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>Somebody create the fucking thread


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dooode... just copy/paste the last OP

Hey, why is your nickname Oats anyways?


he apparently really likes this dank meme

What's happening in Jobar

Good morning /sg/

>phase 2

It's actually phase 3 already. Do keep up.

You can't make that up!

kek they're actually counting again

this account is unreliable and shitty as fuck.
wrong translation, it says 2nd phase

it's the leppo all over again...
we should make bets at which phase their pocket collapses and they surrenders...

Are you saying this is wrong as well?

>conducted a defensive battle in an offensive manner

>no link to the previous thread
>no info from the previous op opst
Are all Syrians as inept as you?

>pic related
I just realized that they call SAA "Iran Militia" (Milishiyat Iran)

it's the pretty based nors studies group

Is this game any good?

Is it back on the store again?

I'm not the most hardcore fan of RTS games and I did not play any modern one, but I still do enjoy it a lot and find it challenging

Kek alright, I'm on it



Real bread:

/MG/ news
>Eu fags are going to impose sanctions on us REEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
way dont they give up all ready we don't want to be part of there meme country !
ilirida is a meme take your fucking Islamist dogs out of hire and shove them up your ass !
video of illegal drug used for supporting there operations

scrap that, real bread cause of macro