Really activated my almonds

>Should be allowed to abort your kid
>Should not be allowed to smoke, drink, or do other things that would harm the fetus

Really got me thinking with my brain!

one had a good lawyer while the other had a shitty public defender? Same happens to low income whites compared to rich whites.

rich people get around persecution. Why do you think Soros is still allowed to exist after breaking RICO laws to fund terrorism in western democracies?


And also 90 cans of baby formula is a huge net loss of profits for a store, and thieves usually continue thieving.

Meanwhile the rich TV stars are just doing rich asshole things. People need to realize that being addicted to cocaine is what keeps Hollywood together.

All of them belong in jail. Cocaine is a dangerous drug.

cocaine and the child rape

don't forget the rape

>Rich people
Yes, yes, I know fully well how awful they are.

>niggaz shouldn't be prosecuted cuz some whiteys beat the rap

you could build a fairly strong defense for how the one on the left could be a mistake/accident, but you don't "accidentally" steal 90 cans of baby formula

Happened in two different states.

Left is designed to make socialists angry

Right is designed to make rightwingers angry


Also the thieves were just arrested recently haven't been convicted.

Now the main question - did the meth-heads on the right actually have a child, or did they want to steal the over-expensive baby formula, as to return it, out to get more money for their drugs? I'd give it an 80% chance of being the later.

I imagine the difference is in the details. For example, the white couple did not give the child cocaine as the caption suggests.

The mother had take cocaine twelve hours earlier. She then breastfed the baby. The kid was effected.

The pled guilty to child endangerment.

While the story makes people mad, it would be very hard in a court of law to prove intent. Especially considering there were no priors and no other evidence.

We bringing that meme back? I'm OK with this. Sup Forums eat 23 almonds a day.

the couple on the right is far more damaging to society than the left one since they are stealing and breeding like rats in an unsustainable way, the one on the left contributes to society, lives within their means and pays taxes

>blacks stealing
>rich people using cocaine

>changing my worldview

If white people should share responsibility for the actions of what their people did in the past then niggers should accept responsibility for what their people do right now.

Isn't it obvious what happened?

The pair on the right were due to pick up their stash from a inconspicuously placed "baby formula bottle", but the couple of the left bought the bottle first.

>All these Amerifats calling the couple on the left 'white'

Truly, a mongrel nation full of mongrel people

what the fuck afghanistan has internet
which part of your country hasn't been fucked up by bombs or terrorists yet

With the second picture we see how the two do not even equate to each other. Essentially the statement is true - the two were arrested. Not convicted. Not doing jail time. Not sentenced. Just arrested, nothing more.

In the second case though there is a plenty of evidence. The two geniouses put the 90 cans in a shopping cart (emptied a shelf) then put some T-shirts over them so no one would notice, then walked out of the store pushing the cart - cause what else would someone do.

Security cameras record the entire thing, plenty of witnesses, and the cops made the arrest in the parking lot. The value of the items was over 1500, which makes it a felony.

The two cases have nothing in common. In the white case there is really no evidence, certainly not of intent. In the second there has been no trial yet so there is no sentence and we have no idea what will happen - it may be nothing, and of course there is a ton of evidence.

Actually there is plenty of internet in Afghanistan, it is pretty much all cell/wireless. But most of the country has access.

Cheap as well. Not super fast, but pretty cheap. Twenty US gets you 10gb for the month.

Most US bank notes have traces of cocaine on them. Sure, the left couple should've used a clean spoon to mix the formula instead of scooping it up with rolled up 100, but it's not a big deal.

JAG in Afganland?

I'm glad the lone internet browser in Afghanistan was able to lay out the facts here

If California sinks into the ocean war on drugs will be cut by 50%

who needs 90 cans of formula?? wtf

What city are you in? Is Kabul as dangerous as I hear? What do you do for work? Why do you know english? Are you a basenigger or actually Afghan?

pls answer azizem

>tv gets you out of trouble
who knew?

I am US military

They'll always make it about race when it's about social status. They don't want to accept it.

>Left has a really good lawyer
>Right had shitty lawyer and 90 cans is a huge loss for a store

The blacks probably have a criminal record.

Hey, Crabman.

Probably gona send them to a china man for mad dosh, since the black male is around its unlikely he has offspring with his female

The ones on the left have jobs and pay taxes

So we are given 0 information about either but somehow this is raciss. Most likely the nogs have priors. The end

Dumb as shit...

>Implying people don't steal baby formula and sell it

Each can is like 10 dollars and it's incredibly easy to sell. No one needs 90 cans to feed their child as if it was an emergency... If it was for their own child they would've taken one until they found a way to feed their kid that wouldn't put them behind fucking bars

The stupidity of negroes astounds me sometimes. They are more racist than Sup Forums but are too stupid to make their racism seem rational.

I think you mean prosecution. Or perhaps prostitution. Certainly not prostate tuition cuz if your sex glands are anything like mine, they're too dumb for college

Color me shocked

If California sunk into the ocean it would be like excising a malignant tumor on an otherwise health person.

What if the baby consented to using cocaine though?

The niggers likely sold the baby formula for crack or some other dumb shit. Is that dumb twitter niggerfaggot seriously thinking the niggers are good parents for stealing 90 cans of baby formula? Who the fuck needs that much baby formula?

low quality sage

Oy Vey goyim!

Black people should be able to commit Crimes!

Communism! Class warfare now!

You realize that high end baby formula resells well on the black market, right? They weren't doing it for their kids.
If you ever go to a walmart or some place and see someone paying through WICK or something for a fuck ton of high end baby formula, it's a guarantee they're reselling it all for extra cash.
If those niggers had a baby they were trying to provide for they would have WICK or EBT to do so. You dumb liberal nigger.

>Financially stable
>single offense

>broke ass ghetto nigger, probably smokes meth
>24th offense

kek, makes sense

Yeah the pictures are swapped.