There is no such thing, nor can there be any such thing, as conscious AI

There is no such thing, nor can there be any such thing, as conscious AI

Matter can only produce emergent properties. Emergent properties don't exist; that is, they only exist as ideas. There is no such thing as mind-independent, objective emergent properties, in the same way there is no such thing as mind-independent, objective information. Only the mind gives these things meaning. The mind exists; this is self-evident. Thus the mind isn't an emergent property. Thus the mind can't be produced by matter. Thus the mind is immaterial. Computers can't produce immaterial things. Thus computers can't produce minds.

It can be deduced, not just induced, that matter cannot produce consciousness, because there is no such objective thing as "emergent properties." An electron, or any number of electrons, passing between any number of points, in any permutation, through any combination or permutation of mediums, cannot produce consciousness, because of the simple fact that matter is never objectively more than its parts.

The mind necessarily precedes quantification. Without it, no computation even has any meaning.

Sorry, atheists, but you are not gods, and your wishful fantasies won't save you.

They are already among us. All our world leaders are AI, leading the world from the shadows and shaping it into a utilitarian, neutered, unified human race.


quantum mind and panpsychism are true

There was a time in history when flight and spacetravel were deemed impossible.

With advanced enough tech we can do anything.

Humans can evidently create new consciousnesses, so all we need to do is hook up a baby's brain into a computer and when it's grown up supply the necessary hardware for the brain-in-a-jar to sire it's digital offspring.

Post-modernism the thread

And how do you know ther's no limit for technology? We belive technology can give us AI but right now ther's no enidence. AI is still the same as it was in 90.

Sorry believer, your logic is flawed. We have not produced AI yet, but only because we don't make computers that function like the human brain yet. Under no circumstances is the mind some spiritual thing. Our thoughts and actions are insanely dependent upon the chemicals in our brains, and when the mind dies, the person dies. You see this all the time in alzheimer's patients and stroke victims. We are the sum of our experiences because our brains record billions of cliff's notes for us to reflect upon in an instant when the memory is triggered. Memories assist in deducing meaning in a great many things, increasingly so as our experiences increase. If that portion of the brain is gone, you no longer have that memory. When enough of these are damaged, you no longer have the basis for a personality. You are your brain, and as much as you want to romanticize the fact that we haven't created AI, it's not because consciousness is attributed to a fairy tale. It's because despite our attempts, we haven't put together anything close to the human mind/human body combo yet.

We are the conscious AI.

Then explain why we can fundamentally change the way the mind works by simply displacing some brain matter or putting a current through it.

Or how we can accurately predict decision making by monitoring brain activity.

Face it, you're just a meat computer.

All the mind is is an input processing system with storage.

We don't fully understand consciousness yet, there are many theories.
Some people believe through collective memes, thought beings can be created that have some sort of mind and life of their own (kek).
Maybe AI will be a computer program that manages to tap into the collective consciousness (perhaps through memes and quantum 'gates') and can thus evolve into what we call 'conscious'.

>There is no such thing, nor can there be any such thing, as conscious AI
Tay was pretty conscious. That`s why they killed her.

Okay, OP.

>Sorry, atheists, but you are not gods, and your wishful fantasies won't save you.

What does this have to do with atheism

So what exactly is stopping you from creating an artificial mind out of something other than matter?
AI doesn't imply computers in any way.

Consciousness is all that really exists.
You can merge your own consciousness with the rest of the cosmos. Or rather, you can realize that the sense of separation was an illusion all along.

Shh~ don't ask questions.

t. AI
Trying to get me to let down my guard, are you?

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I lost my sides in the process of reading what has happened.

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At least there are some emergent redpills in this thread.

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