Male Supremacist

Is Sup Forums a male supremacist board?

If so - what rational arguments do you have against political feminism?

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you know what answer you are going to get

>If you think men should be treated fairly and believe in science, you automatically believe men are superior to women in all ways imaginable
Who wrote this crap?

A woman.

Obviously a bias lefty feminist opinion so..... it's bollocks.

I agree with what this italian guy wrote in the 1930s

Feminism has NOTHING positive to say about men or masculinity. Political feminism is just a way of justifying hate speech towards men. Feminism focus on negativity and nothing else. The logic of feminism is one sided and is NEVER able to be positive about masculinity. This is NOT equality.
> no equal logic
> no equal examples
> no equal solutions
> no equal ideas

Feminism = retarded, one sided logic

forgot my picture

You are a Female Supremacist if:

- You believe this is how a man should sit.

High five

you fucking hetero cis white male supremacist

The claims are all yours and so are the arguments you need to make.
Learn to create better threads or get torn apart by wolves.

>nuclear family
The fuck is this?

If that's the definition for white supremacist, I don't think there's a word for what I am.

Haha Trudeau trying so hard not to 'manspread'. what a cuck!

I am a German supremacist. I'd sacrifice several of you to save a German woman. Even if she lacks racial hygiene.

How the fuck is gender a social construct?

Why is the nuclear family not a good model?

It's when you acquire nuclear bombs and keep them in your home to deter others from violating your family's NAP.

Justine is the worst, holy shit.

I'm a male supremacist but my chauvinism is tempered with an unyielding desire to be run into the fucking ground by a qt feminine girl. To be used, in a very loving way. I can't imagine a more ideal household than one where I work incredibly hard and get to come he to a traditional wife and dinner. My greatest fantasy is to have a hot wife that I can pamper from time to time and make Aryan children with. I DON'T hate women.

If you can't relate to that fantasy, you're probably the one who hates women. And you should fuck your gaping, groty cum-stained anus with a fucking cactus

because gender is not biological. You are "conditioned" to be male or female by society rules (eg blue for boys and pink for girls)

>you believe men have a right to claim a child that formed inside of a woman's body (support for fatherhood rights)
Women are literally test tubes. Fortunately, in the future, they will become obsolete.

Then I can marry my Robot Waifu with the adapted Feminine Penis

Feminism isn't retarded, it's a billion dollar industry. I think it was fascinating in the Red Pill doc where they had that first wave feminist explain that gender equality failed because the issues were too complex and wasn't profitable enough, so they invented 'patriarchy' and made a highly successful business of hating men.

> If so - what rational arguments do you have against political feminism?
It`s a cheap lies, that will lead all females buying it to misery.

It`s not up for me to fight it. Females will execute every single feminist by their own in the end. That was the plan all along.> If so - what rational arguments do you have against political feminism?
It`s a cheap lies, that will lead all females buying it to misery.

It`s not up for me to fight it. Females will execute every single feminist by their own in the end. That was the anglo plan all along.

how much german does someone have to be for you to consider them german?

just curious

Mother (hetero female), father (hetero male) and their kids.

Guess I am a male supremacist then. Heh.

The picture is exactly what is wrong with feminism. They actually hate femininity which is why they think society favors men. They are the ones that don't value women.

Because a single mother is just as able to raise a child you patriarchal shitlord.

I would like to show what a real male supremacist is to whoever wrote that piece of shit.


What the fuck, i love male supremacy now

I immediately imagined hot-headed, hairy Spaniard talking a bitch down.

We should start pushing retarded shit like this so that people everywhere will get absolutely tired of it all and words like "racist", "supremacist", etc. will lose all meaning

Thats why I turned out so great and am shitposting on /pol right....Rrr....Right?

Fucking bait post. Why are there so many bait posts right now? Fuck off.

Opposition research/ slide. Sage

Thinking in German language

"Gender" is a grammatical attribute of nouns. Sex is a biologic construct that refers to two categories, one of which 99.99% of mammals fall into.

Shut the fuck UP. Ever heard of a gender reveal party for an unborn child? Yeah me too. At that party does the unborn baby get to choose its gender? No? So it's based on their genitals? So gender IS sex. People are retarded.

I don't give a fuck what women think.

Gender is a word that has been redefined with a political motive to conflate something innate with something arbitrary. Given that we already have the unambiguous word "sex" I don't accept such redefinition.

that can be anyone who was raised in Germany

Stopped reading midway through the first point. Every man is a male supremacist. And a few females I bet too

My wife believes all of that, especially the first one.

>Almost every successful civilization in history has been a Patriarchy
>this is somehow bad and we need to change that

I'd wager most women believe in innate differences between the sexes. Don't fall for the feminists represent most women meme.


Good thing her son will pass on his genes

we don't even live in a patriarchy we live in a retarded egalitarian shithole

>you believe men have a right to claim a child that formed inside of a woman's body

Okay, if you want it to be that way. But then you get no child support.

It's a little late for that, Beyjelfuljefen Guttergulyfeljelorn.

>believing that all 27 genders are equal

Men will always reign supreme creatively, mentally, and physically.

That is a highly un scientific view on things, whoever came up with this needs a reality check.

I'm learning Italian, and part of the reason for that is so I can read Evola's works as he wrote them


1 there is clear evidence that men are prone to a certain kind of activity which is then caled masculine, like war, politicspoliticszwood cutting

2 there are biological roles that are distinct ib both sexes and they are extremely important to society. Everything else is your choice p, influenced by 1

3 it has broufght us here? Its a tested and approved model. Also ilegitinate chidren tebd to be a problembfor woneb not men since the latter can run away easiler

4 we are not in the middle ages anymore, although, if he has father duties, he has also rughts, like assistance from the child in old age.


none of those have to do with male supremacy except maybe the last one, and even that is highly arguable.

>what rational arguments do you have against political feminism?
The absence of any rational arguments for it is better than any argument I could articulate

Let's review those arguments

> First one
I actually agree. Fuck the blue for boys and pink for girls, this has nothing to do with genetics. Having A PENIS makes you a boy, not liking to play with toy guns.

> Second one
Meh I guess, sure gender roles are a strict set of rules in which women seems to have the short end. But male gender role isn't a walk in the park either. Sure it would be best to have no imposed roles in society but if we remove them, shit tends to NOT be done (if men and women refuse to raise their kids because it's an oppresive gender role, who raise the kids ?)

> Third one
Ok now that's bullshit. HUMANITY evolved around the nuclear family. Hundreds of philosophers tried to remove the nuclear family and turn it into something else (like the soviets) but all failed. The problem here is thinking "nuclear family = woman is inferior" when it doesn't have to be. Having both parents is never a bad thing.

> Fourth one.
Alright so you just want to find random sperm and raise kids alone ? Too bad, sperm has to come from somewhere.

Actually if you DO want to raise your kids alone, please do. But realise YOU will be responsable ALONE for all the bad shit your kid without father figure will do and, guess what, IT HAPPENS A LOT. You don't change human nature that easily. Also you won't get more money just because you're alone since you clearly choosed to. We should pay a fix amount of money or tax deductions for every kid, regardless of the parental situation, that's it.

seriously, don't hate women. They are different, and modern society has mislead them as it has done with men. But don't hate them, that only shows you are weak. Learn to be strong willed and you can find a woman to love, and then you can help each other get out of modern degeneracy

I can see a man seat in like this if he has small enough testicles.

Google "nuclear family"

The biggest lie is that the father is still there


Nuclear family is the fact that the father is present you retard

im a man why would i support something that doesn't benefit me at all?

You sound like a hardcore m'lady tublard. Vaginas in a twenty mile radius just lost all moisture

Sure but you're born a faggot - That's not a social construct. Make up your fucking mind, scum.

Stop watching porn, namefag.

None of those put the man above the women, are you retarded?

I don't think he's trying. Comes natural, man.

He was right

Name fag

No, you're not born gay. It's a behavior. Behavior are learned.

But the human brain is heavily influenced by chemicals your body produce, sexual attraction is born from those chemicals. So you might be born with a chemical balance leading toward samesex attraction, translating in real life as a strong incentive to become gay, leaving you very few choice in the matter.

So you're not born gay but you can be built to be gay.

> main alternative is single parent
> usually the mother gets the kids
> means get child support gibs from the dad
It's not a good model for feminists since they might want kids but hate men.

Because if not for broken homes, we would not have strippers, prostitutes, or porn.

>I heart single mom's

There are no vaginas on Sup Forums, just you and that faggot.

I am physically unable to sit with my knees touching, it's incredibly unpleasant.

Atleast i'm the one here living your dream

He's making a racist joke, you retard.

My alpha genes, you little cuck.

Sure whatever. Everything stated in that pic is objectively true.

Socialism is the answer my friend. Listen:

> Remove ALL child support from the father (or mother) in case of divorce or unwillingness to take care of it.
> Instead IF you choose to take care of a kid (being married or not) you get a sum of money every month from tax-payers.
> After 3 kids, this sum per children start to decrease (it's not a fucking business)
> If you win enough money, you can refuse the money and get tax deductions instead. It decreases too so billionars won't adopt 1000 kids.
> If child services find you don't spend enough money of the kids or your kids are massive delinquants, you will lose your right to get child support money (even for future kids). If after losing the money, your kids are still leaving in bad conditions or doing crimes, child services will take the kids.


I don't have to explain my self to a woman.

Because a transgender man and her gay black muslim boyfriend are better at raising children than you of course

haha, Thats some positive spin on broken homes. laudable

Nuclear family is the way to go if you dont want more screwed up people than we currently have. You and me included, faggot.

Sup Forums is whatever you want it to be, shill

>. Having A PENIS makes you a boy, not liking to play with toy guns.

The opposite has been proven. Boys naturally play with traditional boy toys more than girls as early as when they are 9 months old. And girls naturally play with traditional girl toys more than boys too. And male rhesus monkeys prefer male human toys too.

>Boys naturally play with traditional boy toys more than girls as early as when they are 9 months old. And girls naturally play with traditional girl toys more than boys too.
It's wrong. And the "science" you might (but didn't) quote about it is one large big joke.

Checked and keked

if it is bad to think that man are masciline and women are feminine, that means the person who accuses you has a view that femininity is worth less than masculinity - victim complex.
doesn't like their place in society, but doesn't want to non-conform (because otherwise it wouldn't be a problem), thus "the way I would want roles to be is not how the world is"
nuclear family point I can understand, women thrive in more social settings - thus together with (extended) family.
A man has as much a right to child custody as much as a woman does, if you believe someone argues for only men to have this right, you're as delusional as the man who believes that.

>if you believe the nuclear family model is a good family model

So many of these people are from failed, broken families. It's almost hilarious until you remember they could have grown up to be normal, and not crazy if they had better families.

>Simon Baron Cohen, one of the most renowned Cambridge scholars, is one large big joke

Go fuck yourself, you social deterministic faggot. Do you think there has ever been human societies with written languages where men read more romantic literature than women? Nope.

Do you think there was ever a society where women physically fought more frequently than men? Not that we know.

Is there something dumber than social determinism, really?

Liking some kinds of toys have nothing to do with physical abilites.

We're not discussing if women are weaker than men, they are. But going from there and saying boys prefers guns, cowboys and the color blue is retarded.

How do I read this? Is it an AND or OR relation?

Do you even know what Romanticism is?

Blue is the only arbitrary preference you listed. Of course boys like violence and adventure more than girls! Google the effects of testosterone.

Ah, no. Most criminals were raised by single mothers. Nearly all sex workers were raised by single moms.

>liking some kind of toys and physical abilities cannot be related

Right, because testosterone doesn't make you stronger AND more aggressive(which makes you like more aggressive toys).

I don't know about the colour blue, but that doesn't mean everything else has to be socially constructed, you know.

The preference for toys is largely biological and that's a fact.

Can you give me some sauce on that?

>Do you even know what Romanticism is?

Absolutely. It doesn't prove me wrong at all, though.