Martin Mc'Guinness is Dead!

The Fenian king is dead.
Southern unionist here, I hope he burns in hell.

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>burns in hell
he wouldn't like that, not at all. spending eternity surrounded by brits

post some good loyalist music!

I'll dedicate my next shit to his memory.

>Southern unionist
So does this mean you want to return the Republic of Ireland to British rule?

>Southern Unionist

You guys exist? I'm curious. Why are you a Unionist?

Redpill me on the troubles.

These potato faggots thought they could cross a chasm in two short jumps. The shite you endured was the result of failing to decisively win against and split from the redcoats.

we have the irish sea between us and britain. you have the atlantic. big fucking difference

McGuinness and Rockefeller
This is turning into an exceptional week

Have you tried tarring and feathering those who wish to remain loyal to the crown?

>Southern Unionist

Literally, kys, you larping, uncle-tom faggot.

How pathetic can you get.

Northern Republican here and I hope that traitor burns.

I can respect an enemy but traitors are slime.

>Southern unionist here

C-Can it be?

Communist taigs blowing up pensioners, women, children and off-duty soldiers whilst hiding behind their nana's skirts 20 miles away.

I said he didn't look well, what was wrong with him exactly?

We have nukes they have tricolours and false hope.



>we have nukes
and muslims. don't forget the muslims. lots and lots of muslims

Get back to your designated shitting bog padraigs

Tiocfaidh ár gcuck

Don't forget to smash his gravestone and do it again every time they fix it.

state of you

Saor stát that is

Looks like the crown wants to be loyal to Canadian cock.
In Canada we cuck the dice mouthed monarchs

Cannon fodder, better to send them into battle against you strapped with a semtex vest than our own.


George made it clear he would kill Cuckdeau if he tried to give Kate the Canadian C.

We are mastered by no English bastards.
Fuck Pakis island.
White power.

You can't cuck a Canuck

are you even allowed to say that under your draconian internet surveillance laws, and your shariah law?

God Save the Queen



When the pussy slayer wants a warm place to syrup you can't stop him.

>sinn fein
>english are evil brutes
>negroes and muslims are peaceful enrichment

Literally Moors.

Ooh ahh up the RA

Western Unionist here, I have to admit it's fun to watch the republic crash and burn, but in all seriousness we can't let Republicans get the sovereign codes.

Glad that murdering terrorist is dead.

Kate has to change panties when the Canadian alpha male is in the palace

Ireland will be whole again by 2020, mark my words.

Murdering terrorists you say?

whole under sharia law

Is this the 3rd death?
>This guy
Is he famous enough?

Said the jew

It already is whole

that's britain you're thinking of. ireland is 96.4% white

I'd like Ireland more if it still had a High King tbqh.

I don't know who he is but he's a mick so I hope he rots in Hell.

To be honest I see the opposite happening. Like the rest of Europe, Ireland has lost it's religiosity, national character, and is flooding itself with shitskins and fuckloads of them. I mean we all are. There isn't anywhere to actually run from this shit anymore. I'm just pointing out that compared to even the 80's everyone is ultra cucked in Ireland and Britain proper. And NI retains a mostly white population because no one wants to go there. In a way the tensions are the best thing they could have atm if the Fenians one, it would be European integration that would be pushed, if the UVA genocided all the Catholics, within a decade they'd be as "quintessentially British" as south England.

The perpetual internal conflict keeps them from getting cucked to death, and if Britain can rise again, Belfast will be the capital, since they are the only ones on the Archipelago who give a shit about being their nationality enough to keep a society.

-"a volk deserve to be united under one banner"
-some testacless Austrian Jew

You're building the largest mosque in Europe and your nationalists are demanding more migrants and more Sharia law.

Good. IRA is a cancer. Hope that one day all the child killing IRA cunts die a painful death.

Arent you China now?

>implying they'd ever fight for anything other than sharia4uk

Tiocfaidh ar la

Burn in Hell!

I'd say they're about the same
Explains why they assimilated so well into English "society"

>Southern unionist here

I'll be seeing you very soon, Westbrit scum

What is a southern unioner? They exist in the Republic of Ireland doing what?

Sucking Brit cock

>your nationalists are demanding more migrants and more Sharia law.

No they're not

Does he support the purification of Ireland?

If a united ireland where to happen again, would the trobles resume?



The more dead Marxist terrorists the better


>Southern unionist
I wish i was in dixie

Laughed when I saw the news. Hopes he likes burning in hell, surrounded by a million car bombs, the piece of shit. The irish should never forget their place, and neither should catholics.

You seem to be forgetting yours if your hands aren't busy stroking off Rasheed.

Ira supporter here. Lmao you think we care? Good riddance, he was a traitor, still surprising that you're so dumb as to celebrate the death of one on your own stooges.

Shouldn't you be starving in a corner

I smiled


Meanwhile you hided behind children.

Better than literally bombing them

Shouldn't you be at ground zero in the dirt?

Loyalist autism knows no bounds.

Martin did good in the peace process, he and paisley will be missed. Titans of politics here.

>tfw no right wing pro irish party in NI

>purposely using children as meat shields is better than unfortunate casualties from a wide ranged attack

Getting my noggin pulsing.