Martin Mcguiness is dead

Thoughts? Good or bad?

>mfw I saw the news this morning

Fuck him.

looks like he fucked children

Why does the IRA still exist?
Ireland is literally one of the best countries to live in right now

>Ireland is literally one of the best countries to live in right now

Seriously it has high economy, high hdi, extremely peaceful and a lot of other things.

Its because religious fucks cant get over themselves, the UDA is still a thing (very small sects but still existant) but luckily things like bombings are scarce now, and with all the technological investment down south its going great like

He bombed children, close enough like

the ira is in northern ireland, not the republic

Glad the fucker's dead

The south is actually really nice, up north there is still disputes, and a properly shit goverment (look up the RHI scandal if you need proof)

There is no winning this game, you don't even have any pieces on the board.

Trump is controlled opposition. You really think they would allow someone who could affect real change into the white house? His rise was planned and manufactured like a reality TV script. You were all duped.

He was a cunt but my suspicion is the security services had dirt on him which is why he carried out their bidding eventually.

>anglo salt
I don't know who is this guy but I like him

Fucking bluepilled pinoycuck

He was a main contributor to the troubles in northern ireland, culling protestant members of the public, bombing parts of cities and using his influence to raise a generation of degenerates

Potentially like, corruption was widespread back then

I think you're either a bot or you're in the wrong thread

>tfw duped into having a secure border and banning muslims

damn i sure feel stupid

He probably - no, undoubtedly - fucked kids

You lost friend?

Good. Fuck off Martin you murdering cunt, the world is better off without you here

Does it matter? He stepped down before he died.

>religious fucks
>thinking it was actually a religious conflict rather than a nationality conflict.

>Almost 80% of people shot by the New IRA and other republican terror groups in Northern Ireland over nearly 10 years have been Catholics and nationalists.
>A study of dissident republican violence has found that from 2007 onwards the hardline anti-Good Friday agreement paramilitaries killed or wounded far more people from the communities they claim to represent than police, soldiers or intelligence services personnel.
Le based Oireland meme.

Just look at Gerry and Gerry's brother, both have fucked kids.

No doubt Martin PintofGuinness was at it too.

It matters that a murderer is dead like

And yeah, it was all started by the english like, that doesnt excuse that it was mostly held as a religious fight, especially in places like belfast and eniskillen

Fair play to the user in one of the britpol threads who said he had cancer and would torpedo the NI Assembly on the way out months ago.

proven brit agent, fuck him

Northern irish xdd

I hope it hurt. Piece of shit.

Good fucking riddance. After the bombings in this country I hope he rots in fucking hell, taig cunt.

There nothing in these new leaks. It's fucking NOTHING.