I'm looking for a quick rundown on Pol Pot, I feel I need to add it to my historical research. No normies allowed

I'm looking for a quick rundown on Pol Pot, I feel I need to add it to my historical research. No normies allowed

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He's just mao 2

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he was indoctrinated in french universities.

He was extremely insane and killed anyone who wore glasses or spoke foreign languages. Also he ethnically cleansed his nation of some Viet tribes.

retarded gook who took a literal approach to marxist theory

I'm looking for legit answers, faggot

He was a fuckin COMMIE

He's responsible for The Killing Fields I see. is that 1984 film a good watch? I just don't want any normie BBC documentary shit

I think there's some vids out there where Jonathan Bowden talks about him.

He ruled with iron but firm hand. He also was killing people with hammers

>Under communism, Pol Pot shot everyone who’d read book that he didn’t approve of. Why did he do that? Because he wanted everyone to be the same, and everyone to think in the same way. Asiatics have a formal description. It’s called the tall poppy syndrome. They look at the plants. They decide one’s a bit out of kilter. It’s standing higher than the others, so you snip it down, so all are the same.

>Pol Pot’s not his real name by the way. It’s a joke name; it means “political potential.” When he was very young, Maoists wrote down, “This man has political potential.” “Pol Pot.” And that’s where he took it from. This man is a terroristic psychopath. But when he took over his society with a teenage militia high on drugs, and almost everything had been blitzed and was defenseless, he put into practice in a cardinal way, what many of these Western idiots in the 60s with their fists in the air have been proposing. He sat in Paris, in salons listening to Kristeva, listening to Sartre, listening to de Beauvoir. And he imposed it implacably like the cretin he was. The family is immoral. Shoot all the village priests that got people married. Shoot people who are bit too keen on marriage. Shoot everyone who’s read books about marriage. Shoot everybody who ever said marriage is a good thing. That’s quite a pile of bodies, and you haven’t started yet.

>That is communism in its rawest and its crudest form. It’s a sort of morality of bestiality, essentially. And it can’t even impose equality, because in the communist societies of yesteryear, the elite will have its own shops, and its own channels, and they will have their own corrupt systems to keep their children out of military service, and so on. Just like Clinton’s America, or Vietnam America before it. Every elite in that sense will recompose, despite the stigma.

Yeah. The main gook actor in it was killed by an Asian gang called "the E Z Boys."

Thanks user, I shall continue on my journey.

The answer is >a fucking leaf

Thats the face of a guy who has seen some shit in his life.

He was a fat cuck retard who fucked his country up, made it full of retards, and evenyually got BTFO by Vietnam.

The same thing that always happens under communism. Millions are killed or starve to death

Retarded Cambodian stonkman.
Thought he was some throw back to the people who built Angkor Wat (the Khmer).
Literally killed millions...so many in fact the areas of the massacres are historically remembered as the killing fields. Pretty much went unpunished, was sentenced to house arrest when it really no longer mattered.

That sounds about right.

You could basically say he was a genocidal maniac, who murdered one million, of his own countrymen; a retard who chimped out just to prove he was a retard.

And in the balance, he provided the world with a great example why you never turn in your guns.

A legit madman. He was very clever though, stayed in the background during the khmer rouges rise to power and destroyed the nations royal power structure

china's dog, what more to research?

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Pol pot is like giving sjws a country and a blank moral check.

Yeah me too, the only fields I would kill would be this.

Theres some good documentaries on youtube, with footage of the cambodians being marched to the fields and put to work. Something ever communist sypmathizing cuck should watch

Taking a look now

An autistic Chinaboo that got btfod by Vietnam.

The lesson would be lost on them. Every communist dreams of him being the one doing the massacres, not the other way around.

Maybe they are right, maybe that's how it works.

They stopped shooting people pretty early on because bullets were getting scarce so they killed them by strangulation, putting bags on their heads, exposure, hanging them etc.

He also instigated a bunch of other stupid shit, like setting the calendar to Year 0, stopping people from growing personal crops, letting them only grow a select group of crops, making the entire society agrarian, stopping pretty much all export/import, destroyed the concept of the family, killing people with glasses or any "evidence" of intelligence, killing anyone who had any job that would have required an IQ above 100, and probably worse of all pissed off the Vietnamese right after they beat the USA.

Say what you want about Ho Chi Minh but the dude's a saint next to Pol Pot and it's a disgrace that it took him of all people to try to fix the mess that Cambodia became. The unpopularity of the Vietnam War in the west made action in Cambodia, even though it would have been very justified.

About 8 million people died all up, a lot of people starved to death as a result of the most retarded agrarian policies ever conceived.

Angkor Wat, semi relevant.

made action in Cambodia too unpopular*

Well it was a horrible murderous regime full of retarded policies, making people poor, stupid and often dead.

>Definitely not real communism according to marxists.

The government would pull that off a few times before we started shooting them down.

Khmer rouge were savages

Pol Pot:

>Tried socialism
>socialism worked, killed 70% of country's population
>mission accomplished

I've heard the arguement made before that the war needed to happen in Asia to attempt to stem communism, that a war was necessary, but perhaps not necessary that it had to be Vietnam.
Maybe it would have been best if it was in Cambodia.

>killing people with glasses or any "evidence" of intelligence

>tfw too intelligent to need intelligence

>Diversion tactic
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>killed people with glasses for being bourgeois
>tortured and killed a massive portion of his countrymen
>brutal as fuck
>total moron

I lived there for a year. The people are incredible - very chill, VERY family oriented, hardworking etc. Pol Pot and KR destroyed their culture. Every family there suffered losses. It's a very sad place. I highly recommend visiting for a longer stay to witness a beautiful, ancient culture - unless your 're one of the swarm of Aussie and Russian pedos and criminals, in which case go fuck yourself.

Ethnic cleansing, anarcho primitivism

>posting your own youtube channel
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Ive heard they're awesome people, will get there for a visit one day

Where would you recommend going?
I'll likely go some day and all I really know is to go see Angkor Wat.


Listen to holiday in cambodia by the dead kenedys

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The problem is that the USA plus allies got drawn into Vietnam through propping up and allying itself with the Vietnamese Government so strongly before the war that refusal to come to their aid probably would have been a much worse defeat. Anyway, America lost that war because they anticipated the Television coverage but did not devise a way to use it to there advantage.

>America is watching the war so we can't just go balls deep like we did in WWII and nuke Hanoi
>America is watching the war but let's not bother using it to develop patriotism and a "support our troops" mentality that worked pretty well for Iraq and Afghanistan which were much more pointless and unnecessary, and just let the media turn our people against it.

These two choices killed any chance of America winning in Vietnam, which is a pity because the communists were not kind to the people in the South after they won the war, I think some 2 million people "disappeared" in the after years. But the same thing probably would have happened in Cambodia or any other communist nation, same with Russia going into Afghanistan. Both nations were operating on the ideas of how to win wars in a European setting which was typically done when the leader's decided that they could no longer fight and would surrender some land and step down to let someone else from their country rule them, but Asia and the Middle East have never operated that way, and probably never will. To win a war in these places you have to destroy all Government and put yourself there as a dictator. Americans don't have the Will for that.

Pol Pot great man. Did nothing wrong!

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