Start reading the holy bible

>start reading the holy bible
>it literally describes the earth as pic related

Is science wrong?

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dont try this tack
use gyroscopes
foucalt is the only one that has done it

Maybe the air currents are a plasma
Yep. Corners. And a face.

wtf I love flat earthers now

the whole world is submerged in a giant ocean.



>read religious text from 2000 years ago
>wow it's inaccurate
>is the entire body of scientific evidence gathered about the shape of the earth wrong, or is this specific 2000 year old religious text wrong?

truly a dilemma


yes, that is why the holy koran is the only truth

yes ((science)) is wrong not in every way but they are completely wrong when its about the universe, the creating force behind and the shape

If you question this book that was written by people who didn't know what microbes were, I'll post pictures of people wearing fedoras and smoking vapes, boy I bet you feel dumb now

only a fucking retard would believe the word of jews - which was meant to be taken metaphorically - over scientific fact. Explain comets and asteroids you enormous faggot.

I ate an entire Bible once, it was hard to get through Genesis but it moistened up after the flood scene.

So if you believe this, why don't you charter a ship to Antartica and taking a picture? Or use a weather balloon with a camera? You would be a ridiculously rich and famous man if you proved this is real, what's stopping you?



>he skipped the part that refers to earth as a sphere
The Bible is literally the best book for studying the occult/metaphysics

top kek

Genesis 1-3 describes the superfluid environment leading uo to the Big Bang.

>1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
>2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
>3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

nice quads

Next it describes the creation of duality (positive, negative)
>4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. >5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Can't find the phrasing I like online but it goes on to describes the creation of elements through the division of energy (waters) and the creation of man.

stop you will hurt these idiot's brains

the right is logical, but believes in these fairy tale bullshits. it looks as crazy and hypocritical to the left as they do to the right. I think the jews put group these cognitive dissonances together to confuse everyone.

The right wouldn't even exist without these fairy tales. Besides, in the absence of God, man would worship the state. The religion is absolutely necessary for the survival of the ideology regardless of your belief in it.

We can do better than sandnigger tales. It's not working anymore, as you can see. time to think of new solutions


>be 4000 years ago
>no science
>see water falling from the sky on a regular basis

I don't blame them for thinking there's an ocean up there. I would've probably thought the same

Yes Science is wrong.
Hermeticism is the way to go.

remember dat science is (((science)))

>literally cultural diversity rhetoric
The next line in that narrative is "we need mo variety in order to evolve because muh perpetual need to solve things that don't matter"

Care to provide the specific verses? I'm pretty sure it described

>earth in humid atmospheric canopy of moisture
>groundwater trapped below
>watered by thick, humid mist
>flood initiated
>rains for first time "40 days, and 40 nights"
>trapped groundwater springs forth
>global moisture canopy rains itself out
>proceeds until tops of mountains covered
>Noa/family wash up somewhere in Turkey/Asia minor
>only people left alive
>now inbred and irradiated, from loss of protective canopy
>all things less than they were before

Considering the knowledge they had at the time, it seems fairly logical.

Dear Fedoras,

Obviously we know better now. Good job! You know more than people did thousands of years ago.

Yalla habibi Mohammed

(((plebbit))) fedoras on 4chinz: the thread

>bible is god's word
>earth is obviously not flat
>god is wrong
>bible is wrong

Explain this christcucks

You are less informed than flat earthers.

Wanna know what Isaiah 40:22 is really about?

Read a little context:

To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him?

19 The workman melteth a graven image, and the goldsmith spreadeth it over with gold, and casteth silver chains.

20 He that is so impoverished that he hath no oblation chooseth a tree that will not rot; he seeketh unto him a cunning workman to prepare a graven image, that shall not be moved.

21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?

22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

23 That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.

TL;DR Satan sits upon the circle of the Earth.

Ever seen pic related? The work of the stone masons (mystery babylon)?

Pro-tip: if part of the Bible doesn't make sense to you it is because you are ignorant, not because you are enlightened

Holy fuck. People are stupid primate cunts. I hope a rock hits us and we all get eradicated.

>someone wrote something in a book 2000 years ago

No fucking way they could be wrong
Sphere-earthers btfo

How can Earth be flat if we have mountains???

Where did this flat earth propaganda/psyop come from?
Who's really behind this shit?
This shit is being professionally shilled , and I'd like to know what the real purpose is behind it.

Anybody have any ideas or leads?

It's not new. There's always a concerted effort to associate anti-establishment "movements" with nonsense.

It's not about shilling, it's about truth and you should wake up. The earth is flat, why should water flow around a ball???? Not possible.

>believing in mountains






That fucking sheol thing is giving me trypophobia.

The Bible isn't the word of God, Christ is.

The firmament is the atmosphere the ocean is space. Space and the deep ocean have similarities

The earth is flat. Go outside. Use your fucking senses and your intuition. The horizon is flat. It is never curved. Sea level is called sea level because it's fucking level. Follow a ship on the horizon with a telescope and it will never leave your line of sight. The sun and the moon are the same fucking size, you can see it with your own two eyes. They are independent of eachother. The moon gives off it's own light, it doesn't reflect anything from the sun. You can see this for yourself at home with two thermometers - one in the shade, one in the moonlight. The thermometer in the moonlight is colder than the thermometer in the shade.

Soak a tennis ball in water and spin it around in the air. Look at the water.

Look at the fucking UN Flag. It is the flat earth map. They are LAUGHING at you.

Use your brain, use your senses, use your intuition and admit to yourself you have never experienced anything in your daily life that would lead you to believe we are on a spinning sphere hurtling through infinite space.

Realize we don't have a single image of the earth that hasn't been created through CGI or photoshop. Look it up for yourself.

Realize NASA receives billions of dollars a year for decades and has done nothing.

Gravity doesn't exist. It's a theory. We are on a fucking flat plane because every single part of our intuition and our senses tell us this is so. It's that simple. It's so simple it's mind boggling ridiculous that anyone can think otherwise.

Admit we have been lied to about everything in an attempt to do away with any semblance of human importance of self worth in order to be made to feel like we are useless, unimportant and insignificant. Admit humanity has been enslaved.

Admit to yourself pizzagate is real, 9/11 was a hoax and you are a slave to a Masonic world order that has used their religion of science and gravity to indoctrinate you and strip you of your humanity so they can own you.

Jesus christ it's really not that fucking hard guys

Pretty sure it doesn't.

It's far more important what happens on the earth than what shape is the earth.
Plus, if any of you ever left your basement and went on a plane flight, you'd see it's very easily provable.
You probably have a better case against heliocentrism than against spheroid earth.

>A book written around a 1000 years ago
>translated, re-translated, edited for each country, narrative changes approved by pope or local religious leader.
>anything in there being close to the original

Seriously though. It's the biggest game of Chinese whispers of all time. For all we know it was describing a dam, but it was screwed up over the multiple translations.

Then why do off shore rigs drop out below the seas horizon if it is flat?

Darwin was clueless on the true nature of these things, as well.

The people who wrote it were primitive savages cutting skin off their penises. What do you expect?

>falling for tall jew

I like to think God tried to explain how shit works but people didn't have the capacity to understand.

It was flat until the Ainur curved the Earth in order to hide the Blesses Lands from numenoreans.

the bible doesn't describe it as flat at all. thats just ur shit interpretation

I don't know what you're talking about but I'm assuming you mean off shore rigs? Oil rigs? Or fishing rigs? The reason anything drops out at sea level is purely due to the convex perspective of our eyes that causes the lower half of our vision to rise and the upper half to descend. You can follow anything out at sea with a strong enough zoom lense

no you can't. that is my point. you can not zoom out and see some oil rigs that are far past the round horizon.
if it was flat you could use a high powered zoom and see it. but you can not.
just as you can not see england from the usa.

Remember (((they))) burned down the great library of Alexandria where most of the truth was lost to religious and political dogma,

i think the biblie at least the old testament is up to interpretation... old histories for old people

man, cant stop laughing

The bible actually describes a canopy of ice around the 'circle of earth' (as described in Isaiah).
It also talks about subterranean water chambers beneath the ocean floor (which we now know exist).
So, in recap, layer of water underneath the ocean floors, and a layer of frozen water encasing the planet like a green house.
The canopy of ice and subterranean water chambers broke open when God flooded the planet.
It is important to note that if the earth was completely covered in water that the temperature index would go through the roof.
Everything would be cooked (literally) according to the latent heat of condensation laws.
So, it was important to have all that ice which fell to earth, later forming the poles.
The ice prevented the earth from cooking itself.
Where the earth broke open can clearly be seen when looking at a globe - fault lines.

t. Walt Brown's hydroplate theory

It's called being poetic. Do you actually think that's supposed to be taken literally?

can't breathe


The bible is not a literal text it's a philosophical one steeped in thousands upon thousands of years of tradition and storytelling about whst it means to be a fucking human it has nothing to do with the material world in any way shape or form. Attempting to hold science as a moral and philosophical guidance is as ridiculous as christ fags using the bible as a physical, real truth


show me one of california to japan.
do something bigger
that is pathetic
go big or go home

You lot can't see nips until they're flying over you.

and you have no cricket honor

What your saying would only apply to some non-flat surface though. We should be able to see everything within our field of vision which is pretty much everything in front of us at very large distances

the bible is not a science textbook. It was not written by scientists.

Debunked in the comments. The camera stands at a height unaccounted for by the creators original estimate ONLY accounting for pole height, nor accounting for afternoon refraction.

Why do you want so badly for the earth to be flat? There's so many ways to prove it. Get a laser and a level. Measure it perfectly level at an exact altitude. Shoot it towards a hillside some distance away. Go to that hillside and measure the precise altitude you get the perfectly level with gravitational pull laser. You'll be at a higher elevation than the laser. Stay mad or get over flat earth idc

explain in laymans

>Debunked in the comments. The camera stands at a height unaccounted for by the creators original estimate ONLY accounting for pole height, nor accounting for afternoon refraction.

No matter how many times I see this pic I will die every time.

Says camera is 3ft high. Does not account for height above sea level that the camera is placed at. DRAMATICALLY changes the math

That pic gave me autism. And cancer.

it was written by the most primitive superstitious tribes in the middle east at the time. Little better than niggers.

He placed the camera almost at sea level and you could still see the island.

(((holy scripture)))


kys, fedora people XDDD

The bible says nothing to contradict spherical worldview, this image is just reading bible into a flat earth paradigm.

If the earth was a ball like the crazies say, why have we not dug tunnels through it? No matter how far down you dig, you never end up in China.

Go and stand in an open field with nothing in it. The horizon remains perfectly flat for as far and as wide as your perspective allows you to see. Objects in the distance you can't see with your naked eye are due to the convex nature of our eyesight which limits how far and what we can see. Our vision eventually comes to a literal point over a far enough distance which just means our eyes literally cannot see further. This doesn't mean these things are hidden over a curve. This is extremely simple. I just can't understand why people believe we live on a globe when NOTHING, ZERO, JACK SHIT points to this and our human senses tell us otherwise. You are choosing to believe theories based on no evidence whatsoever forced down your throat by people (who everyone on this board is aware of) lie to you unashamedly instead of just going outside and experiencing objective based on human experience. People would rather believe we are stuck to a ball, some people are upside down, some are sideways, yet somehow water remains perfectly level, everywhere, without exception, just because we have been told by some people who don't even know this is the case, that this is the unquestionable truth. It's just bizarre to me.

Almost is not sea level. A few inches can change visibility by several hundred feet at these distances

> God is a failure as a teacher
> God's creations are so FAIL they can't learn

(you) might see where this is going .....

Human senses are by your own admission wrong. Measure it scientifically not "but I feel like it's true so it is"

The bible is a philosophical document, not literal

The bible is wrong
I don't see how people still genuinely believe everything in the bible is real in the current year

Indeed, but it's a good mental workout with all that gymnastics.

Also, I have personally experienced needing to account for the curvature of our planet via signal engineering for radio transmissions that are very specifically tuned. Two towers of the same height cannot have their receivers on the same elevation. Also, everyone is technically upside down and sideways, it's how a sphere works. It's how gravity works. You can prove gravity right now by jumping in the air and falling back to earth. Wow, incredible

So this is what actually happened to the dinosaurs

>prove gravity
Then why does a marble roll off a bowling ball but will stay put on a pool table? If gravity was real, the marble would not roll off the bowling ball.


Wow it's like you don't even know that jews manipulate gravity and every independent observation with scientific instruments (even those created at home) to control humanity because if we knew the earth was flat we wouldn't let them suck bloody baby cocks for power

Or you could erase the need for a ridiculous, nonsensical, non-proven theory like gravity and just realize we can jump in the air and come back down to the earth because we're on a flat plane. Is that so ridiculously insane? I mean seriously? Gravity is only relevant if we're assuming we're on a sphere. Why don't we just realize we're not on a sphere and then gravity becomes a complete non-issue?

Actually, no thats not how the bible describes it. Perhaps to a complete fucking moron, it would be interpreted that way.

>God creates naked ape things
>Kinda cool, let them chill in the nice garden
>Ape thing eats experimental knowledge fruit
>God is caught off guard and sort of improvises
>Kicks the apes from the garden, though. Don't need them getting into anything else.

The gravitational perturbation of the bowling ball do not outweigh that of our incredibly massive planet, however the marble IS affected ever so slightly by the change in gravity presented by a massive object. This is why we have tides, the moon is massive enough to pull ever so slightly on just enough water to raise the water levels in set predictable intervals, but far away enough that it doesn't make make any other noticeable differences to earth's gravity. And those predictable intervals are due to the ROTATION of a SPHERE