Is there a more non-country than Pooland?

Is there a more non-country than Pooland?

>no actual territory of their own, it's almost all rightful German clay
>wasn't even an independent country until like 1989
>no unique culture or language of their own, all of their culture is actually just a retarded mutant offshoot of Russian culture
>Polish people are just Russian-German halfbreeds
>Danzig is rightful German clay
>has been Europe's bitch since 1772
>did I mention Russia is their rightful overlord?

Poles btfo

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poland is fine in my book

Well there is Macedonia

>being polish
>not knowing polish history

Apparently :((

at least it is a bit relevant

The second is somewhat true (but rather vague). Second to last is the same. Depends what do you mean by that.

The rest is false. I think I prefer the old pasta.

Get nuked

Poland is cute! CUTE!

They are smart enough to keep refugees out.

Fuck pooland and fuck polack subhumans

w8 4 it



>being polish
this tard is not polish

Poland is one of the very few Euro countries I would fight to save from the Germans suiciding Europe.

liberate plz

Ukrainian filth spotted.

>0.0002 shekels have been deposited to your account

>polish history

Please don't bully Poland.



Yeah Poland.

Well there is Slovenia

I don't know famfalam, I'd say when it comes to noncountries Ukraine and Belgium will always take the spotlight.

Poland ball is best meme.

I bet my pierogies on it.

I nominate Poland to run the EU for the next 5 years until it gets its act together.

Kowin-Mikke will be press secretary. The rest of TV time will be devoted to showing Mass.

Pierogi is already plural. Singular would be pieróg.
It's like non nips would call it sushies. Fucking hell.

Give Königsberg back

>Poland is one of the very few Euro countries I would fight to save from the Germans suiciding Europe

Same. I am genetically mostly Anglo-German but have no respect for cuck whites they invite orks into the homelands, they deserve what they get. Cuck whites are the lowest scum of the earth.

I would defend Poland with my life because they are not cucks:

First people, who funded bolshevism should pay retributions to Russians and then we`ll see where would border move.

I`d also support claims to pay for Germanism crimes against Prussians, but that is up for Prussians to initiate.


Op is either trolling or is a proxy

Are you khokhol?
You have to go back, Mykola.

Or any beaner country south of Texas, tbqh.

Belgium. It's not even a contest, silly proxy.

Kurwaland is good , palastine is a non country.

Fuck off proxy kike

>what is belgium

>tfw you suddenly make 4 times more money

I wouldn't resist tbqh

Poland will one day save Germany from Muslim invaders

If i remember correctly Poland once saved West from Muslims already.

100 years later partitions happened

>being polish
he's either russian or gypsy

>"Self-hating Pole" episode 2145

From experience Polish Women > Portuguese/Spanish women. If u like blondes there isn't a better place

>Pomerania in Prussia
>Prussia in Pomerania
good job ivan

shalom my friend


FUCK OFF and read on some history please, this is an idiot post. Of course Poland is a fucking country, stop filling space on the net with unfunny bullshit.

You can show a map like that for almost every country and ethnic group territory in history you fag.

No you cant. Learn your place non-country.

>Northern Cyprus

Hans, get off the proxy.

What is the commonwealth

I think you should stay with Poland being artificial country, created by some random Viking and his buddies, civilised by German settlers. Adding Russia into mix is just too unconvincing.

>excellent quality posting

>has archieved victory through massive cavalry charges
>meanwhile Brazil didn't even fought a real enemy, just Paraguay and Italy
Brazil win, fuck off


Pile of garbage governed by lithuanians

>be Polish
>be neither as self-destructive and menacing as Russians nor as industrious and organized as Germans
>be historically uninteresting and culturally redundant

>be American

>be America's bottom bitch

You mixed up Prussia & Pommern

Poland shoud give up clay that commies give to them after ww2

Shills are hating on Poland a lot these days.

Conclusion: Poland is fucking based.

Cymru am byth


As I said: BASED.

Literally wrong about everything. Everything.

I mean i can name three just from the top of my head:


5-that thing that is between spain and france

You mean Andorra?

yes that.

>a more non-country
yea, ukraine and soon to be germany and sweden