump is intentionally fucking up so that the democrats don't fade away, this prevents the alt-left)

No, it was worth the £1k for the flight and hotel just to get to the US and vote even though I'm a UK citizen
Voter IDs are for loser countries

Yes. Voting for Drumpf was the worst decision of my life.

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