What's Sup Forums opinion on Goebbels?

What's Sup Forums opinion on Goebbels?

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Goebbels was wrong on that count though. Degeneracy is objectively bad.

Take the sexual revolution for example, how in the world can you possibly construe that as being a positive or even neutral thing?

Yes, it's absolutely the mark of a stuffy moralist to tell women to keep their damned legs closed before marriage, and that they're flat-out useless and unworthy of marriage if they don't; however, if you look at all of the data and studies we have on these sorts of things, an outlook like this is the ONLY way to restore proper families.

National Socialism borrowed too much from Fascism, which was objectively degenerate. D'Annunzio was a sex crazed hedonist, Mussolini was an adulterer and took on mistresses, and many of the squadristi engaged in casual sex regularly. The National Socialists should completely left that sort of thinking behind, but they didn't.

The only truly decent Far-Right man at the time was Codreanu.

aryanism was an ideal you autist

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You're conflating his rightful disdain for Cromwellian banning of everything for a hedonistic free-for-all. And you're doing it on purpose because you're a Kike.

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He needed a hobby.

I expect it was one of the "right wing" fags we have posting on a daily basis.

He probably had around 200 IQ

"A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth" - Joseph Goebbels. Literally the mainstream media right now.

The fucking faggot killed his 6 kids and not tried to let them escape to South America which makes him a piece-of-shit father.

Furthermore he was completely autistic naming his children: Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, Hedda en Heide.

Quite relevant to a question i posted in another thread, hope you can help.

I am meant to give a decently long speech to my class, I chose politics
I surveyed the class and they all seem pro-leftist/labor/greens/Hillary but i think there might be 1 or 2 outliers i missed

What are some good books or mini courses/videos that can help me give persuasive speeches to sway my class the right?
Also anything on creating effective propaganda or things to change peoples opinions on things over time would be good, I have more plans for the future

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gij zijt een idioot en 1/100000000000 de man goebbels was

his patience ran out

Oh snap. The secret meaning of "drain the swamp" is discovered.

as Gauleiter of Berlin he reclaimed his nation's capital from scum of the earth degenerates. An example for us all

Underrated post

A very sad person. Smart and educated as hell, but he was a tiny cripple who was never recognized for anything until it turned out his classical education had turned him into one hell of an orator. But then look how that career turned out. He should have tried to get a teaching job at a university or something. That roastie he spent his life pining over would have eventually settled for him after learning he had money.

Fuck me that hurts to read.


I'm currently up to Hitler wrecking the Czechs in the Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, and Goebbels really hasn't had much of a role so far.

His "dirty lying mouths" speech was choice.

He was into Jewish women.

goes alright

Goebbels was instrumental in the infamous Kristallnacht

youtube.com/watch?v=LGh2SnKtPy8 his oratory was legendary

he ditched his jewish girlfriend after finding out she was a chosen one

Goebbels was an underdcover hipster.

He put on an exhibition of underground art, in a hard to find, secretive location (while Hitler was putting on a lame big budget mainstream exhibition).

He said it was an exhibition designed to show Germans want NOT to enjoy.

Lines around the block. Packed shoulder to shoulder.

Hitler made him close it down of course.

Aryan's were Poo's In Loo's to begin with.

He spared his children from being tortured and raped by the Bolshevik subhumans that rampaged trough berlin.

Weak little loser with a limp leg, former Marxist who loved the semitic women. He was Sup Forums - /r9k/ incarnate.

Nazi's were pretty fucking easy going on the sex front. Lots of fags. Encouraging underage girls to go full Turbo Slut (as long as it was for Chad's of course).

Plus they weren't really into fascism that much.

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Yeah, but nobody'll appreciate it since he did it for the most stigmatized movement in human history. And while we're praising his abilities he was an incredible politician/propagandist. It was the Nazi's against everyone else in Germany and they came out on top largely due to his efforts. When the party was spreading he was given responsibility for Berlin.

Seems like a pretty Sup Forums thing to do tbqh.

He looked like the people he preached against, embarrassing desu

He saw how Mussolini's family was tortured and publically displayed and he wanted to avoid it.

>Yeah, but nobody'll appreciate it

shame. They really did give the best speeches. You just don't hear anything like it anymore


I have a huge list of sales, persuasion, etc books.

Can't be fucked looking it up now.

You won't have time either. Just start with these;


I would make sure to also include;

>Public Relations
>The Engineering Of Consent

By Edward Bernays.

Also if you're bored watch the Adam Curtis documentary on him, The Century Of The Self.

He was a cousin of Freud's and a big influence not only on Madison Avenue, but also Goebbels.

>Zac Snyder
Cut myself on that edge.

Mosley was better than any goose-stepping autist anyway: youtube.com/watch?v=sPB1jy4vmFA

Dr. Goebbels was perhaps the most fanatical anti-semite of them all. He did dirty work, but that kind of work requires a dirty person to execute it properly. Goebbels was an anti-jew

he was aware what kind of fate he would be leaving them to with tens of thousands of marauding, raping tatars and chechens quickly advancing.


Nigel pls

this, Iron Guard/legionaries were the GOAT fascists

Its easy to say that in 1930s Germany compared to current Western """"Civilization"""". They are completely incomparable as the sheer difference in degeneracy levels is incomprehensible and its only getting worse. Goebbels would still be considered an ultra conservative in 2017 and if you've used these posts to justify you're own degenerate behaviour then you've made a grave mistake my friend.

He never said that, he in fact stated almost the exact opposite.

Yeah, not up to that yet.

Anglo-fascism was superior. Not autistic warmongering that would ruin the movement forever. Just a government that wouldn't eventually hand the country over to non-Anglos willingly.

you might not find that in Rise and Fall, however. I believe Irving was the first to discover documents proving Goebbels' role during Kristallnacht. You should check out Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich

based as fuck

i was born too late

this would have been said before the sexual revolution that killed reproduction rates btw

except Anglos are inherently opposed to fascistic politics.

Anglo identity is predicated upon Empire, and the British Empire ideology was proto-globalist

see Nigel Farage saying "we want global Britain, not the EU"

It shows what humanity Hitler had (not a tyrannical maniac as people pretend) that he took Goebbles under his wing despite disagreeing with Goebbles more pro communiat stance when Goebbles headed the nsdap. Goebbels was brilliant and had more humility and nuance compared to Hitler however Hitler had the fearlessness to really make the nsdap a powerful force. Under Goebbles people had very little interest in the nsdap. I would have preferred Goebbles to lead rather than Hitler but Goebbles was too smart and multifaceted to be a driving force like Hitler.

this. The eternal anglo invented globalism

I think you're looking for a graph like this.
To be honest, I am split on this issue, but as you say, the data does support the idea that traditionally structured families and traditional morality and pre marital celibacy leads to happier and more content lives and marriages. There is a reason you don't see many divorced grandparents.

In a perfect society, you wouldn't need to ban anything, or regulate relationships. The society, as it has in the past, will naturally put pressure on the individual to conform to its standards, and push the population towards traditionalism. The sad fact is, that in this day and age it will never happen without intervention of some form. Because of pop culture and the glorification of nigger culture, we wont see a reactionary response from women because they feel their personal freedom is at stake, not their happiness. They will continue to chase their dreams that were conceived in the sexual revolution until they are snapped back to reality; More personally, many women still see the light of saving themselves for marriage. They are rarer then in the past, but this newfound conservatist movement is flipping more by the day.
Point being: For those of you anons without a redpilled qt3.14 to call your own, don't give up just yet. The extremism of the melenials continues to push the reaction backwards.

>except Anglos are inherently opposed to fascistic politics.
I don't know about that. Mosley had a good support base back in his time.
>Anglo identity is predicated upon Empire, and the British Empire ideology was proto-globalist
I don't know about 'proto-globalist'. They didn't open their border to an army of Pakistanis until the empire was finished. There was plenty of interfering with other countries but it was completely different to what we'd consider globalism now.

>The extremism of the melenials continues to push the reaction backwards.

I really hope this is true

>I don't know about that. Mosley had a good support base back in his time.

I don't doubt it appealed to some of them, but he would never have obtained the degree of elite backing he needed to actually take power.

Anglos invented globalism because they started putting the interests of their Empire above the interests of their brothers in Europe. They felt they had transcended the continent.

Take for example the Crimean War. Brits invented on behalf of the Ottomans to stop Russia taking Constantinople back for Christians, and to maintain Ottoman colonisation of European Christians, for the sake of paranoia about their hegemony in India.

It was the same with agitation against Hitler. The Anglos chose Bolshevism for Europe because they found continental fascism so distasteful.

Mosley wasn't bad but he was quite literally a failure who never lived up to the heights of the Europeans. Not entirely through his own fault but it was in many ways.

This. Also note that there was always a stereotype of Jews being ultra-prudish when it comes to matters of the bedroom; ever heard of them having sex through a whole in the bedsheet? That no doubt plays a part.

>Anglos invented globalism because they started putting the interests of their Empire above the interests of their brothers in Europe
Are you attempting to imply that European nationalism existed at the same time as the British Empire? I couldn't tell you exactly when a Parisian started to consider a Sicilian and a Macedonian his brother but is certainly wasn't in Britannia's time. Anglos looked out for Anglos because that was just the sane thing to do.
>Crimean War
Islam was a non-issue back then. Which Empire held shitty scraps of Eastern Europe was nothing compared to the power and prestige granted by the control of India. Britain intervened on behalf of Britain.
>agitation against Hitler
The Anglos chose to fight the Axis because they looked like more of a threat to Anglo interests. This was a debatable issue, Mosley and his were on the other side of it and they lost. Intervening in WW2 may have been the beginning of globalist Britain but I think that even that's a stretch.

He could have been Prime Minister if he'd stuck with a big party but instead he chose to strike out on his own. Didn't work, sure, but I imagine most Anglos who know his work certainly wish it did now.

>but he would never have obtained the backing of elites
Of course not, he was a leftist revolutionary.

He was an asshole.

god incarnate

I have it.

I really wish Irving had done a full translation of Goebbels diaries.

I'm going to get around to the Goebbels book after the Hitler biography by Kershaw.

Then take a break from WW2 for a bit.

>Islam was a non-issue back then

yeah should have told that to the Balkan Christians being forced to pay jizya.

>Britain intervened on behalf of Britain

exactly, they acted like selfish brats to 'save' their Indian colony (even though it was never under any credible threat) instead of simply standing by and allowing the Tsar to BTFO turkroaches, liberate Christians, and right the great historical wrong of the fall of Constantinople.

>Intervening in WW2 may have been the beginning of globalist Britain but I think that even that's a stretch.
I don't see how it would be a stretch. Even if you don't consider the post war consensus the beginning of it then you must see its repudiation as the beginning and that would not have happened without it.

Epic orator. Completely jelly of his skills


England more so than any other country in Europe has a distinct separation between it's elites and it's plebs. It's been a rape baby since Rome first opened it's borders.

The globalist empire that sprung up around Elizabethan times is FROM a globalist lineage, the filthy pig Viking French.

But the servile class in Britain also never really accounted for much. Wat Tyler. Cromwell maybe.

All those that had the right spirit for the job went to the U.S. or Australia or anywhere else.

He is the reason I am going to have six sons. To prove I am more potent than Goebbels.
In your face cunt. Who has that many daughters.

>prestige granted by the control of India

another thing I've noticed is how left-wing contemporary Brits are compared to Aussies or burgers

Even British 'conservatives' or 'right-wingers' have very liberal tendencies.

The Australian Labor party has basically the same immigration policy as UKIP

>went to the U.S.
And formed the new globalist power? I'm not sure I follow your logic.

Underrated Nazi in my opinion.

Just come out and start dropping bombs how the Holocaust never happened.

>yeah should have told that to the Balkan Christians being forced to pay jizya
A tax is a tax. Nobody cared about religious division back then. People were being treated by shit like their masters? Why should Britain care? The world is full of the dead, dying and suffering, what does Britain owe these particular ones? The idea of European brotherhood is a modern meme. They were just some poor oppressed bastards like 90% of the people alive back then.

How can it be 'exactly' if it's a contradiction of a point you threw at me so confidently a moment ago? I feel like you've put less thought into this than I have despite being the one who brought it up. Why should Britain want one of their rivals to succeed? T*rks are shit and would never do anything but annoy real superpowers but Russia had some real weight behind their punches. Intervening in Crimea was a sensible move for an Imperial power in Britain's position. Empire has nothing to do with religion and nobody gave a shit about Constantinople before recently when it occurred to Europeans that we are almost certainly going extinct soon.

I think you could still just as easily classify it as one of the last acts of Imperial Britain. Dividing Germany's attention prevented the rise of a continental superpower. Of course immediately after stopping Germany they cut the Pajeets loose so who knows. Either the direction changed right before WW2 or during. I don't think that determining the exact point really matters if we're willing to drop this fiction of 'European brotherhood' not being a recent invention.

An entire subcontinent slaving away for your benefit is pretty impressive, even a subcontinent of unwashed Pajeets.

He's not underrated though. Other than Hitler he's one of the most well known.

Are the U.S. really globalist though? That's been a tendency their nation has been divided (angrily) on forever.

It looks like they might soon "lose" their globalist hegemony and purely from giving it up, rather than having it taken from them.

Anyway, that "globalist power" is from the last 60 years.

British people aren't well represented by their politics to be fair. They're just either completely despondent about it or they resign themselves to voting for the "lesser of two evils", which in real terms just amounts to economic self-interest - i.e either voting for gibs or voting for less tax.

It's very boring, I can't blame people for ignoring it entirely. I wish I could.

ive heard a study about how infographs are a great way of changing peoples opinions, there are semi-frequent dumps on Sup Forums

>from the last 60 years
It's a direct result of the second world war.

>That's been a tendency their nation has been divided (angrily) on forever.
Their interior disapproval doesn't much change the fact that they've been the largest force in advancing globalist interests throughout the 20th century.

That's ignoring the significant ideological effect "Americanisation" has been having which is perhaps the most potent tool. People see foreigners listening to the popular American rapper of the day and lose sight of differences, or the value of them.

Thanks, i have nearly a month before the speech so have plenty of time to read those things
And thank you for reminding me, read that too
Might make my own to fit the audience

Göring and Himmler were traitors, Goebbels was a true Nazi


He makes me wish 1930's Germans ruled the American media instead of the modern kikes who have marxismed it up.

people back then werent as aware of the dangers of sexual hedonism. they didnt have a "sexual revolution" or three whole waves of "feminism" to learn from. you also have to realize that these are very early attempts at national socialism and fascism at that scale

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