Happiest country in the world

How do they do it?

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activate almonds

Together we make the happiest country, Sup Forums

I need meemes

they have the least amount of jews

I've been looking for this for awhile



what game?

Modded The Sims 4 I think


thought so.


kek, sneaking estonia in there casually

I know who you are. You will never be Nordic by the way.

Not in the EU

There you go

>You will never be Nordic by the way.


> How do they do it?

By paying someone to make stupid survey's of immeasurable things to create propaganda for whatever their cause is (attract skilled migration, promote communism, etc).


Lol saying that being a nordic country is a good thing

The only good nordic country is Finland,the rest are shit and their people are pussies(looking at you Sweden)

god damn why are nordic women so beautiful

>the thickness of the girls in that image on the right


>Norway is happy because they see what they could've become right next to them
Maybe if Canada goes even further to shit Americans will be happy.

Well they never joined the EU, for a start.

I mean they're in the EEA which is worse in some ways, but to my knowledge that's strictly economic.

Those are literal whores doing slutty poses.

because theyre models


i don't care, would marry the girl holding the camera

I feel like germany needs some acknowledgement too, they've been triying so hard

either way i want to move to a nordic country

that picture above is the UK. And Norway isn't much whiter than Sweden (91% vs 89%).

now you've gone too far traitor. if you leave never come back.

good fuck this hot weather i want to live in the cold where i dont have a sandnigger tan 24/7


Practice sun safety you disgusting faggot.

go impregnate a philippino whore instead like rest of your kin there

>i want to live in the cold where i dont have a sandnigger tan 24/7

So instead you want to live in a country where sandniggers live?

Please Sup Forums stop laughing at me everyday, its not my fault our politicians are crazy as fuck.
I just want Sweden to be Sweden again...
Yes I am going to vote SD, yes I know about Nordic resistance movement and support them and yes I try daily to red pill my family and friends (with great success).
What more can I do?

i did but i still got tanned
fuck that ill be in a town

Ok, ill say it. Whats with all the European flags having the same design? Christianity?

No, I'm going to impregnate her.

enjoy your roastbeef then, you aussie cunts are crazy in the orient I've heard, going to gloryholes being sucked by literal teenage ladyboys.

Stop projecting mate. White girls only for me.

That white girl in particular. I need to tongue her arsehole so badly.

Have you ever heard of a man named Anders Breivik?

How do people even nofap on this site
This is tastey

None of those fucking girls are blonde look at the eyebrows.


I bet you have never seen a real blonde.

>happiest countries in the world
>highest rates of suicide and depression
Is the road to happiness suicide?

>tfw you realise the ultimate redpill is suicide

This happiness shit is a meme. By adjusting the variables/weights/method of measuring you can make Zimbabwe the happiest place in the world

Just like the rest of social (((science)))

Europe has all the shades of eye and hair colour immigrants just ruin the beauty of the European people. Diversity is code word white genoicide.



rape makes everyone involved happier. Seeing as though its the rape capital of the world I dont know how we didnt see this coming

Can't wait until their oil runs out.

>his country's HDI is less than 0.940, literal third world-tier
>His country isn't the happiest on earth
Fucking plebs


>implying Aussie chicks aren't supremely attractive