Why do you think it is asian chicks like white guys so much?

Why do you think it is asian chicks like white guys so much?

to more easily turn their bitcoins into usd and then into Ethereum, the next currency of the future.

I can't wait for the autistic Brit poster to come!

Actually they only like liberals, like all women dumbass

This is BS, I'm dating a Filipina and she is conservative as fuck. Likes her president and fucking hates SJW cunts

Because "white man" was synonymous with "status" in whatever colonized asian shit hole their family originates from.
Because white men are taller and less neotenous than asian men.

>This is BS, I'm dating a Filipina
Fucking disgusting you race traitor.

I don't blame them. people from Sup Forums are very socially awkward.

Lol, have you seen the quality of women in this country? By 25 they are all used up whores. I have money and houses and I chose a smart, conservative Filipina - the Chinese girls I know don't like her abd the whites hate her. But, she is loyal and I know I'm the winner because the other bitches are bitter as all hell

hopefully her iberian genes are more prominent

>and I know I'm the winner
You're never the winner if you race-mix haha.

Don't have kids, they'll hate you for it.


Good one Sea Jew.

Thing is... all your women are leaving British men for Jamal cause you're a bunch of tea sipping faggots. Jamal is religious, conservative, patriarchal, and enjoys violence. And we bomb Jamal, which is probably why I'm muh dicking English blondes.

My wife is Chinese. Not new age western washed Chinese that act like richer versions of annoying white girls but classic family value Chinese.

She says she never dated Asian guys because quote "all the asian guys I grew up with were pussy momma boys"

Delete this.

I was on OKC last night. There's a couple of match questions like... Would you have a problem if someone talked shit about another race? Do you care about racist jokes? Do you think different races have different IQs?
So I filtered my results for people that gave red-pilled/shitlordy answers to those questions.

It was all whites and Asians. Asians were way over-represented.

Everybody likes white guys except thug-chasers and feminists.

there's an asian chick that made a documentary about how white men have a creepy fetish for asian women. like 5 minutes into the doc she admits her husband is white and then continues with her doc about creepy white guys.

i think it was called Seeking Asian Female

Dumb niggers, I didn't say I was marrying her or having kids with her. Neither of these things will happen.

I just can't stand the quality of women in Auckland, so I will adopt if need be as I can afford the childcare and have no need for women other than sex

I like asians but dont think race mixing would be a good idea and having half chink kids

>"do you know how many white cocks I had to suck before I found a good one? it bothers me to this very day."

The same reason white chicks like black guys.


Don't post to this shit guys.

He probably didn't say anything the entire time and just silently fell into a deeper self-loathing. And even if he did, I'm sure the cognitive dissonance they'd both experience in her explanation would be funny as fuck

My gf is Japanese. And I've actually spoken with her about this and it basically comes down to hollywood. Always romantic white men wooing the woman treating her like a princess and getting married and living happily ever after etc.

Which as everyone knows isn't reality for the vast majority of people.

So that's what Lucy Liu is up to.

Pinky promise?

Answers I've heard

>blue eyes fetish
>lighter skin (used to be asian status symbol?)
>biggu dicku

There'a also probably a chance they have the same kind of weird fetish some deranged white women do in that they see us like animals and basically just want the equivalent of fucking a horse, but maybe not seeing as they seem to have an actual pref; see pic related.

Because they are empty soulless vessels that are easy to manipulate.

Oh and also many of them think that men from their home nation don't know how to treat women properly.

Which is fair enough because thats how I think about women in bongland. Even though I know it's inherently untrue.

Fuck an Asian dude then you faggot.

is that in the doc?

Chair Force fag here, been to Japan and Korea.

Mainly want to talk about Japan because what I am saying is more prevalent there but basically what I think is going on is brainwashing.

White models in advertisements are common there and in K-pop white dudes are shown like prizes.

Girls in Japan got a kick out of how I towered over them and they loved my blonde hair. I've heard they like to bleach skin and round their eyes, and it is by no means mainstream over there but if you look at their celebrities and models a lot of them either have white features or got surgery to get them.

It's easy to say "They want big dicks lol" but there is more to it than that, or at least I think there is. Not that I'm complaining, I loved being over there.

They see white guys as handsome and are submissive enough to let a guy be a man unlike white women.
Potent combo.

>Oh and also many of them think that men from their home nation don't know how to treat women properly.

What do they mean by that?

I've never seen the doc but I'm going to say that is the clear subtext.

>He probably didn't say anything the entire time
yea i dont remember him saying much. he seemed like a pretty chill dude though. also he was a chad if i recall correctly.

As a white man I can tell you they don't.

Fine, if it will make you happy. But, if you find any non disgusting white chicks send them my way. Maybe I should look into if we have any white nationalist groups

not politically

What is worse than white men muh dikkin'?

Hmm it's quite general I think. Basically not caring enough about them, being kind enough, gentle enough, etc.

Basically not being a gentleman.

Asians are albinos and so are whites. Weaker genetics banding together to protect one and other from dominant ones.

Honestly this fits. From my experience of playing video games people from East Asia and even Loos always tend to have a good sense in humor and are generally pretty based. This goes for most Europeans too. I never seem to get along with Swedes though, they always seem to be on a completely different wavelength.

>implying filipino women are asian

TOPKEK. Enjoy your half pig girlfriend.

So basically they want gaijin men to suck up to them and give them Big White Cock instead of ignoring them and playing vidya?

Whites are ashamed of their real history. Asians too. Because theres nothing superior about a disease.

White guy here, dated 3 asian girls in past all long term-ish (1-2 years.) All three either had daddy-issues, mommy-issues, or both. Also, 2 out of 3 of them thought my dick was huge.

How big is your dick?

Only an Asian woman who dates white guys would have a reason to complain about yellow fever.

For an asian girl who doesn't date white guys it's a minor issue.

For an asian girl who does date white guys it can be a serious problem because it interferes with her ability to distinguish guys who actually like her from guys who are only interested in her because she's asian

Pretty much yeah although I wouldn't say sucking up is the right word. Just be interested in them and treat them well. It's literally the whole romance hollywood movie deal. Falling in love etc.

It's pretty good honestly (understatement) if you are lucky enough to meet the right person and can get it to work out.

A little over 7 inches

Because the mainstream media has cucked asians.

Asian males should be the mate of choice (east asian/rich Asian places like sg/hk)

Asian Chicks are disgusting. Only nigrettes are disgustinglier.

I'll find a qt 3.14 gf to settle in glorious japan and live a comfy and peaceful life.

m..may I ask were they tight?

>Maybe I should look into if we have any white nationalist groups
We do but the girls in them are shit. Our White Nationalist groups are jokes.

There's plenty of good girls around. Country girls are a great bet. Not urban girls.

youre a big guy

Eh, they loosened up a good deal as fucking progressed

Bigger dicks, hearts, fund drives than azn men?

work out with a lot of black guys, so it kind of humbles you

Bigger dick without dating a nigger.

They hate being asian

If that's the case, how is it that Australia and BC are becoming Sinicized?

Work culture asia-wide is horribly fucked up, no point making a commitment to a man that you'll never get to see.

>classic asian values
>white husband
Pick one

Look, just ignore the Sharia Blue wage-slave shillbots.

The answer is very simple: Asian men phenotypically have teeny weeny binky dinkies and are cute little small people. There are exceptions, but your average Asian man is a little diminutive guy.

Black-ass niggers on the other hand are stupid, have a not undeserved reputation for violent outbursts, tend toward criminal behavior, and tend not to be good providers.

An Asian woman's ideal man would be an Asian man who has the physical size and penile length and girth of a black-ass stupid nigger, but those are incredibly rare.

A white man is the happy medium. He's not a slave-bred sexual tyrant or physical behemoth like black-ass nigger apes, but neither is he a tiny little weak slip of a pussy like almost all Asian men. And while he's not as smart or industrious as the Asian man, he's not as stupid, violent, or useless as dark-ass tarbaby spooks.

On top of that, white facial structures tend to be quite attractive even from a completely neutral perspective, whereas Mississippi wind chimes (niggers) often actually look like apes, with huge lips, huge noses, yellowed eyes, low brows, and protruding mouths. Asians can be pretty damned ugly and look like a cross between aliens and the Crypt Keeper.

And that's all there is to it.

>He's not a slave-bred sexual tyrant or physical behemoth like black-ass nigger apes, but neither is he a tiny little weak slip of a pussy like almost all Asian men. And while he's not as smart or industrious as the Asian man, he's not as stupid, violent, or useless as dark-ass tarbaby spooks.

Kek. Not sure if srs

>Kek. Not sure if srs

Good point. I missed one thing:

The ubiquitousness of white men and white-passing Hispanic men compared to Asians and blacks is also a factor. There are a lot of white dudes out there even in the US.

It's a small factor though because most Asian women are connected to concentrated Asian communities and there's no shortage of lonely yellow gooks, zips, Nips, and chinks lined up around the block looking for an IRL waifu.

They don't like white guys more than Asian guys. It's not like you can get a Japanese girlfriend without any effort. If we are talking about Chinese girls, they often use white men for visa purpose, money, etc.

However, whites are often successful, fit and tall. That's what all girls on this planet are craving for. While Asian girls then take their chance to date him, white girls are offended by that alpha look as they fear of their power/feminism.

Same vice verca. Men just like woman in good shape and unfortunately, lots of white woman look like orcs these days (wrong food, etc.). That's why often white men gets attracted by Asians. Human nature.

I do agree that the most important factor when Asian breeding females are choosing between Asian sires or white sires is height.

Height is even more important to Asians than it is to whites, mainly because they have whites and blacks to compare themselves to these days.

This also explains why almost all historical Asian cultures isolated themselves from other civilizations. It's not good for public unrest if all the men find out they're actually tiny manlets compared to the rest of the world.

Can speak from experience that this is also pretty true

there's literally zero difference with their pussies -t. leaf

Then she is ugly

Only liberals get the top tier asians

Actually we are also taking Aisah and Shawna

Win win diversity bitch

How to spot a larper

How to spot a racist fucker who larps

How to spot a jealous asshole

Curiosity speaking. How many Asian girls do you know that likes white people exclusively.

Except dumb moron, only liberal whites get the good looking asians. All the right wing ones are the freaky yellow fever bullshit and get the ugly ones

That is how nature works

>makes empty claim
>acts racist against asians

Demonstrably false.
Most white men asian women are with are prissy white twinks.
Its not about the man, its about the woman. There are rich and good looking men in the upper echelon of every society.
Asian women who want white men wish they were white, and the only way they can achieve being closer to that is to have a white other half

asian girls who aren't trash like pretty boys. see: kpop, anime etc

Only the ugly ones act like that. Which is why all right wing white men get ugly asian women

Often the problem hapas come from right wing white beta and crazy/ugly asian women who hates asians

Meanwhile, liberal non racist white men like Shawn Murray can get the high test asians because they are not racist, not insecure and look past race